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call of duty black ops escalation screenshots

call of duty black ops escalation screenshots. Call of Duty: Black Ops
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops

  • Mechcozmo
    Nov 26, 01:18 PM
    Apple should give it full capabilities, about a 12" enclosure, and a durable case and we have ourselves a new toy and I've got my 12" PB replacement!
    I'd buy that... but the 15" MacBook Pro would probably offer too much extra power for me versus a tablet. The touchscreen is great, but I wouldn't want a half-baked computer.

    Why would I want to waste my time learning shorthand (which makes the assumption that TPCs could handle various forms of shorthand) so I could do through writing what I can already do at 70+ WPM via typing. And with typing, it solves the whole problem of handwriting recognition, because there ISN'T ANY.

    I'd think it is more for drawing. Web-browsing is also very enjoyable with a touch-screen; just tap to follow a link. With Ink (handwriting recognizer in OS X) you could enter in a URL pretty easily.

    call of duty black ops escalation screenshots. Call of Duty Black Ops
  • Call of Duty Black Ops

  • toddybody
    Apr 24, 09:10 AM
    Ps: Happy Easter everyone:)

    call of duty black ops escalation screenshots. Joystick Division - Call of
  • Joystick Division - Call of

  • CJM
    Jul 22, 06:49 AM
    I'm with you -X-

    Doesn't the iMac use the same intel chip as the MBP? Why all the hoohah about an impending MBP release, when it might also mean an upgrade for the iMac - which hasn't been bumped since it's announcement in Jan?

    Now before I'm lambarsted because the iMac is not a 'pro' machine, I am a professional graphic designer and I am in the market for one.

    Bring on the merom iMac! :cool:



    I don't want to see laptop updates, which seems to me to be the most reported thing on Macrumors right now. Bring on the iMac!!!

    call of duty black ops escalation screenshots. lack ops escalation
  • lack ops escalation

  • Ommid
    Apr 22, 01:05 PM
    doubtful, this is a key switcher market... it would be crazy to axe the very thing that will continue to switch the PC builders/gamers over the next 5 years... this is a key ingredient to apple taking the industry over with time.

    Agree with this, not likely.

    call of duty black ops escalation screenshots. Call of Duty: Black Ops
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops

  • Eraserhead
    Apr 15, 01:20 AM
    Lets look at the world's highest growth economy and see what their tax rates are:

    The applicable tax rate for capital gains in China depends upon the nature of the taxpayer (i.e. whether the taxpayer is a person or company) and whether the taxpayer is resident or non-resident for tax purposes.
    Tax-resident enterprises will be taxed at 25% in accordance with the Enterprise Income Tax Law. Non-resident enterprises will be taxed at 10% on capital gains in accordance with the Implementing Regulations to the Enterprise Income Tax Law.

    So they have a higher rate of capital gains tax than the US.

    call of duty black ops escalation screenshots. call of duty black ops
  • call of duty black ops

  • iMikeT
    Aug 2, 05:21 PM
    What isn't new?

    This is what I think:

    -Financial report
    -Update report of Macs using Intel processors
    -Update report of universal applications
    -Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard) preview

    One more thing......

    -Mac Pro (Intel powered PowerMac) announced. Will ship with Woodcrest. Will ship early-mid September.

    -(Very slim chance of announcement) Intel powered Xserve

    call of duty black ops escalation screenshots. Call of Duty: Black Ops
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops

  • nagromme
    Aug 7, 04:01 PM
    Here's other point of view: I want to use OSX in everyday use (Safari, Mail, iTunes, graphic design, Dreamweaver etc... and OSX overall). But sometimes I want to play games too, and it's awesome that nowadays it's possible to boot into Windows and play games there and then boot back into OSX. Are you saying that Apple should totally forget all users who would like to use OSX but occasionally play games on Windows, and let them buy PCs? Most of the gamers do not use their computer ONLY to play games. Consumer tower would be good for Apple to get new switchers and get more marketshare.
    I agree 100%. And I'll go one further: not only do I want to have ONE machine for work and play--a Mac--but I don't want to have to reboot, NOR buy a license for Windows :)

    I've been buying Mac games and will continue to--and games are a big motivator for me to buy new Macs.

    I don't think Apple will ignore the sub-Mac-Pro headless market forever. I think something is coming to fill the gap. I just don't know when :)

    call of duty black ops escalation screenshots. Call of Duty: Black Ops
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops

  • technicolor
    Jul 21, 04:01 PM
    I think there needs to be a bigger differentiation between the MB's and MBP's.

    call of duty black ops escalation screenshots. Call of Duty Black Ops
  • Call of Duty Black Ops

  • islanders
    Jul 21, 10:26 PM
    Thanks for the links.

    I don�t see why a 20% increase in speed is going to rock the boat. Especially if it�s in the MBP. So if it is ready for shipment I don�t see any advantage in waiting for the MBP line to upgrade.

