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  • benedetti
    May 7, 11:44 AM
    There must be a catch, like...
    "free with Mac OSX 10.7" (?)

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  • JimEJr
    Apr 26, 03:19 PM
    Where are the Android users that these stats support? I barely seen folks with Android devices. The vast majority clearly have iPhones. Maybe I need to be in a more tech centric urban area than Richmond, VA. I don't really care who's leading, I buy MY device for MY reasons, just saying from observation.

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  • TallManNY
    Apr 7, 03:05 PM
    That is over dramatic, cut it out.

    Very funny.

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  • Stridder44
    May 6, 01:18 AM
    No way. Intel is fantastic, their CPUs are nearly unmatched, and while Intel itself can be finicky sometimes, it's not worth the headache of transitioning again. Not unless ARM has some amazing crap up it's sleeve that will de-rail all of Intel's market share. This rumor makes sense on some low end laptops, maybe, but the entire lineup? Hell no. Plus I've gotten used to being able to run Windows in Boot Camp.

    It's taken Apple over a decade to get where we are now. Why would they throw all that away? Not to mention that ARM has absolutely nothing that comes even slightly close to even mid-range Intel chips. And even in two years time, I'm very doubtful.

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  • jellybean
    May 4, 07:24 PM
    What if you want to do a full erase & restore? Surely they won't require you to burn it to a disc or USB drive, I can't see them expecting "average" users to do that, and wouldn't that be defeating the whole purpose of using the App Store to bypass the need for physical media in the first place?

    I wonder if it somehow partitions the hard drive to make a small partition with a bootable installer on, and then installs Lion onto the larger, primary partition?

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  • Justin122
    Mar 28, 11:22 AM
    Typical. My 2 year contract ends in the summer.

    Oh well, guess I won't be getting an iPhone this time around.

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  • mdntcallr
    Aug 7, 05:34 PM
    Basic graphics card is kinda weak.

    need to have a midground option which is a bit better, but not as much as the ATI x1900

    also, where is the option of getting Blu-Ray Drive?

    We need high def drives. and why have to buy them elsewhere. want a full HDMI compliant system, that can interface with LCD monitors/tv's made by apple also with speakers.

    cmon apple!!!

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  • lilo777
    Apr 18, 03:14 PM
    LG was first (before iPhone) to release smart phone with capacitive screen and UI that looks suspiciously close to iPhone. Here is Prada:


    If Apple prevails in court. LG would be stupid not to sue Apple (and they would probably get more money considering iPhone volumes).

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  • maflynn
    Apr 5, 02:50 PM
    I find it humorous over these posts but basically people shouldn't be surprised or even angry.

    Apple has always maintained a closed ecosystem with the iPhone. This is no different. You want choice and ability to easily modify the OS, then go to android. Apple is all about the walled garden and they're not about to change now.

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  • tmofee
    Mar 30, 08:57 AM
    US only? pity. i think it's a great idea to offer free bandwidth for the albums you buy on there, it's a shame there's no way of being able to check the previous albums you bought for and add them to the list as well.

    personally I have rhapsody and anubis hooked up now. i can stream music to the sonos when i get home and download songs to the rhapsody app. do i OWN these tracks? blah blah, it does the job for me when i want to listen to new stuff I dont already own, or cant be bothered finding in the cupboards :P

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  • McGiord
    Apr 10, 01:20 PM
    For god's sake, this is still alive? Look, there is more than one possibility. Now no one should care. Mystery solved. Now get to actual work.

    Dunno why this was posted in the first place...

    Yes it is, and continually showing us that the right answer is 2.

    I care.

    I do not work today.

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  • Raidersmojo
    Jul 30, 05:48 AM
    one problem, that will never happen. Alltel does not own their network or even remotly have any form of cash to set it up. they just rent their network. Second, you can offer as much as of a cool device as you want, but its not going to cause millions of people to just dump their plans, break their contracts and switch. Mac cool-aid, down, now!

    going to have to say you're wrong on that one

    my dad has said if apple comes out with a cell phone hes canceling all of our cell phone plans and getting apples. he has a verizon treo my step mom brother and sister have nextel phones

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  • snebes
    Mar 30, 05:57 PM
    Thanks Captain Obvious... I think that is what Apple said at the very beginning ;)

    great minds think a like :P

    Apple said it would be released in the Summer, but the GM usually comes 3-4 weeks before hand. I know it is splitting hairs with this, as I was referring to the GM.

