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mothers day crafts ideas

mothers day crafts ideas. Mother#39;s Day Crafts
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  • twoodcc
    Aug 3, 11:20 PM
    I always expected the four existing lines to go merom. It's pretty much a firmware update away from using existing hardware and the form factors used are more geared towards lower power chips.

    this might be likely, but i doubt it right away and all at the same time

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  • minnesotamacman
    Sep 11, 01:20 PM
    I think tomorrow morning we could see the Apple Store online close for awhile as they update. When it reopens for your consumption, we will see updates to the MBP and the MacBook. This will silence all those who wanted an upgrade to them, and really set the table for an incredible show at 10:00 Pacific Time.

    I do want to say this though... Why are some people never happy and insist that if Apple doesn't upgrade the MBP they are going to buy a PC? This is, in my humble opinion, ridiculous. I would stick with the current generation of the MBP for OS X alone. Nothing could convince me to use a Windows-based computer. NOTHING. I am typing on a current generation, 2.16 GHz MBP, and I like it. Will I be slightly disappointed when the new ones come out and I have the last generation. Most likely. Will I be upset at Apple? No. This laptop happily does everything I ask of it. Yes I could use another 100 GB of memory, but that isn't going to happen anyways.

    I see an update to the laptops every 4-6 months in the future after this latest update. The speeds will keep creeping up, and the prices stay steady.

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  • MorphingDragon
    May 6, 06:13 AM
    What uncanny timing-- a couple of days after Intel comes out with their 3D chip thing, sending ARM's share price tumbling to artificially affordable prices, this rumour comes out which, if widely accepted, would boost ARM's share price greatly. Someone could potentially make a lot of money out of this. Especially as Semiaccurate's sources are anonymous, I reckon this rumour should be treated with great scepticism.

    I didn't think ARM's stocks would be so volatile.

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  • battaxan
    Dec 10, 02:06 AM
    I accept with information:Voice Control occasionally comes up with some pretty funny ways that it pronounces names, and you have to pronounce it that way if you want that particular name to come up.

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  • carmenodie
    May 6, 05:40 AM
    People need to know that chip making is effing hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Unless ARM can best intel at what intel does best and that is making chips then Apple ain't(remember that this is a rumor) switching to ARM for their pcs and laptops. Hell no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • jonharris200
    Aug 7, 03:36 PM
    No iMac update (but added expectation of one with the pro-sumer-sized 'gap' people have commented on) is good news for my wallet and my patience. :rolleyes:

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  • Rodstermac
    Sep 16, 10:53 PM
    I've been reading internet articles all day. Yesterday I ordered a MacBook which is set for delivery in Oct. I read an article that said Intel shipped the processors early to the manufacturers to first upgrade their entry level laptops and, as we have seen, that is the case with Dell and HP. According to the article, there was no supply issue with the new Core 2 CPU's. The MacBook though now supposedly is in short supply right now inventory-wise - Could be back to school or possibly a "refit" !! Well, who knows what they will do but I would hope they would just start shipping them with the new Core 2 CPU's soldered in place of the Core Duo - both laptops.

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  • kwjohns
    Apr 5, 01:44 PM
    The few hours they paid someone to make this theme has netted Toyota many news articles/discussion of "free advertising" that has come of offering the irrelevant skin and now the followup stories of them being asked to remove the theme.

    +1 for Toyota for succeeding in this marketing campaign.

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  • cdinca
    Mar 29, 09:08 AM
    The more things that are in the cloud, the closer I get to hitting AT&T's 150GB home DSL (non-uverse) data limit.

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  • rhinosrcool
    Apr 20, 01:29 AM
    iPhone 4 with 3.5" screen: 115.2mm x 58.6mm x 9.3mm
    weight: 137 grams

    HTC Thunderbolt with 4" screen: 122mm x 66mm x 13mm
    weight: 164 grams

    I am not sure about you, but on composite that HTC with a 4" screen is noticeably larger in every possible way over the iPhone 4.

    Sure it is only 5% taller, but 12% wider and almost 50% thicker as well as 15% heavier.

    Perhaps you don't know anything about Apple, but they take the size of their devices very seriously.

    I also don't understand how some of you think it is possible to have a significantly larger screen without making the phone bigger. It is not like the current iPhone has a lot of space. Again it seems people just read a bigger number and think it must be better. If we left it up to other companies smartphones would all be twice as thick and weigh twice as much as they do now, while being massively unwieldy. Apple actually has an aesthetic set of benchmarks that are important to them as anything else. It is not only aesthetic either, but actually using the device and carrying it around, the size makes a big difference.