    I guess I�ll have to do some research about the battery performance.

    Noone knows what Steve Jobs will do, but I think he had been roper-doping long enough with the G3 and G4. What 6 years with the same G4? He needs to come out swinging while Apple still has a strong brand name from the iPod.

    I hope to see some changes. The last 5 years have been so slow that it hasn�t been worth keeping up with.

    call of duty black ops escalation screenshots. Call of Duty: Black Ops
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops

  • ABernardoJr
    Apr 18, 04:46 PM
    What's the difference? Number of icons?

    lol I take it you DO think they look very similar. I see that they both use icons in a grid format. So tell me, what exactly are you suggesting would give LG the grounds for any kind of lawsuit? Or is it just the icons and grid (the rest of which has been done with phone interfaces before)?

    And if you still think LG would theoretically have a case, refer to babbit's post:

    The iPhone 1 was announced before the Prada phone. Patent dates showed iPhone implementation of a capacitive touchscreen phone at least a year before LG showed their Prada phone in 2006. The Prada shipped in small shipments before the iPhone, so that is their only claim that it was technically released before the iPhone even though real shipments occurred months later. Technically, if Apple wanted to, they could have sued LG.

    Also, the Prada isn't a smartphone. It can't load apps. It doesn't even have a qwerty keyboard. You input text through the phone dialer like old school SMS.

    call of duty black ops escalation screenshots. call of duty black ops
  • call of duty black ops

  • wizard
    Mar 29, 04:11 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Always looking at the negative side of things. Maybe a little radiation will lead to higher power densities.

    These jokes just aren't funny.

    It's too early for this. Maybe it will never not be too early for this, but please have some sensitivity for people who have friends/family/are themselves in affected areas.

    Actually, Japanese companies manufacturing products in Japan is extremely inefficient due to the high cost, and due primarily to protectionism and racial pride. The Japanese domestic market is known for being highly inefficient.

    Do you have any evidence for this?

    Who is joking here?

    A better battery is highly improbable. However if you only look at the dark side of an event you pass up any chance of benefitting from it. Certainly it isn't good to have your nukes melt down but this is also a learning opportunity. That is if people can look at what is happening objectively. If all you see is people getting irradiated then you aren't looking at the bigger picture.

    call of duty black ops escalation screenshots. Call of Duty: Black Ops
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops

  • Blinkwing
    Nov 30, 02:33 AM
    What's the sound quality like? I've noticed that a few people have complained about a buzzing sound.

    EDIT: What car you've got plus any modifications relating to sound system (speakers, amps, etc) would help greatly.

    call of duty black ops escalation screenshots. All in all, Call of the Dead
  • All in all, Call of the Dead

  • LegendKillerUK
    Apr 23, 05:11 PM
    Am I the only one who loves looking at high res high quality icons? I feel a bit sad over here. :p

    call of duty black ops escalation screenshots. call of duty black ops
  • call of duty black ops

  • daneoni
    Jul 21, 09:41 PM
    now if apple can build a laptop that won't give me a first degree burn we're in business :cool:

    As well as one that won't gimme a headache nor react with my body (

    call of duty black ops escalation screenshots. Call of Duty: Black Ops
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops

  • Linito
    Dec 4, 01:33 PM
    salmon, you hit the nail on the head with that post. A device like that would be amazing, I could totally see myself using it in classes, etc. And though I'm not sure about the $300 price point, but I think its completely doable for under $1000.

    if they could make it sub $800 they would take the education market by storm:cool:

    call of duty black ops escalation screenshots. Black Ops #39;Escalation#39; pack
  • Black Ops #39;Escalation#39; pack

  • aptar
    Sep 16, 07:36 PM
    I am curious tho, if people placed their orders now and lets say the new mbp comes out on the 19th, then how will they adjust the specs and price for the one you ordered and the one that ships? Will they contact you ahead of time or just send you a similar spec based on your price?

    Any ideas? :o

    I ordered my iPod literally the day before the changeover. They then emailed me with the option of keeping original order (with new pricing) or changing to new one (and lose student rebate option). They have a 'transition' page and everything to make your decision, so I would assume they'd do the same with active MBP orders.

    call of duty black ops escalation screenshots. lack ops escalation map pack
  • lack ops escalation map pack

  • diamond.g
    May 4, 03:00 PM
    Great...until you need to do a reinstall. While you could go 10.6 >10.7, going straight to 10.7 is so much better.

    Except when your HD becomes toast...

    Correct, but people are still reaonably concerned with total drive-failures where you have to pull the whole thing out.

    Nope, there's no restriction.

    Look, I'm not talking about what's allowed. I'm talking about what's possible. The post I'm replying to specifically said "abuse" in it. If we're talking about people breaking the rules, the question is: What's going to stop them?

    With Snow Leopard the answer is nothing, really.
    So true, I suppose you would need to reinstall at least 10.6.6.

