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  • Mechcozmo
    Nov 22, 01:34 AM
    blah blah blah Our hardware is incredibly expensive for what you can do with it blah blah blah Our software is older than XP blah blah blah blah Our new software is more delayed than Vista blah blah blah Our products kicked the Newton's arse a decade ago blah blah blah Apple can't beat the clear market leader blah blah blah

    I've been waiting for Palm OS 6 to come out for just about five years now. I'm not buying a new Palm... I'll just stick to my b0rked Tungsten|T. Programmed life expectancy, ha! But damn, that Soylent Green is tasty!

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  • jpcanaverde
    Apr 5, 02:52 PM
    Maybe now they realize that even companies like Toyota want some more ways to create stuff. Better?

    And it isn't about the theme... It could be just a black screen with the text "Buy it." But it would be a jailbreak content made by a big company. It means something.

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  • bigjobby
    Apr 23, 04:39 PM
    anyone remember when screens were 1024x768? who would have imagined that now icons are 1024x1024... that icon is bigger than the total resolution of my first computer's display

    Howabout 800x600?... or even 64x44 (ZX81)! :eek:

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  • ninjadex
    Mar 26, 10:10 PM
    TechCrunch likely doesn't know jack about dates or new features in iOS 5. Just saying.

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  • Cabbit
    Apr 21, 02:38 PM
    This does sound logical to me, its a combination of the lines and i am sure would make it convenient for sound and media pro's whom also have other rack equipment like massive disk arrays and audio equipment(them hings with blinkie lights in sound studios :P ).

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  • Ger Teunis
    Mar 31, 03:50 AM
    Inverted scroll and no lights on appications running can be turned on in system settings.

    Sure, I know. It's just plain stupid default-settings if you ask me.
    I can't imagine this is a better default setting for new users.

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  • AidenShaw
    Mar 30, 09:07 PM
    And what do you mean by a 64-bit [file]system?

    The main hallmark of a 64-bit filesystem is that you can have files that are larger than (4GiB-1) - or (2GiB-1) if the filesystem treats offsets as signed integers.

    Another area where 64-bit filesystems show up is in the total volume size - if the filesystem uses 32-bits for sector addressing you'll have a maximum volume size of (2TiB-512).

    If your filesystem has issues with files bigger than 4 GiB (or 2GiB), and has issues with volumes bigger than 2 TiB - you have some 32-bit issues in your filesystem.

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  • digitalbiker
    Aug 11, 03:22 PM
    I find it incredibly hard to believe that Apple intends to maintain the closeness in specs that are currently present between the MacBook Pro and MacBook. It makes more sense for Apple to move the MBP to the Core2 Duo and leave the MacBook to the Yonah. This leaves two more speed bumps for the MacBook. First 10 2.16, then to 2.33, all the while leaving the MBP time to advance with the Merom so it can gain momentum against the MacBook.

    I also think Apple will leave the MB with Yonah. They will want product differentiation and price differentiation.

    So I think they will drop the price to <$1000.00 for MB and re-design MBP to provide enhancements similar to MB but with faster Merom CPU's and higher price than MB.

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  • acslater017
    Mar 30, 07:28 PM
    Dear Apple

    PLEASE can we have a UI update, even if it's a minor one (for instance, iTunes 10 scrollbars rather than the blue aqua ones). Just some extra polish really.



    They're updating scrollbars, buttons, drop-downs, etc. It's not an "overhaul" per se but we're not gonna get one of those for awhile.

    Quick Look, full-screen windows, Mission Control, Launchpad, etc. I'd say it's a solid update

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  • tabaczka
    Sep 15, 06:18 PM
    I ordered my MBP today... the ship date isn't until the 20th? It said 24 hours on the site...

    A clue?


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  • mulze22
    Jul 30, 12:55 PM
    Great. Now I have to wait and see if that phone comes out or get a Nokia 6682. We'll see I guess.

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  • poppe
    Aug 3, 10:42 PM
    I can live with fast updates!!!! MBP Merom for college after all!!!

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  • theBB
    Sep 11, 04:17 PM
    Unless you have a progressive scan TV, which propbably means an HDTV, DVD is only 480i, which can be argued to be equivalent to 240p. That way Apple can easily claim their movies to be DVD quality at 320x240. In any case, they can easily offer it at 480p, but compress it more to get the same file size, but satisfy the more numerically obsessed with probably the same video quality. I'd say just download and watch it. See if it looks better or worse than your regular DVDs on a regular TV from about the same distance. No need to focus on just one number.

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  • MikhailT
    Mar 30, 11:14 PM
    I don't know if anybody reported this but Mac App Store now loads the updates/apps into LaunchPad instead of on the dock and it has the iOS blue loading bar on the LaunchPad instead. LaunchPad also seems to retain previous view.

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  • BRLawyer
    May 7, 12:02 PM
    While I agree, MobileMe is still in my eyes the best of the bunch. That's how they get away with charging $99/year. However, if it became free, they could really talk up how great owning a Mac is because of MobileMe.

