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  • bushido
    Mar 27, 02:42 PM
    hmmm some android phone it is then, and a new iPad for my iOS pleasure at some point. getting tired of the same UI after owning 3 iPhone generations

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  • Rocketman
    Aug 7, 01:58 PM
    Suppose it'd be a bit heretic to buy one of these solely for Windows, right?

    I'd not get a quad Xeon Woodcrest anywhere else for less, and my Athlon 64 just doesn't cut it...

    I do believe that is the entire point of this WWDC06 keynote presentation. Note if you get the chaeaper, faster, nicer MacPro computer you get OSX and bundled apps "for free".


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  • nuckinfutz
    May 7, 11:15 AM
    Making it free would be a smart move by Apple. It would help bond iphone users more effectively to Apple ecosystem.

    At the moment, I don't use the MobileMe service (though I'd like to have findmyphone and perhaps back to my mac services) but if I had it free, it would be a thing that would make it less likely that I would switch to RIM/WIN7 or Android.

    Does anyone know if the Windows version of this similar service bundle is free?

    The download for the Mobileme control panel for windows is free. It's very basic but all people really need is to link with Outlook contacts and Exchange. Everything else can be done me.com.

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  • hexor
    Apr 26, 03:17 PM
    It's not *that" deceptive... they did include "US smartphone usage" in the headline.

    I'll bet you money they include Android tablets in the same chart if an Android tablet ever actually sells significant numbers. And it IS deceptive because they did not point out that the chart is completely different if you included all Apple iOS devices, whereas if you included all other Android devices besides phones the chart wouldn't change.

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  • bradl
    May 6, 02:22 AM
    [url="http://semiaccurate.com/2011/05/05/apple-dumps-intel-from-laptop-lines/"]SemiAccurate claims (http://www.macrumors.com/2011/05/06/apple-to-move-from-intel-to-arm-processors-in-future-laptops/) to have heard that Apple will be transitioning from Intel processors to ARM processors in the not too distant future.

    Interesting rumour.

    I heard the other way around, that Apple will be using Intel as its main processor manufacturer (http://www.winbeta.org/?q=news/intel-build-next-generation-processor-ios-devices) for the iPad,iPod Touch, and iPhone, and will more than likely make that switch within the next year.

    Reasons may be because of the ongoing lawsuits between Apple and Samsung, which they currently use.

    I heard it enough, that it even got slashdotted (http://apple.slashdot.org/story/11/05/03/1357202/Intel-To-Build-Next-Gen-Processor-For-iOS-Devices).

    So why go the exact opposite for the laptops when they would still be with Intel for their other devices? It would make better sense to standardize across the board.


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  • CalBoy
    May 3, 12:58 AM
    SI is superior in conversions only
    Imperial is superior as I actually have a feel for the numbers

    Please tell me that's sarcasm. :rolleyes:

    I have a "feel" for Imperial measurements, and they are a pain in the ***.

    I don't think so, and I'm not being sarcastic.

    Temperature is a great example. Celsius and Kelvin are fantastic for science and engineering for obvious reasons, but when it comes to everyday uses, Fahrenheit makes more sense. It's very intuitive to think of numbers on a 100 scale. That's why when you're looking at the weather or taking someone's body temperature, it's easier to get a grasp of what is "high" or "low." Fahrenheit is also more accurate for casual uses because it can express smaller changes more easily than Celsius.

    The metric system also lacks easy naming schemes for everyday sizes. Recipes, for example, would have to be written out in ml rather than cups or spoons. In such a situation, base 10 is not helpful at all because recipes are rarely divided or multiplied by 10. The metric system could in fact be worse for such applications because cutting 473 ml in half is more of a pain than cutting 2 cups in half (and yes, while recipes could theoretically be modified to be in flat metric ratios, the fact is that there are far too many recipes in existence already for that to be realistic in the short-medium term).

