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  • ChickenSwartz
    Sep 15, 07:23 PM
    the only real fiasco they've had was that whole ipod video thing in march

    Looks like Apple made them get rid of all the pictures fake or not.

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  • Eidorian
    Jul 22, 11:14 PM
    Maybe the low end MacBook will keep Yonah and get a price drop, while the higher end MacBook, black and white, will get Merom. That might lead to the most sales, to both those looking for a cheaper MacBook, and those waiting for Merom.I don't think Apple should divide a single line between Core Duo and Core 2 Duo. The average idiot customer won't be able to conprehend why Merom is performs better at the same clock speed as Yonah. Between two entirely separate product lines it's not a problem. Unless you start throwing in products with Yonah/Merom at the same clock speed. Watch those heads spin.

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  • lot of solar powered vehicles is that they don#39;t look all that good. Remember two years ago when the University of Michigan won the Solar Car Challenge?

  • wacky4alanis
    Jan 7, 09:10 AM
    I tested my replacement dock this morning with no issues. I actually love this thing when it is working properly. It makes the whole "iPhone in the car" experience so much cleaner. I hop in the car, pop the iPhone into the mount, and it's ready for both music and nav. I also like how the TomTom app pauses the music during its voice instructions. Some people had complained about it being too abrupt, but it doesn't bother me at all. To be honest, I don't talk on the phone very much while driving, so I've only had one phone call using the bluetooth. That call was fine, but I don't have enough experience with it for a proper review.

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  • Spoony
    Apr 26, 03:40 PM
    Hehe, up here in Arlington all I see is either iPhone or Android for personal phones, but everyone (in both camps) seems to have a BB as well...

    Ditto in NY. BB for Work, iphone for play

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  • Umbongo
    Apr 21, 06:00 PM

    It makes a lot of sense. Quietly cooling two CPUs, a high-end GPU, 8 DIMMs and multiple drives in such a form factor makes me a little dubious. That and it seems pure hearsay on the part of 9 to 5 mac.

    Mods please don't lock this, discussion of Mac Pro related articles in the main news section is really hard to have as 90% of the posts are by people who have little interest or knowledge in the topic.

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  • SiliconAddict
    Nov 27, 09:18 AM
    Sorry, Silicon, but your "If Apple does it, it works" argument is weak in this case...the Tablet market is simply tiny, period.

    And why so? Because, instead of facing a constrained demand for music players or video players (as in the case of the iPod market), the Tablet faces NOTHING which is not already dealt with under other segments.

    We have, on one hand, desktops, laptops and notebooks which fit the bill for everyone, notably if we consider the small-sub note market (10"-13").

    On the other hand, we have full-fledged mobile phones and PDAs which cover the needs of those preferring portability over sheer power.

    And where are the tablets? NOWHERE, because they only fit the bills of us freaks desiring a nice pen-based Mac...sorry, it's not enough for a big company like Apple to base its products on such a small audience...and I am sure their market analysis team has already done its homework.

    Wrong. Tablets will never exist on their own as slate devices. Again as I stated previously slate devices are vertical market devices only. Convertibles on the other hand take the best of both worlds and contain both a touchscreen AND a keyboard. As for use. Think back to college. How many drawings did you do in class? In the traditional model notebook its difficult at best to do this. Or how about business meetings? I've done more scribbling then I can count as we work out network topology designs.
    Again I've used Microsoft's implementation of a tablet PC. To be blunt its a Bill G's pet project. That is all. Its XP with a few tweaked apps designed to work better on a tablet. No one has come because MS hasn't put ANY real resources into the project. Hell they let a memory leak languish in the tablet PC for over 6 months even though they were fully aware of it. That had TPC users screeching like mad.
    People will come if someone does it right and with the patents that Apple has made over the last 2 years that do pertain to a tablet interface I believe that Apple is on the right track. Much more so then Microsoft who is tied up in Vista development.

    Oh and I haven't read anyone else bring up this method for keyboard entry for those neccessary moments when it just feels better.

    I used one of those with my Pocket PC (See sig.) It is overhyped tech. In even moderate sunlight the keyboard gets washed out. Also for anyone who is used to touch typing is pretty much screwed since well there is no feedback. I di figure a way around this by taking the membrane out of a dead keyboard and placing it under the light. Worked a bit better, albeit the keys were still a little off, but that would be another thing you need to take with you.

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  • Westacular
    Apr 23, 04:51 PM
    I think Apple is simply futureproofing here, and we won't see Retina displays for 3+ years, when it would be more feasible.

    I agree with you, though, it would be nice if Apple was more serious about their GPUs. Maybe the switch to retina will force them to be.

    Agreed re: future-proofing, but are you seriously suggesting that Apple isn't serious about GPUs? They've probably got a higher "minimum acceptable" standard for GPU performance than any other manufacturer. The one thing they don't do is chase the bleeding edge super-high-end gaming GPUs.

    Also: games don't HAVE to render at native display resolutions. And as resolution gets higher, the artifacts from not being at the native level become much less visible.

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  • danielwsmithee
    Aug 4, 11:03 AM
    How many people plan to dump their Core Duo Macs for Core 2 Duo Macs? I don't plan on dumping my 20" iMac Core Duo until some other new feature are added besides just a processor upgrade. Specifically I would like to see 802.11n, Firewire 800 and Possibly a TV Tuner (Elgato's products are pretty good already so I can live without that feature). What would make me jump immediately is a 23" iMac with 2.66 Ghz Conroe and a X1800 or X1900 Video card. Of course the thing would cost $2999.

