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  • Anawrahta
    Aug 12, 12:08 AM
    I'm sure at the very least the MBP will get the new chips soon (within a month or so). The question is, whether it will get a case redesign/new features. So let's make a list of things you'd like to see happen. Personally I'd like to see:

    DL Superdrive
    Swappable HD
    Expresscard 54
    Case dedesign or material change

    I wouldn't be surprised if the engineers were too busy just getting it ready for MacWorld when it debuted to give it a full redesign. Also from what I've read they didn't want to change the appearance too much to make the transition to Intel seamless.

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  • w_parietti22
    Jul 30, 01:16 AM
    Please dont call it an "iPhone" that is so... no. if it was called iPhone I dont think that I would buy it. if it was MacPhone Pro or something like that than maybe... ;). No but please dont name it either of those. Come up with something new and original.

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  • iMacZealot
    Jul 29, 09:01 PM
    I read somehwere that the iPhone has been ready to go for a while, the problem is all the greedy scum bag cell providers want to get paid $1 every time a customer puts a song on their phone, where as apple wants people to load up their phone for free just like they do with an iPod. Without the providers on board, you won't get [Retail $350, with 2 Year Plan $50] for the phone, you'll just get [Price $350].

    Anyway I'm on verizon and its been nothing but problems with them for the past year or so. Their 'can you hear me now' network has turned into the 'what? hello? HELLO? *click*' network. I'll be happy to switch if the new phone is not on verizon.

    I know. My brother travels a ton (new day, new state) and he even says that he has awful problems with it. Sprint works pretty well, but just too expensive, especially internationally.

    As for the iPhone, that is the problem. For example, in the case of the ROKR, Apple wanted users to add their music for free from their comp. They went to other companies where they wanted people to pay $2-3 for a song. Maybe this new iPhone will not be music related, but Apple has become to be synonymous with music.

    (Sorry this is my third post in fifteen minutes)

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  • mikerr
    Apr 26, 03:00 PM
    iPads ABSOLUTELY contribute to that. If someone owns an iPad and bought a bunch of iOS apps, which smartphone do you think he's gonna buy next?

    Except IMO its iPhone user buying iPads, not the other way around.

    Having bought plenty of apps was tying me into iPhone for my next phone,
    now I have an iPad - I feel less tied to iPhone and feel more free to buy an android...

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  • iJawn108
    Sep 15, 10:46 PM
    Thank You For This Excellent Analysis Of Santa Rosa And What It Will And Won't Be ergle2. Best I've read anywhere here so far.
    Yes I feel the same, and will wholeheartedly purchase a memron. :D

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  • itcheroni
    Apr 16, 01:12 PM
    To some extent I can because I looked it up last night. Now I'm an expert. ;)

    The simplified version ...

    You're buying and selling options which have a set value and an expiration date. If the set value doesn't meet the market value by the expiration date then those options are worthless. Options that have more time before their expiration date have more value than options near that date because there is more time for the market to go up and reach that value. The value of these options decay as they approach their expiration date, with the greatest rate of decay occurring in the few weeks before that date arrives.

    So now that I have a bit of an understanding about what you do, here are a few thoughts ...

    "Siphoning" was a poor choice of words. And for that I apologize. "Wagering" would more accurately describe what is happening here. The option has been given a value and if the market reaches that value then the option is worth something, if not, it is worthless. Value can also be achieved by selling the option to someone before the expiration date. So you are betting on, buying and/or selling a financial product.

    Anyway, the principle (there's that word again) point that I'd like to express is that your chosen way of making an income effects your perspective on the issue of capital gains. The money you make in these transactions is considered a capital gain, so it's no wonder that you would be against a capital gains tax and cast it in a negative light.

    I'm really not trying to get personal here. I don't know you. You might be the nicest person in the world. But when it comes to the issue of taxing capital gains you have a huge vested interest that is bound to color your views and leave me to question your objectivity on this matter.

    It's not wagering any more than you're wagering when you work on a graphic design project. I've tried my best to explain the reasons why I believe taxes effect the economy negatively. Instead, if you would like to consider the way I make money (even though my trades are all short term, less than 1 year, so they are all already taxed at the ordinary income level) and choose that as a reason to keep believing what you want to believe, what can I really say? You win.