    However, we have been seeing the transition to metric in some subtler ways. Soda, water, and juice have been sold in metric quantities for a while now, and I've even seen more and more bags of chips, boxes of cereal, and some candy bars (mind you not popular ones) come in metric sizes. This is obviously advantageous for manufacturers because it means a streamlined production line. I just don't think we're going to get most people to use the metric system for non-scientific daily tasks because it may not be as superior as it would seem at first blush.

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  • ChazUK
    Apr 18, 04:46 PM
    Oh come on, we aren't really going to resort to the "there's only one way to design a mobile device" argument, are we? You're telling me the only way to design the Galaxy Tab was to make it look identical to the iPhone 3GS?

    My iPhone 4 doesn't look anything like my wife's iPhone 3GS, so apparently there are at least two ways to design a mobile phone.

    None of the other Android phones or tablets I've seen look like iPhones either. Only Samsung's.

    The galaxy tab looks different to the phone 3gs from my experience with it.
    It is lacking a chrome bezel & the sides are flattened, black matte plastic and lacks a physical "home" button.

    They are similar but far from identical.

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  • Pman17
    Mar 27, 03:34 PM
    I believe that they will announce iOS 5 next month or during WWDC. They have been late on their consistent announcements on iOS in March, probably because of the new cloud service and of course the iPad 2. We should at least expect iOS 5 developer kits to come out soon.
    There is one more point I would like to make... 2011 is the Year of the iPad 2.

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  • Unspeaked
    Aug 11, 11:28 AM
    Both the iMac and the MBP have been out longer than the Mini. The MBP has received slight CPU updates but the iMac has been out going on 8 months with no update at all.

    Well yeah, but my point was they're going to move the pro lines to the Core 2 Duos before the consumer lines, regardless of the length of release.

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  • iScott428
    Mar 29, 03:39 PM
    http://moneywatch.bnet.com/economic-news/article/made-in-usa-10-great-products-still-made-here-slide-1-of-10/441087/This is a link to a CBS Money Watch report. I have found 3 Relevant products out of 10. Weber Grill, Best grill you can buy; Viking rage, great Kitchen equip, and A Ecgg Machine. The rest of the items are nonsense. Cars and Tech just happen to be my specialty. And the US car makers are getting much much much better.

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  • guitarman777
    May 8, 09:51 AM
    That'd be nice, considering I just dropped $149 to renew my subscription... I certainly hope they credit me back if they do make it free.

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  • Tilpots
    May 7, 10:35 AM
    I've heard similar rumors about MobileMe going free. Makes sense if Apple could leverage the new iAd system to generate targeted campaigns, and effectively subsidise the cost of opening the system up to more users.

    Free MobileMe as an iAd platform? That sounds about right. Paid MobileMe without the iAds? I think we're getting somewhere now...

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  • caspersoong
    Apr 23, 07:57 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/532.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.5 Mobile/8B117 Safari/6531.22.7)

    This is really nice. But is it really necessary? How many ppi will it be?

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  • Stridder44
    Aug 7, 05:43 PM
    Basic graphics card is kinda weak.

    need to have a midground option which is a bit better, but not as much as the ATI x1900

    also, where is the option of getting Blu-Ray Drive?

    We need high def drives. and why have to buy them elsewhere. want a full HDMI compliant system, that can interface with LCD monitors/tv's made by apple also with speakers.

    cmon apple!!!

    At the price, you could buy a new car.

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  • jonnysods
    Mar 28, 10:21 AM
    Wow, I can't see this happening. There is too much momentum for them to wait 2 years in between phones. They will release a 4GS!

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  • xPismo
    Jul 21, 10:25 PM
    Regarding hot laptops:

    Tell me about it!

    Add a pro book that lasts ~5hours and I'd be one happy man. Lets hope Apple can crack the heat / battery / weight triangle of pain this time around.

