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  • benpatient
    Mar 29, 01:26 PM
    I agree w/ this. Everyone has internet at home and everyone who is so into media, already has a media server. Stuff like air video and streamtome works just fine for streaming media from anywhere internet is available.

    People who care so much about accessing media enough to take their time to upload their stuff to cloud can certainly do same at their own house. Is this really for people who don't have internet at home or can't afford nas at home?

    Seriously, what is the point of all this? Only time cloud storage works is for group collaboration where people need to share things from everywhere. For personal stuff, personal computer works the best w/ decent internet.

    Not everyone has decent internet at home, you know. And those that do might not keep a computer on 24/7. I know that I'm in that situation. Leaving my MacPro on and not asleep 24/7 adds about 400-500 dollars a year to my electrical costs.

    I could get the 500GB paid amazon cloud storage account for that much!

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  • Jape
    Nov 4, 11:29 AM
    I don't know how they do it at such a discount, but mine just arrived a day early in fine shape, so at least in my case they came through fine.

    I'll try it out this afternoon.

    Ok, thats good to hear, let me know how it works when you try it out :) I am considering getting it from there

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  • milo
    Aug 11, 03:17 PM
    I wouldn't say it would be anything noticable!

    Probably make the low end one a 1.66 Duo and the top one a 1.8 or 2.0 Duo

    Doubling the cores would certianly be noticable on the low end! And even a modest bump is better than no bump for a year. But I still think a bigger bump than that is likely, chances of something like a merom on the high end are pretty good.

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  • tstreete
    Nov 14, 08:23 AM
    The key for making this purchase for me is to have at least the option to allow the calls to come in through the car's speakers while using the built-in mic on the dock.

    Can't be done. When plugged into the aux port, navigation instructions and music comes through the car speakers. Only phone calls come through the dock speakers.

    The only way I know of to reliably route phone calls through a car's stereo system (without some kind of professional add-on) is this: get one of those little adapters designed to allow you to use regular stereo headphones with an iphone; run the adapter from the iphone's earphone jack into your car speakers, and then position the mic on the adapter for calls. Works OK, but can generate feedback during calls for the person you're talking to. And it means you're plugging in both at the bottom and the top of the iphone everytime you set it up in the car. TomTom seems to have gone for one-handed installation of the iPhone, which meant they had to use bluetooth for calls, because calls can't be routed through the dock port.

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  • samh004
    May 7, 11:08 AM
    I get the feeling they are not really making any money on it, so it would make sense to give it away as a benefit of "using a mac."

    I can�t remember where it was mentioned, but I recall (dreamed?) that Apple had 1 million paid-up MobileMe members at one stage. If you even multiply that by the lowest amount you can purchase it for, that�s what, $69 million a year. Can�t be losing that much money.

    Maybe an apple giftcard for the difference? Like apple did for the early adopters of iPhone 2G when there was a price drop :cool:

    At least that�d make me buy a product I�ve had my eye on but haven�t had incentive to take the plunge ;)

    The best option is to cover both ends.

    I like this idea� but not the following one�

    Free MobileMe as an iAd platform? That sounds about right. Paid MobileMe without the iAds? I think we're getting somewhere now...

    I�d still pay in this case, but the price better not increase :(

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  • toddybody
    Apr 7, 12:37 PM
    The strategy of offering a limited set of options has worked well for Apple. A discrete only option might lower the price by $100 and no one would buy it. What would be the point? They leave that segment of the market to the people who make cheap laptops AND offer another product..The iPad. I only actualy use my laptop when I need the GPU.

    I feel like im taking crazy pills...I think theres some confusion as to my feelings on the topic. Apple SHOULD include a discrete GPU in all of it's PRO Macbook line. Period. If you want a more exotic upgrade, fine. But to give a high end, expensive notebook integrated graphics is pure rubbish! Now, does Apple make more money by their status quo? Absolutely. Is is the right thing for the consumer? NO.

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  • cube
    May 6, 06:13 AM
    There are indeed dual processor laptops. SPARC.

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  • bruinsrme
    Apr 9, 06:36 PM
    Well, you�re wrong. You�d need two more parentheses to SEE it that way.

