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megan fox hairstyles 2010. Megan Fox Hairstyle Picture
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  • ravenvii
    May 3, 09:11 PM
    EDIT: assume we split in two groups but then we get back together in the same room and stay together.
    if both groups move to the same room, and there are monsters, which group gets attacked? do the groups combine their stats in the battle?
    another scenario: we are in the start room, i split myself away and search the start room, while the other 6 move into the next room (so they are good with monsters). turn 2 the search the second room and i join them back. this way we search 2 rooms and move in one round, without splitting the group.

    Whichever team enters the room first, turn order-wise, fights the monster.

    Your second scenario is allowed.

    Could I just explore the first room and save a turn for later(I'm not necessarily wanting to do this, just asking if it's possible)?

    No, heroes can't save turns for later, only the villain can do that.

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  • mscriv
    Apr 14, 10:23 AM
    But every American should be chipping in to solve the issues that we're facing.

    We're in the lifeboat, and the water's rising. Everybody pick up a pail and start bailing.

    Admittedly, I didn't read the article posted by rdowns, but from reading the quotes he put in the OP, I'd have to say I disagree somewhat with your comments. Sure, we should all be working together, but the point is that those who are making the most are not paying at the same share/percentage as those who are lower or middle income.

    Is it fair and in line with "everyone chipping in" if the person making $50,000 a year has to pay 20+% of their income, but the person making $1,000,000 a year only has to pay 16%?

    Additionally, let's not forget that there is a lot of tension between "everyone chipping in" and the select few who make the decisions about how what has been "chipped in" gets spent. I have no problem doing my part to pay taxes as I do benefit from roads, schools, etc., but I do have a problem with a lot of the wasteful ways in which tax money is spent. We could all benefit from some efficiency, improved budgeting, and controlled spending on the government level.

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  • megan fox hairstyles 2010.

  • Radoo
    Apr 18, 03:43 PM
    Staring at a point for 12 hours has more sense than this suing kinder game. But, whatever, lawyers have to earn their money one way...:D

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  • StickNutzman
    Mar 28, 09:45 AM
    That's just getting complacent in my opinion, people like myself like changing phones yearly, no new iPhone means no return business, I'll try something else instead, bad move if true.

    Sure you will. :rolleyes:

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  • JoshH
    Sep 10, 11:08 PM
    Here's to new living room hardware... and I'm actually in the market. Fingers crossed.

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  • megan fox hairstyles 2010.

  • InsiderTravels
    Nov 28, 08:49 AM
    i don't think it would appeal to that many people, to have an apple tablet.

    i mean, the PC/Win versions aren't great sellers...

    I think a lot of you are forgetting about artists and the rest of the creative market. Sure, a programmer or tech geek or business person or writer may have little use for a tablet, but artists are another story. Carrying around a separate, cumbersome USB tablet can become a pain. It's much easier to draw with a pen than it is with a mouse. Whether or not the handwriting recognition is accurate and lightning fast is largely irrelevant, as artists would rarely be using the tablet for that feature. Remember, the majority of creative pros are Mac users, hence a great reason why tablet PCs have yet to take off; there's never been one that was marketed towards and could be used by the creative crowd; many of them wouldn't touch a Windows PC with a ten-foot pole.

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  • WildGuess
    Apr 7, 09:31 AM
    They can have my screen. It only bleeds on the edges. Still enough real estate for a seven inch model.

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  • Nuvi
    Nov 5, 03:19 AM
    Huh. This is really cool, but I'm not familiar with the brand...don't know if it's good, or even legitimate for that matter.

    Still, it's cool to see someone finally offer it free. Windows has had multiple choices for a few years, so this is good news for OS X fans!

    Sophos provides solutions mainly for large corporations. Its as legitimate as it can get. Whats good about is the small foot print their software takes. So its all business and no nonsense "turbo meters" etc. like with Intego Virus Barrier. Honestly I have no idea why they are giving away Home version for free. The business solutions are expensive. Then again if you really want to sell to corporations it makes sense to give people free home versions to gain presence and goodwill. After all those free Home version using people work in corporations...

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  • mikelegacy
    Apr 5, 08:55 PM
    It's a terrible theme anyways. Who cares.

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  • Lord Bodak
    Mar 28, 10:56 AM
    Not as far as 95% of users are concerned. Most users don't utilize half of what the current device can do.