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  • Mac-Rumours
    May 4, 03:30 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-gb) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8C148)

    Here's my problem with this distribution method for an OS:

    I have 4 Macs in my house. Previously, I'd buy a Family License DVD and go from machine to machine installing it.

    If I have to DL it from the App Store, I've got to download it 4 times! I don't care about paying for multiple licenses... I do care about blowing out my internet bandwidth downloading the same multi-gigabyte file 4 times. :mad:

    There had better be a physical-media option!

    Copy it to a USB drive or disc. Why would you keep downloading it?

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  • blazinz
    Apr 20, 12:27 AM
    Springing for just a faster processor. Dont't think thats gonna happen. I'll just stick with my iP4 until the following year...

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  • shadowmoses
    Aug 7, 02:58 AM
    How about a new design pro keyboard to go with the new Mac Pro and Displays? I think its due.....


    May 3, 08:21 PM
    From what you wrote in the rules, the healing treasure could be awhile.

    I think whoever understands this game the best (e.g., DP) should make our first decision. We can evaluate it after and learn from it. We�re obviously learning in this game. BTW, my fav video games are the leveling types with HP/AP (don�t have XP in this one). We could do a lot with this format if it�s successful
    We can each make our own decisions, as well as work as a team (i.e. we don't forget we can split up).

    If we keep this type of format, I think that we should make it a separate franchise from the WW games as they really have nothing in common except for the game lords.

    Nov 22, 05:56 AM
    I think T-Mobile might fit this bill, at least in the US. I remember seeing a story here earlier in the year where T-Mobile said its vision was aligned with Apple (but not necessarily a partnership; abc article here (http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/ZDM/story?id=2537247)).

    Interesting reading that abc article and fits with my impression of T-Mobile in the UK too.

    I'm definitely not signing up for a new phone yet! :)

    Apr 18, 03:07 PM
    Looking at the TouchWiz UI, I see your point.

    But, at what point does an interface become too generic? For example, the concept of pages of icons in a grid isn't really new or innovative. The concept of swiping across screens is simple and intuitive and should be standardized
    (e.g. copied) for that exact reason. Should other phone makers put the icons in a circle, "just because" they need to be different? Should they force you to do something differently just because the best and most intuitive way was "already taken"?

    Everyone loves car analogies, so: what if Ford decided to sue other carmakers because they copied their steering wheel design? Would other companies have been forced to adopt other types of controls -- joysticks or dials or foot pedals, perhaps -- "just because"? And would that have been good for the auto industry?

    That's for the patent lawyers and the legal system to decide.

    Now if it was a fight to the death it would be a lot more interesting.

    Mar 29, 09:01 PM
    I simply disregard comments that have to do with religion basically.

    Silence is acquiescence, very well stated by Pastor Martin Niem�ller:

    First they came for the communists,
    and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists,
    and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews,
    and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Jew.

    Then they came for me,
    and there was no one left to speak out for me.


    I don't disregard comments that try to push a particular view on spirituality, gender identity/expression, or other personal and civil rights issues. Sometimes the comments are appropriate, but other times they are not. In my opinion if they're not, I'll say so.

    Nov 27, 12:28 AM
    November 23, 2006 CNN
    NEW YORK (AP) -- Cell phone owners will be allowed to break software locks on their handsets in order to use them with competing carriers under new copyright rules announced Wednesday.

    Given the above news, NO cellphone company may soon be subsidizing ANY phones.

    Sure they will. They give you the phone at a discounted rate, or free, if you sign a service contract for X number of years.. which is how they get their money back.

    The new rules are intended for people who buy the phones at full price, or decide to move to a competing carrier after they have fulfilled their obligations under their service contract/agreement.

    The people this might sting would be outfits like Virgin Mobile, TracPhone, and other 'pre-paid' wireless companies, who often sell their phones at or below cost because they'll make up the money in sold airtime.

    They hook you with the low price and no contract or monthly fee, but then sock you with .25 cents a minute or more airtime charges.

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