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  • QuarterSwede
    Apr 10, 05:36 PM
    I didn't quite read the whole thread, and I've seen people trying to present definitive answers representing multiple possible answers. While I don't claim to be an end all source, math is one thing that I can do and do understand.

    I was tempted not to post, but, I think understanding the order of operations ( is something that is relatively important.

    Multiple people have quoted the order : P(arenthes) E(xponents) M(ultiplication) D(ivision) A(ddition) S(ubtraction).

    As stated, that is NOT totally accurate. Multiplication and division are the same operation, as are addition and subtraction. Thus, the order between them can be flipped. That is, P E D M A S is true, as is P E D M S A, as is P E M D S A.

    If multiplication and division both appear you go from LEFT to RIGHT.

    Parenthesis are implied multiplication.

    So, first, in the parenthesis we have 12, so, 48/2(12). As that is written, one does 48/2=24*12. So, as the problem is written, the answer is 288. While the method of writing the problem is certainly not the best, the problem does, to my knowledge, only have one true answer.

    An important note: not all calculators correctly apply the orders of operations. Any scientific calculator form the last 5 years or so should, and if it is outputting anything other then 288 I would be interested in knowing. Some pocket calulators with + - x � just go left to right.

    Wolfram is, as usual, right. (
    Well written answer. If Wolfram Alpha says 288 then that's the answer.

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  • Cougarcat
    Apr 23, 09:26 PM
    The current iMac's can't even run games at 2560x1440 very well, so an even higher resolution? Unless they want to stick a desktop Radeon 6950 (at least) in there, it just wouldn't work. Surely Apple sees how important gaming is with iOS and Steam?

    You don't have to run games at those high resolutions.

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  • badcrumble
    Mar 30, 08:10 PM
    The new iCal is hideous. This "metaphor" crap is awful, and reeks of Mac OS 9. Make things look sleek and modern like the new Mail app, please.

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  • JTR7
    Mar 28, 10:50 AM
    I find this hard to believe.

    Apple must have realized it now has to fight for market share in the smartphone market.

    A 2-year contract doesn't stop iPhone 4 users from moving to the iPhone 5. Many people are on 2 year contracts, but are also on family plans. It's not unheard of for a parent to use an upgrade and hand their old phone down to a kid. Small businesses get 18 month upgrades from AT&T. Let's not forget the 3GS users and anyone whose iPhone 4 has broken.

    It's a huge mistake not to update the phone. If only incremental, it's free profit for Apple. In many ways, iPhones (and Apple products in general) are status symbols. People buy the latest not out of need for improved specs, but rather for the ability to say "Look at my new Apple gadget". And while I do love the Retina Display and the 720p recording, to be honest, the fact that there was a new form factor-easily identifying me as having the new phone on launch day-was a part of the reason I ditched my 3GS for the new iPhone 4.

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  • Number 41
    Mar 29, 01:22 PM
    Hard for me, even as an Apple fan, to weep too much for a company that chooses to do business overseas isntead of here in America, employing Americans.

    Hopefully the situation in Japan improves -- for reasons beyond this.

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  • kdarling
    Apr 20, 09:31 AM
    Faster or lower power CPU = hopefully something more cpu hungry in the OS.

    Widgets would be nice.

    Whatever the new feature is, we already know from history that it probably won't be allowed to run on older models, even if they do get the token OS version upgrade.

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  • yfile
    Apr 24, 04:44 AM
    No, it wouldn't. Please understand what Retina means ;) :

    For all we know, the 27" already is a Retina display. It depends on what distance you find normal sitting away from it.

    Retina is clearly defined by minimum 300 px/in resolution, so distance from monitor there is nothing to do with. Sitting 10 meters from monitor don't transform your monitor to hiperRetina. Please...

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  • EDH667
    Nov 27, 07:11 AM
    Is there really no wiggle room?
    Has anyone tried to use the car kit with a Case Mate Barely There Case?

    There is absolutely no room for any case to work with the TomTom car kit.

    I stand corrected. I purchased the Case-Mate Barley there case and it works great with the TomTom car kit.

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  • Multimedia
    Jul 24, 11:49 AM
    I'm going to be using my laptop for teaching in the fall, which means some fairly strenuous 3D molecular rendering, large movies, wireless internet and standard keynote (all simultaneously, of course), as well as the standard day-to-day chores.