    That might be true, but most people I know walk in to their cell phone stores every 2 years and buy whatever is new. Many of them will choose a new Android or WP7 phone over a year-old iPhone, simply because the guy at the store says "this just came out."

    As long as Apple is in bed with carriers on the standard two-year contract, they have to stick to a 12 or 24 month product cycle. 24 months is too long, which leaves the current 12 month cycle.

    Personally I think this is all FUD. iPhone 5 will be an incremental upgrade, like the 3GS was, and it will be announced at WWDC. Because it's a fairly small upgrade compared to the other big items of the year (Lion, iOS 5, and likely new Macs with more of a focus on SSD), there will be less talk about it in advance of the event.

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  • iStudentUK
    May 3, 06:17 AM
    You think you've got it bad? In Britain we have
    milk and beer by the pint
    coke by the litre
    roads by the mile
    tablecloths/fabric etc by the metre
    petrol/diesel by the litre
    fuel efficiency is measured in miles per gallon but carbon emissions are measured in grams per kilometer.
    weight of people in stones and pounds
    sugar/flour etc in kilograms
    fruit by the pound
    cheese by grams
    bread loaves are labelled in grams, bread rolls sold by the dozen.
    height in feet and inches.

    It is a mess here. I wish we would switch fully to metric. I think we are getting there, very slowly. For example, 15 years ago the weather used to always be in oC and then oF, now just oC is very common. Supermarkets sell fruit and veg with the per kg price much larger than per lb. The around the corner sells milk by the litre which is nice. More and more people are using metres and kilograms to measure their height and weight. Some things are more problematic, there are millions of pint glasses for beer and all our road signs would be a fortune to replace with kilometres!

    The imperial system is crazy, but I think it will slowly but surely die out in the UK. Metric was pushed in about 40 years ago? Give it another 40 and I think we will be fully there!

    Hopefully our American cousins will finally see sense and start talking in civilised speak soon.

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  • Unspeaked
    Aug 11, 01:40 PM
    I guess your point is that Apple agrees with YOU, right?

    No, my point is that I think Apple will continue to do what it's always done, and that those arguing that they'll suddenly treat product announcements differently just because their chips are now supplied by Intel are only speculating.

    I admit I'm speculating as well, but my speculation is based on Apple's known prior history, while other's is based on their wet dreams of Core 2 Duo MacBooks, which they've been wanting since before the *original* MacBook was even announced, and which they'll probably complain about once they're actually released anyway, and hold off for the next gen chips.


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  • aarond12
    Nov 22, 03:35 PM
    im pretty sure thats what steevie boy has in mind ;)

    I never buy "locked" phones anymore. Yeah, unlocked ones cost more because they're not subsidized by the cell phone companies, but if service sucks or I go overseas (which I frequently do), I can get another company's SIM and put it in my phone. Voila! It works!

    I have a Sony/Ericsson W810i with 2GB memory card. Its tiny screen only allows 176x144 video (MPEG-4 or 3GP at 30 frames per second), but that also becomes an advantage. Full-length movies at that screen resolution only take up 150-200MB. I use FFMpegX to compress movies for my phone.

    The phone also has a 2 megapixel camera with true autofocus and macro, and plays MP3 and AAC/MP4 audio files with its built-in speaker or outstanding earphones. It has a FM radio with RDS, plays Java games, has Bluetooth and can be used as a Bluetooth controller/mouse or modem on Macs and PCs, it supports EDGE high-speed Internet, it can run the Java version of Opera but it also has a decent built-in browser, and is fully supported by iSync. And it's tiny.

    Okay, Apple... that's your yardstick. Come up with somethings significantly better. I know you can do it.


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  • toddybody
    Apr 25, 09:44 AM
    Because "they" didn't slip this trojan into the phones...the government did via the phone companies/FCC.

    It is not enough to track every internet/email action of the population, they also want to know where we are at all times and our habits so a "repairman" can enter the house of a "dissident" while they are at work and...

    Ties between intelligence agencies and consumer products have to be far more defined than any of us realize.

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  • megan fox hairstyles 2010.

