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circulatory system diagram

circulatory system diagram. Circulatory System
  • Circulatory System

  • ChickenSwartz
    Sep 16, 11:35 AM
    Thats some optimistic reading mister. Not VERY reliable, just reliable. And the report is not connected to the newest rumor, it's something they heard about earlier this year and they're unable to confirm that it applies to the 25th. Oh well, maybe you read another article than me?

    You are right, they have no evidence to point to the event on the 25th. The 12in was reported by them in MARCH say "we may expect this new Mac Book Pro to arrive late in the second quarter of this year." That hasn't happened. I think they have already f-ed up this lead and are re-reporting it with the slim hope that it will happen.

    circulatory system diagram. circulatory system
  • circulatory system

  • WildCowboy
    Aug 3, 11:23 PM
    are people not expecting merom to go immediately into the macbook as well? i don't see a reason for apple to purposely gimp their best-selling notebook when a merom chip is supposed to cost the same as its yonah counterpart.

    Why not? They did it with the iBooks for quite some time...

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  • closed circulatory system.

  • adomanico18
    Mar 30, 06:24 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    So I guess that Gold Master rumor was wrong.

    Read the update. Tech crunch reports this is the internal gm1 build

    circulatory system diagram. a diagram of the circulatory
  • a diagram of the circulatory

  • kreatre2011
    Apr 25, 10:00 AM
    Am I the only one who sees the threat of moving to Android as a petty attempt to get Steve to reply? The writer of this email obviously didn't do any research, and he obviously doesn't understand that Steve would see right through a threat like that. This whole thing is a non-issue. I don't care if someone knows where my iPhone has been. I'm worried about far more important things such as protecting my financial information, which I keep in an encrypted disk image in case my laptop gets stolen.

    circulatory system diagram. circulatory system diagram.
  • circulatory system diagram.

  • ghostlines
    Mar 27, 03:57 AM
    I think this implies that they'll be spending more time on Lion. Which they should now focus on in my opinion. I know it's a large company but sometimes you need to dedicate some yourself to one thing at a time. Especially if they want Lion to live up to it's name.

    circulatory system diagram. circulatory system
  • circulatory system

  • HiRez
    May 4, 05:57 PM
    cons: what if i want to format the hard drive and restart from scratch? or even just archive and install? what if i completely replace my hard drive? what if i want to sell my mac and get a new one, would i retain the license or would the buyer get it? how would they reinstall the OS after I wipe the hard drive? how long is this going to take to download? will we be able and authorized to burn our own install DVDs from the downloaded software?

    It'd be cool for Apple to start building a small, fast SSD "drive" (memory chips) into every Mac, that would be dedicated to the core System, and only the System. Small enough to be inexpensive, large enough to easily accommodate current and future System files, fast enough to be faster than any current hard drive. Make the drive say 32-64 GB, with two partitions. One partition holds the installed System, the other partition is just scratch space for downloaded and uninstalled software, including the System itself. Possibly this partition contains some minimal boot system in order to re-download and install the package from the app store in case the installation gets botched.

    circulatory system diagram. circulatory system diagram not
  • circulatory system diagram not

  • joeboy_45101
    Aug 4, 09:05 AM
    Where does this leave Conroe and Allendale? Apple's marketing strategy has always been that the PowerBooks (MacBook Pro) have faster processers then any of the iMac offerings. The Conroe and Allendale (Desktop) chips run faster then the Merom (Mobile) chips.

    So when Apple does ugrade the iMac is it going to use the desktop processer or the mobile one? If it uses the Conroe and Allendale chips it risks breaking it's arbitrary rule of keeping the iMac slower than the PowerBook (MacBook); on the other hand, if Apple decides to use the Merom chips in the iMac then the iMac will be slow compared to offerings by other companies, who would be using the faster Conroe or Allendale chips.

    I think Apple should ditch it's old, worn-out marketing strategies. Who cares if the iMac is faster than the MacBook, it's not like I can carry around an iMac or sit it on my lap. The MacBook is portable power, the iMac is affordable power!

    circulatory system diagram. simple circulatory system
  • simple circulatory system

  • Scottgfx
    May 6, 12:43 AM
    This is the most ridiculous thing to appear on the MacRumors front page in quite some time.

    Well, we thought the transition to Intel was pretty ridiculous five years ago. I bet the 680X0 to PowerPC RISC transition was feared as well.

    I personally doubt that Intel on the Mac platform is going away any time soon, but I do anticipate perhaps a new line of devices in the iOS arena.

    Remember what Steve Jobs said about moving onto the "next big thing".

    The PC market is shrinking. It's not going to go away, but Apple has to have the "next thing" ready. Is that just another PC desktop or laptop? I don't think so.

    circulatory system diagram. Labeled Diagram of Human Heart
  • Labeled Diagram of Human Heart

  • -aggie-
    May 4, 04:19 PM
    We have to go forward, otherwise we'll just end up back where we started and not have leveled up.

    circulatory system diagram. circulatory system diagram.
  • circulatory system diagram.

  • Raidersmojo
    Jul 30, 05:48 AM
    one problem, that will never happen. Alltel does not own their network or even remotly have any form of cash to set it up. they just rent their network. Second, you can offer as much as of a cool device as you want, but its not going to cause millions of people to just dump their plans, break their contracts and switch. Mac cool-aid, down, now!

    going to have to say you're wrong on that one

    my dad has said if apple comes out with a cell phone hes canceling all of our cell phone plans and getting apples. he has a verizon treo my step mom brother and sister have nextel phones

    circulatory system diagram. circulatory system diagram
  • circulatory system diagram

  • iMacZealot
    Jul 29, 10:34 PM
    Normally I would agree, but then Steve hit us with the Intel switch and shook up all my feelings about long-term rumors that come and go.