    I could manage with my ageing G4 AlBook (it continues to run like a champ, but it's a bit slow for the 3D molecular rendering, and it staggers a little with the big animations) but it occurred to me that, even with daily backups, should I have a catastrophic system failure, I couldn't get a replacement in time for the next lecture. So I've decided to buy a new laptop, and keep my venerable G4 AlBook as a backup system.

    But I want any new system to be 64-bit, and otherwise as 'future-proof' as possible, so I'm going to hold out for the new memrom-based MBPs. I'm really excited about the possibility of going top-of-the-line for the first time ever. I'm hoping for a system that looks like this:

    17" anodized black MBP, with 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo CPU, 1 GB RAM, a 7200 rpm 120 GB HD, 802.11n, and a blu-ray Superdrive. Should be just over $3k with my educational discount, right?Some of your feature list is not imminent. Blu-ray is too expensive. 802.11n is still another 6+ months off. Merom tops out at 2.33GHz for now. :)

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  • dukebound85
    Apr 10, 11:48 AM
    Please go back and read my previous posts.


    You essentially say that math, which humans use as a language, is taught incorrectly in regards to evaluating expressions because there is a "right way" of doing it without going into how one should evaluate it.

    Order of operations is paramount to understand as it is a fundamental concept yet you state that following the order of operations is wrong in this case...why?

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  • CommodityFetish
    Apr 5, 08:30 PM
    Hmmm... I think I'll go jailbreak my iPod touch now.

    Maybe then I can get a toggle switch for wifi on my home screen. :rolleyes:

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  • cav23j
    Nov 28, 01:06 AM
    TBH, probably wasn't the AV.. when you dual boot there are so many bugs that go on w/ OSX. I never dual boot anymore because it would always lock my Mac up..
    I saw a lady today at the Apple Store, and goes to the Genius Bar.. and the first thing she says "Hi, I am having troubles with my iMac, I dual booted through Boot Camp w/ Windows 7, and it crashed my Mac." I LOL'd and the genius's confirmed it was the cause of dual boot. I don't trust it... not one bit.

    what do you mean by dual boot?

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  • HecubusPro
    Sep 10, 11:05 PM
    It also leaves the MBP. If it is not updated, I will likely be driven into a mad frenzy where I buy some other brand of laptop. Honestly, the things Apple is forcing me to do...

    I don't see that happening this week, as much as I want a merom MBP. This Sept. 12th event is geared soley towards ipods, nanos, and especially the movie store. I'm betting nothing will be said or released concerning MBP's or MB's. I hope to god I am proven wrong though. Ultimately, as poppe has suggested on other threads, Photokina on the 26th will be the place where MBP updates will happen, as that is more of a pro event. If they don't happen by then, that's when I will beging looking at yonah MBP's.

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  • Mac-Rumours
    May 4, 03:25 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-gb) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8C148)

    Anyway, what happens if you whole hard drive dies?
    What if you want to reinstall everything from scratch?
    There is just too many what ifs

    I thought about this and while I think having a CD is better for these reasons, I don't think it would leave you up a creek without a paddle.

    Either you have an OS that supports Mac App store so you'd have a CD that would at least install that OS (and therefore you could install old OS and go back to Mac app store and reinstall Lion) or you'd have to buy the Lion CD anyways (but in this case if you lose the Lion CD you may be w/out Lion).

    So, while the app store does have the advantage that if you buy through them, long as you have the CD from the previous OS (and probably not too expensive to buy a CD off of ebay, don't know, haven't checked) you can re install Lion. WHere as if you buy the CD and lose it, you'll have to buy Lion all over again (and I am betting Lion won't be as "cheap" as Snow Leopard as it isn't considered an incremental upgrade).

    But... it also means more hassle if your hard drive does crash cause you'll have to install an OS twice.

    So you'd have to install your retail disc of 10.6.3 then update a gig or so to 10.6.6, run the App Store then download 10.7?

    There has to be a bootable version.

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  • ergle2
    Sep 16, 01:46 AM
    Dyslexia at work. Laptop processors are directly soldered to the LB to keep the profile slim, iMacs & minis socketed.

    Doh, wrote the exact opposite of what I meant :/

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  • strausd
    Mar 31, 09:59 AM
    Hey Devs, any info on TRIM support for Lion?