    No, that's the way I see it:D

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  • shaolindave
    May 4, 06:32 PM
    One thing that concerns me is educational pricing.

    That's something about the App Store I've been keeping an eye on since the beginning. I'm developing some educational games that I want to distribute freely to schools, and only charge for the home version. It'd be nice if the App Store could distinguish between different types of customers.

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  • Multimedia
    Aug 7, 08:55 PM
    ok im super duper glad they finally released it
    and i'm happy about it being quad processor and the quad 3ghz is soooo dreamy
    but i have mixed feelings about the case
    on one hand i'm glad they stuck with the look of the g5 powermac,
    and didnt go to some plastic looking crap (i love the brushed aluminum look)
    but i wish they would have made it a little different lookingIt does look completely different. Are you blind? Two Optical Ports. 5 front ports. Rear layout is completely different as well. Looks only a little like the G5.

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  • roland.g
    Aug 11, 02:16 PM
    True, but 64-bit in a 32-bit envrionment is still going to run only at 32-bit or not at all. But mlrproducts is right, they do have a while.

    it doesn't matter if you have a 64-bit processor and OS, you have to have 4Gb of RAM to run in 64-bit.

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  • Josias
    Aug 5, 03:00 AM
    What I really want Apple to announce:
    PowerMac (not MacPro FFS!:p )
    ACD's (17, 20, 23 and 30", iSight and IR)
    iPhone (http://www.floatingpears.com/garage/iPhone.jpg):rolleyes:
    Leopard (iChat integration with MSN Messenger:D )
    New MBP and iMac...

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  • guzhogi
    Aug 4, 03:45 PM
    what do you mean, with 64-bit software or 32-bit software?
    Not to be rude, but are you really dumb enough to ask this? Ok, I'll try to make this as simple as possible: if I used a fully 64-bit OS & fully 64-bit software, that is software optimized for 64-bit processors, on a fully 64-bit processor, what would the advantage of using that set-up over using a 32-bit OS & 32-bit software on a 32-bit processor?

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  • seek3r
    Apr 22, 01:22 AM
    It is trivial, in say my case, to SSH into a "workstation" type Mac Pro, say "Noble Mac Pro, run this really computational intensive code, I'll check back in a bit" and then SSH the output back to another machine when it's done. No muss, no fuss.

    Now imagine you have bunches of workstations...

    In my end of things we usually call that a cluster :-p

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  • GGJstudios
    Dec 13, 10:59 PM
    In the meantime, as the Mac user we have some responsibility not to spread Windows viruses to PCs when technology is there.
    No, we do NOT have any responsibility to protect Windows users from viruses. It is each computer user's responsibility to protect themselves. Even if every Mac ran antivirus, Windows users are still at a much greater risk from other sources of malware. The common sense approach is for every Windows user to run their own antivirus to protect themselves from malware, whether that malware comes from a Mac user or another source. Mac users do not have a responsibility to burden their computers with AV apps, just because some Windows users may be careless enough to run without AV protection.

    Mac Virus/Malware Info (http://forums.macrumors.com/showpost.php?p=9400648&postcount=4)

    I used AppDelete and it took off everything except the icon on my top bar. When I click on the icon, it says there are updates available... dooooh...
    AppDelete left a lot more than that behind. Application removal apps are ineffective (http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?p=10903768#post10903768). Manual removal (http://forums.macrumors.com/showpost.php?p=11171082&postcount=16) is more complete and reliable.

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  • theelysium
    May 7, 06:15 PM
    I love my MobileMe! I don't care if it goes free, but they better not slack on support for it and features if they make it free.

    Also, I just purchased a new year, they better give me my money back if they make this free anytime soon!:D

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  • SeaFox
    Nov 26, 06:02 PM
    2002 called, they want their platform idea back. :rolleyes:

    Seriously, does anyone here even hear about tablet PCs anymore? Nope.
    What happened with Microsoft Origami? Nothing.
    What are people wanting to use for computing on the go? A smart phone.

    Apple didn't get involved when this was "the rage" and I couldn't be happier. The idea never became anything more than a niche product in health care, manufacturing, and perhaps education. It bombed. And Apple wasn't left holding the bag on a bunch of unsold product. Another "failure in this companies beleaguered history" as it would be used as fodder in the press.