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  • MikeTheC
    Nov 25, 08:22 PM
    I know that many Blue Tooth features of my Motorola cell phone is disabled by Verizon. <---snip---> Remember simple things like ring tones, photos & such could easilly be transferred from the cell phone to your home computer. But this is not usually allowed. Could this be because the cell phone companies allow these features only to add to their revenue stream, not to give the cell phone user some additional user or usuable feature?

    I'm glad when I got my RAZR I didn't go with Verizon. I can and have BT transferred photos and sounds between my PowerBook and my phone. Heck, I even have Eric Idle as a messenger getting nailed in the chest by an arrow and saying "Message for you, sir" as my voicemail notification. (Most apropos, I thought.)

    And yes, obviously I can see why they'd want to do that. I've sent many megs of data back and forth, and I've have had to pay a small fortune to do that if I was going through my carrier (Cingular, btw). BT cuts that all out completely.

    This is an example of what I hate about the computer industry, and without going into a long, multi-paragraph dissertation on the matter, companies are so [blankety-blank-blank] greedy that they are unwilling to allow their customers to do very much with their products without having to keep forking over cash to them. This is not the way to have a successful business with legions of hard-core, loyal customers. But then, business thinking these days is so incredibly short-term that the whole concept of really turning your customers into long-term repeat customers is not even a goal they find worth bothering to strive for. Pay lip service to, yes; actually do, no.

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  • X2468
    Mar 30, 11:05 AM
    That seems quite rude. Wikipedia happens to have a wealth of base level knowledge. I understand that one should not cite it when doing in depth research but when looking for general knowledge it is a great source.

    Many of my professors have realized this and told us that if we need a different explanation of something to look it up on Wikipedia because it tends to use more common language than out text books. The do not allow citing Wikipedia no matter how well the article is sourced.

    Just like any book you look at using for research you must weigh the quality before choosing to use it.

    That being said, any college level class in history that covers the Cold War will talk about Alfred Sauvy and his contribution to how we talk about the world during that time period.
    Kudos !

    Well said, it's so refreshing to read an intelligent courteous response.

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  • Howdr
    Apr 5, 03:52 PM
    Why is Apple bothered by jailbreaking? Why does Apple oppose jailbreaking? Again, as a company which tightly controls the user experience of their devices and doesn't like news such as security flaws, I'm sure there are many things which bother them about jailbreaking, but again there is probably one primary cause: software piracy. Jailbreaking enables software piracy and there's not a whole lot that even the jailbreaking community can do about that.

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  • emotion
    Nov 25, 06:02 AM
    I think that is exactly right on all accounts and not farfetched at all.
    The only things is that the phoneclient will simply be Ichat and not skype.

    People have noticed recently that ichat isnt the best tool for the job that it's meant to do. An overhaul (as part of leopard?) would need to take place and could be part of the whole strategy.

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  • citizenzen
    Apr 15, 06:40 PM
    Firstly, your perspective would change completely if you ever decide to invest or trade.

    Sounds like a good reason to avoid it.

    Why focus your perspective on gaining wealth?

    Aren't there more important things than that in our brief lives?

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  • Vegasman
    Apr 24, 10:08 AM
    All very nice and I'm fully supportive of more high resolution graphics as soon as possible. It's a shame they don't believe in supporting the millions of Blu-ray discs being sold though, and trying to convince people that 720p iTunes content is good enough for TVs that are bigger than any of the displays they've ever sold, whilst planning for smaller but higher resolution screens that they must apparently believe makes a difference.

    Ah... But notice they sell one type of these displays and not the other ;)

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  • Mac Rules
    Aug 4, 05:23 PM
    New iMacs next Tuesday. I'll take one if it comes with a Conroe, Apple, thank you. But of course, if that's too hot, a Merom would do fine, too. Unless it will still use that dull 667MHz FSB, of course. At least put in an X1800 in it. Oh, and 1GB of RAM. And, while you're at it, throw in a 24" display too. And get rid of the lower bevel of the 'display design'. All that, and I'm buying straight away. If it will come pre-loaded with Leopard and will have a universal BlueRay/HD DVD-burner built-in, that is.


    But seriously, I'm soooo ready for a new iMac. This 800MHz G4 iMac is getting old. It works like a charm, still, and is plenty fast for most stuff, but it just doesn't feel right anymore. Also, I never had quite the relationship with it as with my old 233MHz G3 iMac. I WANT A NEW iMAC! AND I WANT IT NOW!

    We can all hope! ;)


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  • 28monkeys
    Mar 28, 10:29 AM
    The iPhone 4 is already dated relative to other phones on the market. To have a phone on the market for 18 months without an update is insane.