  • rjohnstone
    Apr 18, 03:28 PM
    Apple is devoid of morals and innovation? Are you kidding me? Do you have any idea of Apple's philanthropy? Also, Apple INVENTED the whole concept of touch UI for iPhone and iPad - now the rest of the industry is scrambling to catch up by copying the leader. While imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, the imitators are simply copying for free what took Apple years to develop at a likely cost of several hundred million dollars. And Apple does not have a right to protect its investment?

    Apple should just buy Samsung. That will get them a big foot in the consumer electronics sector.
    Wrong... Apple didn't invent the concept of the touch UI, they bought most of what they have and own very little rights to it.

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  • macwrangler
    Apr 25, 09:24 AM
    No one cares! Did you know your computer saves information about stuff you do???!!! Oh my! Now, your computer-phone saves stuff too! Exploitation!

    They may as well put it on the worthless evening news...."Tonight @ 11, what could be killing you and your children...your iPhone (but not a droid)."

    Shut it, please.

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  • Small White Car
    Apr 5, 01:31 PM
    But Toyota wasn't jailbreaking. Didn't the courts rule that Apple couldn't stop the jailbreak community?

    Yes, but the ruling was based on the fact that it's all for 'personal use.'

    Once they start taking $$$ from multinational corporations it sure seem less like 'personal use,' doesn't it?

    I'm not a lawyer so I can't say for sure, but I sure thought Cydia was opening up a can of worms when I read about this yesterday. It's probably good for them that Toyota pulled out. I could see the jailbreak community getting less leeway with courts in the future if they start raking in millions of dollars. Then they suddenly start looking like a competing company trying to steal Apple's business, don't they?

    It may be legal for Cydia to do this, but I was quite worried that it would make their lives very unpleasent in the future if they kept it up. I like how all the jailbreakers in this thread are acting like this was a good thing. It honestly could have ended up being the thing that caused the most damage to jailbreaking!

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  • Super Dave
    Jul 29, 08:45 PM
    If only I wasn't locked in with a stupid CDMA company. I doubt the iPhone will be anything but GSM. My local GSM company's plans suck!

    David :cool:

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  • Detlev
    Aug 4, 09:01 PM
    The company that really deserves criticism is intuit. They recently released quicken 2007 and it was not UB. They were releasing a new product and they chose to ignore intel Mac users. Makes you wonder if they are going to stay in the mac market at all. Maybe in the future they will just recommend running parallel and windows, to use quicken on an intel mac.
    Users are already moving away from the Mac versions. When Intuit announced they were here to stay in 2003 there was a lot of criticism about how they left Mac users stranded for six years. Look who is abandoning who now. If they were to close up Mac development, few would care. I'm betting they will be just one of many companies to do it too.

    Jul 23, 12:30 AM
    I would really like to see Apple have a laptop cheaper than $1,100, and I think there would be a definite market for the, especially for teenagers looking into getting a Mac. I know that's unlikely, but...
    I don't know, I'm kinda expecting it. As seen in the past, I'm sure they'll drop to ~$1000. Maybe even cheaper once they get some of their R&D back and chip prices start to fall. Eventually I see a sub $800 laptop even. Maybe.

    Aug 4, 11:55 PM
    O man, so many years of waiting for a new look of what was known as the AI PowerBook. Now they aren't releasing it yet, i cross my finger. PLEASE CHANGE THE LOOK ALREADY!!! :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: if not i'll just get an iMac :( :( :(

    Apr 25, 04:43 PM
    You guys do realize that a 27" iMac would have to be 4K to possess a PPI over 300 and therefore be a "Retina Display?"

    And that's when a 2K monitor (the LUM-560) is going for $66,000?

    Yeah. Have fun with your $122,000 iMac.

    "Retina Display" doesn't mean what you think it does.

    Don't panic
    Apr 11, 07:45 AM
    Yes, because the uninitiated that claim this is ambiguous keep popping up. Oh wait...

    If you read it as anything other than a division, you need to go back to school.

    Only for those with a lack of understanding of basic math. Again, the problem is not the equation per say, it's the people that don't understand mathematics.

    May 3, 11:35 AM
    Hmm, interesting. I'm not eligible since I didn't play in Intell's last game, but this looks like fun.

    No, you mis-read, I meant you must have played in at least three games. Intell's last game is counted if you played in that one. I edited the part to hopefully make it more clear. When I wrote it, Intell's game wasn't over.

    You've played in *way* more than three games, so you're in if you want.

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