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  • floatingspirit
    Jul 30, 11:25 PM
    i think i'll buy a Macbook instead

    Here! Here! I second that! :)

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  • skinnylegs
    Mar 29, 09:36 AM
    With Pandora or just having an iPhone/iPod, I don't see a point streaming music, max 20Gb, what if there is not internet, what if you stop subscribing. Doesn't sound like a breakthrough idea to me. :cool:Huh? Pandora? What are you smoking? :cool:

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  • G4DP
    Mar 29, 02:02 PM
    I'd pay a premium for products manufactured in the US.

    Products might be more expensive, but there would be more Americans employed. As much are there is a downside to producing here, there is also an upside.

    Up to another 50% on what they already cost?

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  • emotion
    Nov 22, 07:43 AM
    iChat is definitely going to be hugely important for Apple but so is letting all these features work seamlessly together with Windows users. The few options Apple has in this regard is making the iPhone Mac only or with Windows compatible apps or just bring osX to PC and be done with it.

    If we look at all the devices we want from Apple, they all need tight integration with the OS. An Apple branded iPod, iPhone, iTV, iSmart, iCamera, etc.. will be on the market sooner or later, so Apple will make and support countless Windows Apps or be osX only. I strongly believe that opening up osX will be easier to do and has a higher long term potential.

    Agreed. Another way for Apple to proceed here is to make the phone compatible with Outlook/iTunes on windows etc etc so that it's still perfectly usable but the experience is just that much better on OSX. This will lead people into buying Macs which is always Apples aim.

    I don't see OSX on generic PC hardware any time soon. Even though I would love to see that happen in many ways.

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  • hana
    Nov 22, 07:59 AM
    Do you see some common arguments.....



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  • tdougnoles
    May 7, 09:31 PM
    Steve Jobs tweeted a few days ago that MobilMe was going to be free for Mac uses.

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  • coder12
    Apr 18, 04:14 PM
    Don't bite the hand that screws you. :eek:

    That's what she said?

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  • Spoony
    Apr 18, 04:56 PM
    I remember first seeing the GalaxyS and it's such a blatant rip-off of Apple's design they have every right to sue on this..

    But now watch as the Apple haters try to weasel this as a 'generic' design..

    Apple brings out the 'App Store'.. everyone copies them....It's generic

    Apple brings out the iPhone... everyone copies them.. It's generic

    Imitation is a form of flattery.. but when you're business depends on having the best designs, you need to protect your edge.

    I agree. I think the people posting on blogs like engadget or maybe even here are too young to appreciate the phones we had to use pre 2006/2007. It's as if their first phone was an iphone/android and oh of course why wouldn't a phone behave like this. It's so obvious.

    No it's not. It's not that obvious. Phones sucked so bad before the iphone. Smart phones sucked even worse. Treo's, Q's omg. horrible pieces of equipment.

    Apple has every right to sue over this. I'm surprised it took them this long.

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  • macbwizard
    Mar 28, 09:45 AM
    Who is this joker?

    Apple�s apparent focus on software in its WWDC announcement backs up what my own sources are saying about the annual conference. That is, expect a software show in not a hardware event.

    It's a DEVELOPERS CONFERENCE it is always focused on software. This announcement does nothing to prove either way.

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  • JAT
    Apr 25, 11:24 AM
    Well, I think it's great - I have just been able to track business mileage accurately, even when I have lost the exact date and route - I also can retrace my steps from that holiday 8 months ago where I went to a really nice place and forgot the name of it.

    Neither of those uses is supported by the information in question.

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  • miles01110
    Aug 4, 09:33 AM
    What are the odds that Apple Stores will offer to upgrade the Yonah processors in the MacBooks, iMacs, and Minis to the Merom chips (for a fee, of course)?

    I'm guessing they won't do this, but I thought I'd ask.

    Zero to none.

    Apr 26, 02:07 PM
    Some will be bothered about IOS not being the most dominant. I personally don't care, I just want the best mobile OS.

    Apr 5, 01:54 PM
    Legitimize the jailbreak community??

    I thought we already got past that. There is nothing wrong or illegal about jailbreaking.

    It's software piracy and stealing cell company services that are the problem.

    Too bad Toyota buckled.

    May 6, 06:26 AM
    Both this rumor and the recent rumor about the iOS devices moving to Intel as a CPU manufacturer ( are rumors about an upcoming Intel ARM processor it seems... These don't have to be taken separately, this can be the same rumor as Apple is moving to consolidate all their line-ups into 1 processor family and 1 processor vendor (meaning better volume purchases).

    Let's not forget that Intel used to manufacture the StrongARM ( line of processor after acquiring it from Digital Equipement Corporation, so they already have experience in this line of work.

    How well would ARM laptops work ? Let's hope better than the ARM netbooks that are sold. I wouldn't trade my Intel laptop for one right now.

    Mar 27, 04:33 AM
    The fall release would reportedly also coincide with the release of a third-generation iPad (

    iPad 3 this fall? I thought it was next month? iPad 4 this fall and iPad 5 for Xmas would make more sense to me...

    If Apple starts playing that game they will loose credibility, customers would be kind of lost. One breakthrough per year is more and for sure no less.

    Apr 24, 12:00 PM
    i would love to see retina displays for desktops and laptops!

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