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  • nsjoker
    Jul 21, 09:27 PM
    now if apple can build a laptop that won't give me a first degree burn we're in business :cool:

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  • Radoo
    Apr 18, 03:48 PM
    Annual revenues:

    Apple - $65.23 billion (2010)
    Samsung Electronics - $117.4 billion (2009)

    Revenues are equal to zero if not associated with costs. Give us the profit figures. :D

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  • GregA
    Nov 27, 04:01 PM
    Besides, most mock-ups here show a rather enhanced iPod, than a REAL this means most people want/need only a grown-up PDA, instead of a tablet as such...and I couldn't agree more.
    How do you define a REAL tablet?

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  • ricosuave
    Mar 30, 08:07 PM
    I like it, it's subtle enough.They didn't go overboard with the metaphor like they did with Address Book, which I find to be atrocious.

    They're working on it, I remember reading somewhere about a job posting for FS engineers to develop a new FS. They were going to use ZFS, but the licensing fell through.

    A company called Ten's Complement is working on ZFS and expect it to be released by this summer.

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  • pkson
    Apr 7, 09:55 PM
    So you want Apple to be forced by the government to reduce its manufacturing, tell its customers "sorry, no iPad for you" because the competition needs to catch up? How stupid is that?:rolleyes:

    Sadly, that's what happens in South Korea.
    Which is the reason why the world has to put up with Samsung.

    Sep 15, 06:56 PM
    "Announced" on Tuesday, 9/19; ready for shipping in 10-15 days, maybe longer, once all of us C2D geeks spring for this.

    Shipping date then will read: on or before 10/21. :eek:

    Sep 11, 08:39 AM
    I think Apple is going to show impress us big time tomorrow. Here is what will be announced.

    * The iTunes Movie Store (iTunes 6.5 ou 7.0) with a few notable reworking of the iTunes Store to allow the integration of movies. I think if Apple is going to charge 10 buck per movie, it will add a few interesting twist to the 'DRM license' that goes with it and that would be part of the reason why only disney will be offered at first.. . The license is what makes Apple apart of the others... Studios will have to wait a see that the 'relaxed' DRM license Apple is proposing for 9.99$ is better than the others and people will realize that by buying 'in mass' so other Studios will come in... and leave Amazon Unbox... well, in a box !

    * iPod nano second gen. Larger screen, new enclosure. 4, 6, 8 gigs. May be a few more surprise in the nano (radio ?, movies playable ? we don't on this one, isn't it ?)

    * iPod Video full screen size

    * all the iPods with a color screen will be declared iTunes Movie Store aware...

    All this will be the first part of the show... then one more thing...

    There will be a 'media center' kind of box that will tap Airport Express technology in it and that will tie with iTunes as the source of the movies in the living room... the main interface will be Frontrow 2.0.

    I think this the exactly the kind of incremental approach is going to take once again tomorrow to bring us Movies in our living room. A well integrated approach that includes all the piece (iPod, iTunes, Macs, and PC)...

    iTunes is definitively the new plateform for content delivery...


    Apr 25, 11:17 AM
    Well, I think it's great - I have just been able to track business mileage accurately, even when I have lost the exact date and route - I also can retrace my steps from that holiday 8 months ago where I went to a really nice place and forgot the name of it.

    I am not too worried about anyone stealing my phone or laptop and accessing my data - I can remote wipe my phone and my laptop is fairly secure with the StorageVault and complex passwords.

    If I against any presumption should be so interesting that someone would steal my Apple gear and throw a lot of resource into finding out when and how often I have been to the pub, well good luck to ya.

    It is however an excellent opportunity for Apple to build in a history feature in the maps so you can see where you were - and then implement a paranoia option in a later revision of the iOS that shuts down logging altogether - then all you important folk out there that do so important things that it would be disastrous if you were tracked doing them should be happier.

    Apr 20, 12:42 AM
    good to know it'll be Sept update, but... too long to wait, and iP4 is already old. Samsung G S2, here I come! :)

    Sep 16, 12:49 PM
    What's the possiblility of the new mbp being available in stores after the announcement? Is one usually required to order new products online or could I skip the wait by driving an hour to the nearest apple store?

    Apple doesn't always have the product available in stores as soon as it's announced, despite that they (Steve) often says "available now." Ordering online or waiting for the store might be about the same amount of time. I know my apple store still didn't have the new ipods when I was in there yesterday, but they did have the new nano's.

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