    I did say that in my post you are quoting, did I not?

    circulatory system diagram. The one-way circulatory system
  • The one-way circulatory system

  • Scrumper
    May 6, 03:23 AM
    I have no idea about the validity of this rumour but if it happens, it will render my VERY expensive pro apps no longer supported...and I think that will be the time to free myself from Apple bondage and return to the Windows fold. Especially if this is a sign that Apple are moving away from "proper" computers and pouring everything into iOS. :(

    circulatory system diagram. circulatory system diagram
  • circulatory system diagram

  • pmz
    Mar 28, 11:16 AM
    Capacity bump now, full update September(ish)?

    Now in what way would that possibly make sense? Are you being serious or just plucking out of thin air?

    circulatory system diagram. circulatory system diagram
  • circulatory system diagram

  • �algiris
    May 4, 04:41 PM
    Just because you got this raving review today doesn't mean you have to rub it in all of our faces. :p

    Seeing it first time, but yeah it's fast and cheap and no caps.

    circulatory system diagram. circulatory system diagram
  • circulatory system diagram

  • funnypicture1
    Jan 24, 06:58 PM
    Thread over, tstreete wins.

    Congf You.

    circulatory system diagram. circulatory system of a frog
  • circulatory system of a frog

  • linuxcooldude
    Apr 22, 01:41 PM
    Half of their profit comes from the sale of one device. Say that the iPhone 6 was a flop, imagine having to tell your investors you're losing 50% projected profit nearly overnight.

    I would not think it would be fair comparing cell phones to computers as their designed for much different markets. As more adults own cell phones then computers you would expect higher profits off of it. Apple was doing quite well even before they entered the phone market.

    A more realistic comparison would be phone to phone or computer to computer.

    circulatory system diagram. circulatory system diagram for
  • circulatory system diagram for

  • ChrisTX
    Mar 27, 01:26 AM
    Is the Verizon iPhone going to be included this time?

    I don't see why it wouldn't, considering such a phone actually exists now.

    circulatory system diagram. circulatory system diagram not
  • circulatory system diagram not

  • Gen
    Apr 23, 11:14 PM
    Just tell me who to pay!

    circulatory system diagram. circulatory system diagram.
  • circulatory system diagram.

  • gugy
    Aug 7, 03:53 PM
    wwdc 2006 video is up now!

    good man!

    Nov 22, 05:43 AM
    What's he banging on about? By "PC guys" who does he mean? Microsoft?
    If this is the case is he saying that Windows Mobile (the OS he's stupidly paying for some of his products) isn't up to scratch? I can't see Palm surviving the year if he's this mixed up.

    I have been using PDAs for years. I like using them. I've tried quite a few and where Windows CE (and variants) fail is they try and be too computer like. Palm OS is nice in that it does the simple stuff that you need on the move (and in meetings etc) well. It would be hard for Apple to figure this out and improve on the situation. They already have half the software written (iSync, iTunes, iPhoto).

    The only thing Apple need to decide is: to they try and tackle the hard problem for a PDA/smart phone ie. data input. How do you write text on the device. This is the thing that killed the PDA market imo and why you see so many devices with thumbboards these days instead of (or as well as) touch screens. If they don't they have an extended iPod. Which might work out ok.

    The other problem is the data rates mobile phone carriers charge. They need to be EDGE/HSDPA, flat rate and VOIP enabled. Not many carriers can manage that (T-Mobile are close in the UK though).

    OK, rant over :)

    Dec 11, 04:33 PM
    I have MADE a call by using Voice Control and talk was through the iPhone speakers. I have NOT tried using ipod music and navigon and tried making a call but would suspect that again talk would come out of the iphone and not car speakers. What would be interesting is what happens to Navigon directions and volume of ipod music. I'll check that out and leave another post.

    While using the Navigon with the TomTom car kit listening to music through the aux, when a direction is announced, the music volume decreases into the background until the voice is through and then the music increases back to the original volume. With the TomTom app, the music pauses until the direction is through and then the music starts again.

    Mar 29, 02:37 PM
    Why in limbo? The "phone part" of the Iphone is widely acknowledged to be craptastic.

    I'm a big proponent of Android, but I will admit that the music player portion isn't exactly the most user friendly. Makes me miss my 3GS.

    Hopefully they redesign it a little in future iterations.

    Apr 18, 05:19 PM
    If only I had a white Galaxy Tab and a white iPhone 3GS, I'd lay them face down next to each other and take a pic so you could see just how "identical" they really are.

    But the non-Apple world is used to derivative design (or just blind to it): behold Microsoft's white Dell Optiplex, the Xbox 360:

    Can't you just use an image search and prove me wrong? Find me a Galaxy Tab with a rounded back made of plastic, chrome bezel and physical home button. Being a former owner of both the Galaxy Tab and an iPhone 3g I will disagree with you.

    Im not sure what the Xbox 360 and a Dell optiplex has to do with a Galaxy tab being identical to an iPhone 3gs but that is a nice pic. They look very similar.

    Apr 5, 02:45 PM
    Maybe now Apple realizes that they must allow some things on their devices like themes. Or not...

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