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  • japasneezemonk
    May 8, 01:54 AM
    I've had mobile me for a good while and like it. I use it to sync omnifocus, etc... iDisk is nice, but I still use dropbox. I have used it to find my iphone more than once and it's OK but not great, unless it can tell me exactly where my phone is it's still aggravating to know it's in my house, but where? I guess I'm being too picky though. Oh, syncing my MBP to my iMac is definitely a huge timesaver. I would think most people can do with free services, however, for Me it's a awesome. I didn't pay full price for my family plan, so that was nice too, usually if your buying a new laptop or desktop at the Apple Store you can get them to throw in MobileMe and AppleCare for almost nothing.

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  • Reach9
    Apr 26, 02:26 PM
    Competition is good :) Keeps Apple on their toes

    Don't need another MS Monopoly.......

    I'd prefer Apple to work towards beating an opponent than taking it easy.

    Apr 25, 10:00 AM
    I don't think that is the point here. Apple, arguably the greatest and most customer-centric company with the world's best smart phone, the best OS and magical appliances (at least, that is what I'm being told here over and over again) collects location data without your prior knowledge or consent. If you become a member of MacRumors it is your own, deliberate, decision. But I already can see where this is going. Cue the drone-like Apple defenders, I hear them coming ;)

    Bzzt. Wrong. Everyone using iOS has already given their consent for tracking by accepting the License Agreement and not globally turning off Location Services. You can't claim you didn't know or give consent when it's on page 2 of the License Agreement of the fracking phone's OS:

    Location Data. Apple and its partners and licensees may provide certain services through your iPhone that rely upon location information. To provide and improve these services, where available, Apple and its partners and licensees may transmit, collect, maintain, process and use your location data, including the real-time geographic location of your iPhone, and location search queries. The location data and queries collected by Apple are collected in a form that does not personally identify you and may be used by Apple and its partners and licensees to provide and improve location-based products and services. By using any location-based services on your iPhone, you agree and consent to Apple's and its partners' and licensees' transmission, collection, maintenance, processing and use of your location data and queries to provide and improve such products and services. You may withdraw this consent at any time by going to the Location Services setting on your iPhone and either turning off the global Location Services setting or turning off the individual location settings of each location-aware application on your iPhone

    May 4, 03:01 PM
    If 10.7 contains the ability to create a recovery partition, wouldn't it be simple enough to also have the feature of creating that same partition on a USB drive (or burn to disk)?

    In theory it seems like that could have the potential to be even better than a commercially burned DVD since it could be updated as 10.7.x updates come out. They'd just need to include a user option for updating the recovery partition or not (or best case, have the recovery partition include all the 10.7.x revisions and let power users choose which version is restored).

    We don't know specifics yet, but many people seem to be assuming that Apple wouldn't include any way to recover and reinstall, which seems extremely unlikely.

    Dec 14, 02:45 PM
    I think a lot of us didn't used to think it was necessary on Windows...I mean realistically you could go without and it's pretty unlikely you'd get anything, but still, not worth taking the risk, and it's free, so no big deal.

    May 4, 02:41 PM
    http://images.macrumors.com/im/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com/2011/05/04/apple-targeting-mac-app-store-as-preferred-mac-os-x-lion-distribution-mechanism/)


    Apr 25, 10:24 AM
    Apple could do themselves a lot of favours if they came out with an offical statement, explaining what iOS does in regards of user tracking ( i.e, location database ). Some 1 line email response fired off by SJ doesn't do much good.

    Once again, Apple fall down in terms of customer relations / communications. If Apple handled this correctly then all the fuss could go away in a couple days.
    Apple cannot get into the habit of responding to such claims immediately. Hershey or Pringles should definitely address such accusations of wrongdoing, because there are few internet forums filled with breathless commentary about those companies. However, there are probably more accusations against Apple than any other company in the world. Most of the controversies die after a week or two, so it makes sense to wait for a while. Otherwise Apple would constantly have to refute some claim or another. Then, if they filled to respond to any specific query the haters would accuse them of hiding something.

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