    However, considering that it could be released via App Store first, there could be a much shorter delay from GM to its release date now.

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  • guitarman777
    May 8, 09:52 AM
    This is easy to see

    MobilMe Becomes Free

    MobilMe gets laden with 1Ads

    All part of the Apple strategy

    I would be happy to keep paying $99/year for adfree Mobilme

    I agree with that.

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  • RebelScum
    Apr 20, 09:06 AM
    1)So I'll have fun with a Galaxy S2 while the gullible remain in denial.


    So if I said the Galaxy S feels like it was made by Fisher Price, in that it feels cheap, too light, over-designed, kind of goofy-looking, and therefore a monumental piece of crap when coupled with Android's battery-sucking OS and Samsung's baffling UI, would you take that as a statement of fact, or just another cue that everything is subjective?

    Not that I hate Android phones. Far from it. My wife has one. She thinks it's "neat". I agree. She also thinks the battery life is a PITA and the inability to sync on a Mac is just plain stupid. I, again, agree.

    EDIT: I just watched a review for the Galaxy S2. The only thing new I took away from it was "Wow, there might be something to this Apple/Samsung lawsuit after all."

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  • Soothsayr
    Apr 25, 09:06 AM
    I bet the people crying "foul" the loudest are also the ones who have FourSquare installed and update it every 5 seconds.

    Jobs is right - big difference with your phone remembering locations, as opposed to Apple actively gathering it.

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  • nuckinfutz
    May 8, 05:39 PM
    I meant it might happen, it's just a thought.

    Well they did kill itools so in the end they'd have to kill the whole MobileMe brand.

    Luckily the Apple today is cash rich compared to the Apple 8 or so years ago. We certainly should be expecting more from Apple.

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  • ZLMarshall
    Sep 11, 02:35 AM
    I really hope we get those MBP updates... even if they just "appear" tomorrow morning without an announcement :D

    2 GB movies about as fast as apple can serve them here... if I use my "office connection." Think the DOE would mind my borrowing a little bandwidth for a while? ;)

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  • itcheroni
    Apr 15, 01:34 AM
    Lets look at the world's highest growth economy and see what their tax rates are:


    So they have a higher rate of capital gains tax than the US.

    A little lower down...

    May 8, 06:15 AM
    Mobileme is certainly worth more than free. Apple doesn't scrape your emails and other data to target adds at you a la Google.

    I could see Apple making some features of Mobileme free. I don't think they're just going kill a revenue stream but they could offer a basic free Mobileme account which gives you.

    A me.com email address with 5 aliases.
    Sync features
    "Find my damn iDevice"
    Calendar, Contacts, Bookmark sync
    Web page

    Then roll out Mobileme Pro

    Make iDisk more like Drop Box.
    Enhance the sync
    Online Backup
    Cloud Music (Lala style)
    iWork.com Pro (adds collaborative editing)
    Whatever other cool stuff they can deliver

    They don't ad but but they iAd-will! I wager ! (metaphorically speaking)

    Dec 21, 11:16 AM
    Well looks Like it didn't come again :(

    Just confirmed it with BLT, there hasn't been a shipment come in.

    Drew n macs
    Mar 27, 12:42 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Ugh, I don't want to wait till fall for IPhone 5. On VERIZON! holy crap I'm excited

    How about an Iphone 4? it did seem a little suspicious releasing a vz iphone 4 in feb when a new phone coming in june. It would not surprise me if they did release in june. I myself bought an Iphone 4 as i could not wait, either way people are going to be unhappy... those who bought an iphone or those who choose to wait.

    So I guess 2011

    So much for the year of the Ipad 2, Maybe the year of Ipads

    Sep 11, 09:05 AM
    I think its fair to assume at this stage no macbook/pro updates will be shown tomorrow. All they do is distract from the media/ipod announcements. best you can hope for is a quiet refresh towards the end of this week.


    Or later today. Although with 9/11 being at the forefront of the news I doubt it.

    Early tomorrow would be best.

    Gasu E.
    Mar 29, 02:53 PM
    Yes, didnt you know?

    Every country outside the US lives in poverty, where families must raise 17 children to send them out to work, and must fight to the death over food.

    Oh, I had forgotten about all that. Thanks!

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