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wallpaper transformers 3_09

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  • megan fox transformers 2

  • ThunderSkunk
    Apr 5, 08:03 PM
    There it is!

    And you guys thought I was nuts for suggesting it.

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  • megan fox wallpaper desktop.

  • iCrizzo
    Apr 5, 12:58 PM
    If I would leak something, I would make sure the device is clean, the camera is in focus and there is enough light.

    Why are leaked images (almost) always such bad quality?

    The source of the pictures said he used his new iPad 2, to take the shots! :cool:

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  • my favourite Transformers.

  • Lloyd Christmas
    Apr 18, 01:09 PM
    I just paid $4.11 for a regular gallon of gas in New York. $49 for about half a tank gonna be a rough summer. Lloyd

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  • megan fox wallpaper 1080p.

  • flurffmeister
    Apr 6, 11:07 AM
    Though it's not very clear, it looks like the capacity is listed as 12(X) GB. From what I've seen in any mass storage device, 8-10% of the storage space is missing for whatever reason (my 32GB iPhone has 29.1GB.) Even if it says 120GB, that's only 6.25% gone.


    The settings also show a 128GB capacity.


    If this were a genuine 128GB unit, the settings would show something like 118GB capacity.

    128 GB (storage size speak = 128 billion bytes) = 119.2GB (binary speak)

    Subtract about 900 megs to a gig for the OS (judging by the stated capacity on an iPod touch 4 at iOS 4.3.1), and you have somewhere around 118-118.3GB.

    wallpaper transformers 3_09. megan fox wallpaper 2009.
  • megan fox wallpaper 2009.

  • Rt&Dzine
    Apr 27, 07:10 PM
    I thought this was funny.

    Imagine President Trump feuding with global enemies. �I�ve met Kim Jong Il. Guy�s a midget. Who cares what a midget thinks! I take dumps bigger than that guy.�


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  • AppleScruff1
    Apr 30, 08:36 PM
    Anyone who chooses the simplest operating system (like OS X and iOS, obviously) to accomplish the same tasks *is* savvy.[/QUOTE]

    Or not too bright.

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  • Geckotek
    Apr 12, 07:39 PM
    My guess, tons of GSM models going to scalpers. Scalpers probably weren't surveyed. :p

    As usual tons if ignorant remarks about CDMA in this thread.

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  • alhedges
    Apr 12, 05:33 PM
    My guess is maybe people in the mid-west would PREFER vzw, but they'll never buy one anyway...
    Umm, Chicago is filled with iPads, and AT&T tends to have better service.

    Try again.

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  • wallpaper pictures nature.

  • caspersoong
    Apr 22, 05:26 AM
    My iPod with A4 is going to get obsolete...

    wallpaper transformers 3_09. transformers wallpaper 2009
  • transformers wallpaper 2009

  • jamdr
    Apr 2, 02:10 PM
    The main problem with the UI I think is that it is too hard to access things that you want to do all the time. Everything is in that annoying palette with all those buttons, when instead Apple should move some things to the toolbar. I want to be able to change fonts and styles and justification with the click of a button. Also, it needs an equation editor. Until Apple fixes these things, I'm sticking with AppleWorks. Fortunately, I don't feel like I got ripped off because of Keynote 2.

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  • fox wallpaper transformers

  • CanadaRAM
    Sep 9, 09:39 AM
    I need to get away for a couple of days, and away from hoarding crowds.
    So... BotCon the Hasbro International Transformers Collector's Convention on September 22-25 would be right out, then?


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  • MistaBungle
    Feb 18, 02:53 PM
    I'm very glad he looks healthy in that photo. Get well Steve.

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  • space, planet, transformers

  • atticus1178
    Sep 19, 04:20 PM
    Do you mean "whilst" the update is happening the fans run at full speed, or after the update applys your fans are stupidly loud? :confused:

    With a pending order of the mac pro, the last thing I wanna go through is powermac G5 fan hell again......

    yeah, just during the update, they blast off for about 10 seconds, it actually sounds like a small airplane taking off (thankfully my mac pro is secured between my desk and the wall :) )

    but NO, the fans are not loud all the time now, they sound just fine, but after the update (according to temperature monitor) they are about 10 degrees F cooler now at idle

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  • Takara-Tomy Transformers Staff

  • besler3035
    Jan 19, 07:48 PM
    You probably don't have Adobe Reader installed. Mac OS X comes with an application called Preview which opens up PDF files. It is the default viewer for PDF files, even if you do have Reader installed. It also saves it to the desktop by default, like you explained.

    If you do have Adobe Reader installed, check out the info on one of the PDF files. It should say Open With...and then have a drop-down menu and say Preview. You can change this to say Adobe Reader, and then click the box that says change for all documents like this.

    Note: This may not change whether it is saved on the desktop, because I don't think Safari or Mozilla has native-PDF support built into their browsers.

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  • moving wallpaper gif.

  • infernohellion
    Nov 11, 08:38 AM
    I wonder why in Thailand it's just a Thai voice-over of the US Version (of Justin Long) commercial. Well, we're pretty much the smallest mac market in the world therefore there's no need for the localized version of Mac... LOL

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  • jalagl
    Nov 14, 09:31 AM
    Well, the only airline I remember which had seat-back displays for all passengers was WestJet. I just flew United and the smaller planes didn't even have an in-house audio system, let alone video.

    But this is a great idea.

    Most airlines that fly trans-atlantic and pacific have individual displays for everybody. In coach, most of them play the same movies and series over and over, but in business/first, most of the time you can choose what to watch, and even pause/stop the movies.