    Ya I am wondering this too, especially for non-Apple SSDs.

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  • costmo
    Apr 7, 10:51 AM
    Deep pockets alone are not enough ... you also need some strategic planing to know ahead what you need and make sure that you get it.

    All hail Tim Cook!

    Seriously though, I think people are going to be surprised at how well RIM rebounds. Not that they are going to stop or even slow the iPad or iPhone train, but I will surprised if they don't carve themselves out a pretty good niche.

    They're a much more resilient company than that for which they are given credit. Do some serious research into the company as though you were looking to invest, and you'll find out that they got a little too complacent for a time, but they have some vision that will surprise people in the coming years.

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  • KnightWRX
    Apr 23, 07:36 PM
    They use a lot more CPU time to process though.

    Again, KDE 2.0, 10 years ago. My Pentium 2 333 mhz didn't break a sweat doing SVG icons then (the Krystal SVG icon theme). ;)

    I seriously doubt this is even an issue.

    You said yourself that wallpapers should be vector graphics. And by that, I presumed you meant the background in the subject of the thread. Safari supports SVG, but imo, it's not really a big thing that there's no support for it as a wallpaper. It's not the first thing people think of when they list Snow Leopard's shortcomings :P

    Sure it's not, but why bother making bigger and bigger pixel images when implementing vector art both has precedent (Gnome, KDE, all the Linux WMs or almost all of them) and is superior for this application.

    For images that can't be easily converted, I'm with you. But I don't understand the resistance to SVG support, which would be a decade late. Sure it's not a shortcoming, but in light of these stories, it would be a "nicer to have".

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  • Reach
    Sep 11, 12:36 PM
    Yeah, that was prior to the invites sent out. Jobs from experience will be pitching the movie store hard..meaning the laptop updates have to take a back seat for now. I mean they announced a 24" iMac quietly just to give you an idea of how important this is to them. Laptop updates? i wouldnt count on least for now
    Well, laptops is what Apple is selling tons of these days. Who knows, maybe they want to ride that wave even harder, pushing all the people that see their friends beautiful Macbooks to buy Apples brand new Macbook Pro with Core2Duo. ;) Yes, I want to order one already..

    Jul 30, 10:04 PM
    this is the rumor that comes out when there are no rumors.

    I know it's just a rumor that comes and goes just like the Mac Tablet, true video iPod, etc. However, the Intel rumors did materialise, so maybe, but from the source this story's coming from, I highly doubt.

    May 6, 12:44 AM
    Another option:

    they may include an instant-on iOS in addition to an intel OSX environment. Several other manufacturers have done something similar.

    Unless they want to make you pay for something you don't need... not necessary. The new Intel Macs that are being released right now have so much power that they could run every iOS app in emulated mode and the processor would hardly even notice it. That's today. Imagine where Intel will be in a couple of years? An ARM chip sitting next to an Intel powerhouse is not needed. As far as being instant on... I'd say my iMac wakes up from a sleep just about as fast as my iPad.

    Apr 25, 09:33 AM
    I've been reading MacRumors for years - only added to the discussion a few times since 08. Not a troll, but still considered a "newbie". :D

    Well, he did say "most". If their join date were, say, yesterday, then they're much more likely to be a troll, no?

    Apr 9, 07:15 PM
    Is this MacRumors or GoogleRumors?

    Do you really think the answer is 2? lol.

    Mar 27, 09:40 AM
    when the white iphone comes out, will we see slightly improved hardware as well? (64gb? Better ANTENNA?) Let me know your thoughts... Will it be soon??? Thanks ! 1. Apple has yet to release any official sales numbers on iPad 2 - at least I haven't come across this anywhere (this would be a perfect piece of anecdotal information at the beginning of a media event)

    2. Phil Schiller said "white iPhone 4 coming spring 2011" (it's now officially Spring and we still haven't seen the white iPhone and therefore would make a nice 'Easter egg' with immediate availability also mentioned at the beginning of a media event)

    3. Apple has typically held iOS media event previews in April (not saying they would never break cycle, just stating the obvious)

    IDK, if I were a betting man, I'd say all signs still point to an April media event at which (during the beginning) SJ would announce official iPad sales numbers (for both U.S. and International launch weekends) as well as immediate availability of said white iPhone before proceeding to dive into some of the intricacies of iOS 5. Just my $0.02.

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