    That is the process now right? I wonder if they will make TM more like the Windows backup, in the respect that it can take an image of your system for the purpose of a "bare metal" restore...

    call of duty black ops escalation screenshots. Black Ops Escalation Zoo Map
  • Black Ops Escalation Zoo Map

  • tjb1013
    Mar 29, 11:17 AM
    This looks good to me. My pain point is syncing my 120GB or so of music with a hard drive that I have at my office. I don't need to stream music from the cloud, but that's nice.

    We'll soon have USB-sized drives that hold that much data. I'll probably hold out for some kind of one-time cost like that. Even now the drives that hold this stuff are about wallet sized, so it's just a matter of bringing it home once in a while and syncing it up. The price point is great, but not something I want to pay yet.

    I use AWS for some Web servers and it has been a fantastic service. I agree with the poster above that this paves the way for Amazon to be the defacto content supplier on Android devices. Not a bad place to be.

    call of duty black ops escalation screenshots. Call of Duty Black Ops
  • Call of Duty Black Ops

  • BRLawyer
    May 7, 12:02 PM
    While I agree, MobileMe is still in my eyes the best of the bunch. That's how they get away with charging $99/year. However, if it became free, they could really talk up how great owning a Mac is because of MobileMe.

    It makes sense to turn it into a free service, considering that Apple now benefits from enough network effects to have MobileMe much more as a "driver" of content and interoperability between its devices than a standalone cash will probably happen soon.

    Sep 11, 01:21 PM
    80mbps faster actually.

    A true video ipod w/ FW800 would be very sweet though, if they can fit in the components.

    Apr 22, 12:14 PM
    Unless basic necessities were exempt, it would hurt the poor more as they spend a far greater percentage of their income on necessities than the rich. It also places a greater burden on small business since they are acting like tax collectors but no greater than it does in states with sales taxes already assuming the taxes are harmonized.

    good point, I suppose it would increase taxes on the poor. and of course I see no benefit to that.

    Surely finding a way to exempt the poor from that would be less complicated the current system.

    Also, perhaps the necessary % would be less than expected bc normal people wouldn't be able to skate around taxation.

    I'm not saying that this should be a primary political focus, but I believe it would be a nice thing to consider once government spending and overreach is under control and the national debt is less scary

    Apr 20, 01:00 PM
    I honestly don't understand where some people get their logic from.
    I just skimmed through this thread and i saw posts like "The next iPhone will be an iPhne 4S/iPad 2 type upgrade, so it won't be big". Or "the next iPhone should be called iPhone 4GS or iPhone 4S, because it won't be a big upgrade".
    I'm sorry but a Dual Core processor itself makes it a huge upgrade. The iPhone 3GS was the biggest upgrade internally, the iPhone 4 has more RAM.

    Don't judge a book by it's cover.

    Btw, why would Apple go back to messing up with their names? iPhone 3G was almost the exact same as the Original iPhone, except it had 3G functionalities. So they had to emphasize on "3G", hence the name.
    In a marketing stance, it didn't make sense for Apple to go from iPhone 3G to iPhone 3, people want to see improvements not a removal of a letter.
    And now finally they came back to the numerical way of naming the iPhone, and i think it'll stay just like that. It makes no sense for Apple to mess it up.
    Otherwise the iPad 2 according to some people here should've been called "iPad 1S" :rolleyes:

    This should make sense:
    iPhone = iPhone 1
    iPhone 3G = iPhone 2
    iPhone 3GS = iPhone 3
    iPhone 4 = iPhone 4
    iPhone 5 = iPhone 5

    Makes sense? Now how messed up would this be..
    iPhone 4 = iPhone 4
    iPhone 4S = iPhone 5
    iPhone 5 = iPhone 6

    In other words, don't undermine the iPhone 5. Due to the leak of the 'prototype' iPhone 4 last year, Apple has been very strict with their next device, by this time last year we knew a lot about the iPhone 4.
    So we can only wait until a date closer to September (from what it seems), to see the actual features of the phone.
    Keep in mind guys, Apple is going to add things to make current iPhone 4 owners upgrade, it's all marketing.

    Mar 29, 08:33 AM (

    Mar 28, 10:48 AM
    It doesn't make sense that there won't be a new iPhone this year.

    I can understand Apple moving the introductory event away from a software developer conference.

    But they have their new A5 chip, they need to amortise manufacturing costs across multiple product lines. They're not going to wait another year before introducing an iPhone 5 around this chip. Other changes may be minimal.

    In addition the competition isn't standing still - Android, WebOS, WM7, BlackBerry, etc - they're all releasing new devices all the time. They're dual-core, better performance GPUs, more RAM - i.e., overtaking the iPhone 4 in terms of hardware (but not software, but it's improving all the time).

    So therefore there will be an iPhone 5 this year. Maybe later than normal, maybe earlier. It might not be a major change - A5, maybe more storage, aluminium back. It's the software that Apple likes highlighting, so they might sync with iOS 5 if they want a big release event.

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