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  • MisterMe
    Sep 14, 05:20 PM
    Originally posted by bullrat
    I'm a potential "switcher" that wants to buy an iMac now but I keep reading all the posts on the various Mac boards about how even the latest 17 inch iMac looks "choppy" or "jerky" when resizing or moving windows and how much slower browsing the Web is than bad old MS on Wintel.
    I have not seen those posts, but then I have seen a lot of other bitching and moaning about one thing or another. Point No. 1: Although I don't have access to a 17" iMac, I do have Jaguar installed on my 2000 Firewire PowerBook G3. I don't see any of that choppiness and jerkiness that you mentioned. I would be astonished to find it on a faster machine like the 17" iMac. Point No. 2: Don't take anybody's word for it. Drive down to your nearest Apple retailer. Look at the machines yourself. That should end all arguments.

    I'm so bored reading all the MHz doesn't matter blather. It does matter. When a brand new $2000 computer looks choppy using a brand new OS, then something is not right. It should be blazing on all basic functions. Flame away if you like, I see a lot of that on the Mac boards whenever someone happens to disagree with the party line but I'd wager I speak for a lot of potential switchers.
    Again, have your actually seen this "choppiness" on that $2000 machine with the brand new OS? Now for the issue of MHz, browse the web sites of the expensive UNIX workstations and servers. Look at the clock speeds of the offerings from IBM, HP, SGI, and Sun. For the most part, you will see that their machines have clock speeds in the sub-GHz range. Yet these are the machines of choice when price is no object and the job must get done. Just think about this: these boards are filled with laments that effectively tell you that you need substaintially higher clock speeds to run a computer game than you need to simulate the gas flow in a jet engine. Don't you think that something is just a bit warped here?

    I guess what really blows me away is that Apple appears to be *purposely* cripppling their systems. From what I understand it's possible for Apple to upgrade the processor, bus, memory and other components without any technical difficulties.
    Think. Think. Think. Apple does not "appear" to be purposesly crippling its systems. The entirity of the corporation orbits about the Macintosh. No company would purposely cripple its central product. The fact that Apple is only one of two profitable personal computer manufacturers serve as loud testimony to the contrary. Just because a bunch of idle college students post things on the Internet does not make them so.

    Okay, you can flame away now -- but all I'm saying is there are a lot of potential switchers waiting to plunk down their hard earned cash if Apple would get it together. I see more and more Apple folks waking up, no longer satisfied to let Apple off the hook for getting further and further behind the rest of the computer world.
    If you are serious, then nobody wants to see you flamed. But again, think. Exactly how is Apple behind? If you are talking about the race toward bankruptcy, then I would agree with you. Apple is second to last in that race among personal computer makers.

    The best OS deserves the best hardware or at least a lot better hardware than being currently used. You want premium prices? Then give us premium hardware. Geez, drop Motorola if they can't deliver the goods and go with IBM (don't go with Intel or AMD to keep that Apple distinction). But pul-leeze do it soon. I want to buy!

    I cannot agree more that the best OS deserves the best currently available hardware. However, the machine has to be affordable. For many years, Apple has ranked among the highest quality hardware manufactures. I am not just talking about microprocessors. I've endured conditions that put Dells out to pasture while my Mac chugged along like a champ.

    As for all this business about Motorola this, IBM that, and AMD the other thing, I will leave it to Apple to make the best decision. It knows the players and its own business better than any nitwit posting on an Internet bulletin board.

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  • of love wallpapers,. RedTomato

  • ColdZero
    Sep 19, 11:27 PM
    Oh yea, nice and fast :rolleyes:. A Dual 1.25Ghz G4 vs a single 2.8ghz P4, uhhh isn't that a little unfair. Where is the dual 2.4ghz P4 vs dual 1.25ghz G4 comparison?

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  • Dagless
    Dec 17, 02:44 PM
    I also find it ironic that people are being told to buy a song which famously has the lyric;
    ****** you i wont do what you tell me

    Joe Public is a clever.

    big samm
    Jan 7, 09:22 AM
    Why when i close the app and then go back in it it logs me online on the chat automaticly?

    Apr 5, 01:46 PM
    Gotta set the 'Droids free.

    May 6, 06:20 AM
    Even after that comparison of Apple's products to Windows', I'd still buy Apple.

    Don't tell me that I'm wasting my money just because I can easily afford to purchase a Mac. Most of the people that talk crap about Macs are the ones that can't afford them, so of course they're going to talk bad about them.

    I don't think anyone is stating that. I myself prefer buying an apple products when they fit my needs. I won't blindly buy one just because it has the apple logo though.

    The sum of the parts, hardware+software usually make apple products a great solution.

    Many people find windows based PCs to be an acceptable product and at a fraction of a cost, its a no brainer for many people.

    I disagree with the luxury vs cheap car analogy. I built a core i7 that exceeds what apple provides and its much more "luxury" then a junker car. It looks great because the case I chose, it performs awesome and the cost was 1,500 less the comparable mac pro. I opted to turn the computer into a hackintosh because I do prefer OSX over windows.

    BTW, to clarify my earlier remarks, I've purchased a mac mini, MacBook Pro and I've built out a core i7. I buy apple when it makes sense and build when I think thats a better option.

    Feb 12, 07:51 PM
    Ummm... Control-I?

    yep, that did it... cheers.

    Apr 1, 09:16 AM
    It would be one thing if the app allowed you view the channels over 3G or other WiFi networks, but you have to be IN YOUR HOUSE. This is ridiculous. I've been considering getting rid of cable altogether, this brings me a lot closer.

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