    It makes sense to turn it into a free service, considering that Apple now benefits from enough network effects to have MobileMe much more as a "driver" of content and interoperability between its devices than a standalone cash cow...it will probably happen soon.

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  • nagromme
    Aug 11, 11:00 AM
    My guess: it's a game of "telephone" in which someone misunderstood the meaning of "both laptops." I think it means the 15" and 17" MBP, not the MBP and MB.

    Which does the bottom-end laptop buyer need the most? A lower price (with no reduction in Apple profits) or faster CPU? The former of course, so as Yonah drops in price I expect it to be used for some time to come.

    Yonah is already a VERY fast, G5-class processor--and Apple's bottom model has two of them! It's not screaming for an upgrade when that would prevent a price drop.

    The need for 64-bit will come to low-end users, but not yet.

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  • chasemac
    Jul 30, 01:20 AM
    Please dont call it an "iPhone" that is so... no. if it was called iPhone I dont think that I would buy it. if it was MacPhone Pro or something like that than maybe... ;). No but please dont name it either of those. Come up with something new and original.

    How bout PowerPhone.mac!:)

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  • TennisandMusic
    Apr 5, 01:04 PM
    Kind of weird, Apple should not be meddling in that stuff. Way way too domineering.

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  • mrial
    Mar 28, 10:11 AM
    So your attitude is "if I can't have it, I don't want anyone to have it."?

    Whether it comes out or not, you won't be getting one. So why would it matter either way?

    He was joking. lighten up.

    Apr 15, 11:20 AM
    To answer your question, any country that genuinely wants to improve their economy, as well as the lives of its citizens, would have 0% taxes on capital gains, income, and corporations. Most countries don't do this, not because it isn't true, but because it isn't human nature. Politicians seek power, approval, legacy, etc., all of which require taking money and spending it.

    No they do it to manage the negative externalities of capitalism. There is no perfect world where business ventures generate absolute gains for everyone. We have governments (and pay for them) so that life isn't nasty, brutish, and short.

    Now, I finally get to use the phrase "beg the question" in its correct meaning (a pet peeve of mine; Jon Stewart and Conan O'Brien always use it incorrectly). Saying that investors are investing in Asia because of growth and nothing to do with taxes, is merely begging the question. Didn't I mention in my previous post that taxes hamper growth? China was a communist country, in effect, a 100% tax. Call me crazy, but I think the change in that tax rate has contributed significantly to China's growth. Hong Kong was one of the first regions in Asia to grow. Let me give you one guess why Hong Kong has been an economic powerhouse for several decades now.

    Hong Kong has been wealthy for a long time, and a lot of it is due to the fact that it was a Royal Colony during the Second Industrial Revolution and a major port for the Royal Navy. At the peak of the British Empire, Hong Kong was one of the colonies that received a large boost from the opium trade in China. Modern Hong Kong wasn't dependent on low taxes; it was dependent on aggressive government spending.

    As for mainland China, it hasn't been "communist" for a very long time. Moreover, no one is advocating a 100% tax on all goods and services. Anytime you go from one extreme to a moderate position, you'll see improvements.

    In the US, we are flirting with the other extreme at this time. Taxes are at historic lows and we have a terrible economy to show for it. Clearly the 0% mantra does not work because as the marginal rate drops further and further, more people find themselves in poverty, unemployed, and with a smaller share of the pie.

    Jul 29, 11:10 PM
    So I thought... Would apple release a phone-only? No chance. It will most definitely have music features including wireless downloads from the iTMS (including a way to put the songs on your computer)... If this rumor is true of course.

    My hope is for the phone to work on the Nextel / Sprint network not just because I have a Nextel, but because they have had time with their walkie-talkie feature, and I'd imagine that that would benefit the use of something like iChat over the phone.

    Ah well, only a little over a week till the big day!


    Apr 5, 02:45 PM
    Maybe now Apple realizes that they must allow some things on their devices like themes. Or not...

    Apr 9, 08:14 PM
    As I stated above, you are missing an Important rule of pemdas. When you get to multiplication/division or addition/subtraction, you go left to right. So: 48/2 is 24. And 24 *12 is 288. If u don't believe me, just google pemdas and u get the rules:



    It's basically PE(M/D)(A/S).


    Mar 28, 10:51 AM
    While I'm not saying there will or won't be hardware at WWDC, The Loop's interpretation of the invitation is just plain incorrect. If they have other sources that indicate no hardware, fair enough, but the invitation to WWDC 2011 is not enough to base this rumor on.

    Let's look at past WWDC invitations and events:

    WWDC2010 : "The center of the app universe" - iPhone 4
    WWDC2009 : "Make your mark here" - MacBook Pros, iPhone 3GS
    WWDC2008 : "A landmark event, in more ways than one" - iPhone 3G
    WWDC2007 : "Save the date", themed leopard - No hardware

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