    My 3.5" iPhone 4 screen is pretty amazing, especially considering the size and weight of the device. Much more impressive than any 4" screened device I have seen.

    Edit: In case anyone is wondering the 4" Samsung Galaxy S specs: 122.4mm x 64.2mm x 9.9mm weight 118 grams. It weighs less, but the physical dimensions are larger in ever way.

    Please! Make the damn phone bigger! Oh no, it may weigh a few more grams. Currently, the iphone4 is a tiny phone. For us adults, please increase the screen size, and probably, the width.

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  • Hammer God
    Apr 7, 09:31 AM
    Apple Competitors: "I wish we had $50 billion in cash to do this sort of thing."

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  • waloshin
    Apr 11, 03:25 AM
    The answer is 288.

    Anyone with a decent education is taught B.E.D.M.A.S not PEDMAS.

    Brackets.Exponents. Division.Addition/Subtraction in that order!

    /End thread.

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  • Chundles
    Aug 3, 01:21 AM
    It's not a "chintzy marketing ploy by Intel". It's a scientific test conducted by two Intel Marketing engineers which I always believe because Intel employees are honest people with families and friends who love them. :)

    It's not scientific at all. No way in hell is it scientific. I should know, I'm a scientist, got a degree and everything.

    I would expect Merom to show greater performance but with a similar battery life.

    Unless.....Apple are bringing back the old modular battery compartments... :eek:

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  • 2nyRiggz
    Aug 7, 02:06 PM
    If I had the money....I might of float away with a maxed out Pro but knowing that I can change up things is sweet enough....exactly what I was waiting for.


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  • Bilbo63
    Apr 18, 03:02 PM
    There wasn't a phone that looked or worked like the iPhone until the iPhone. Now how many clones are there?

    There wasn't a Tablet that looked or worked like the iPad until the iPad. Now how many clones are there?

    Apple is absolutely justified in going after them for copying their UI and design as far as I can see. I'm shocked that it's taken this long.

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  • hawkeye23
    Nov 5, 03:21 PM
    So i assume you will be carrying the TomTom mount and iPhone as one piece at all times? :rolleyes:

    Of course. Thats what the fanny pack is for.

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  • abhimat.gautam
    Apr 21, 11:55 PM
    Anyone make any good mockups yet?

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  • unlinked
    Apr 25, 11:14 AM
    Correct, and that's why Steve is telling the truth unlike the trolls pretending this is an Apple conspiracy. That file is stuck on your hard disk and goes nowhere. Delete it and you don't even have that (as I did months ago when this story first broke). I tried the mapping tool and it won't work on my machine because consolidated.db cannot be found. Yet my iPhone works just fine, and Location Services works fine too.

    Apple has never grabbed this information.

    Android, on the other hand, exists so that it can serve advertiser's needs. Apple has been Opt In, but Android is Opt Out, which means your data gets transmitted to advertisers by default. You bet they track you on Droids. That's the entire business model.

    So the database exists for no reason at all? Sounds somewhat unlikely to me.

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  • dernhelm
    Aug 4, 01:41 PM
    I'm in the same boat (but upgrading from a 867MHz TiBook). I figure if there's no iMac introduced, I pull the trigger on getting a refurb iMac core duo.

    So have you purchased refurbed from Apple previously? I've never done that, but I was wondering what your experience was like.

    Apr 10, 01:17 PM
    To get 2 requires you to make assumptions about the equation. If you make no assumptions and simply apply the rules then you get 288

    No matter what you do you have to make an assumption as to what "/" means. Nobody over the age of 10 should be using that notation for this exact reason.

    Therefore, assume that author wanted to use "_" but couldn't as this is a forum not suited to equation writing and work from there. I believe the logical conclusion is 288, but that is not the same as saying the answer is 288.

    Dec 28, 02:13 PM
    Does this mean I shouldn't bother installing Sophos for my mpb?
    So many conflicting opinions.

    Apr 14, 03:30 PM
    I want line items on every single thing spent.

    You actually have to be sensible about these things. Doing that would require a giant bureaucracy to verify.

    Its quite clear that the UK government has far too much paperwork to fill in. If they (say) spend 20% of their time doing paperwork, and they instead spent 20% of their time down the pub we wouldn't really be any worse off.

    Nov 27, 01:02 AM
    I'd buy a mac tablet in a heartbeat.

    Mar 29, 04:49 PM
    The cost for final assembly is minor.

    For example, the cost to make an iPhone may be 200 dollars. It probably costs $1 for the final assembly (or by your calculation, $7 if the assembly is done in US). However, if you manufacture all the parts in US, it will cost $1400.

    A major portion of these components were American made. In 2000, American EXPORTED more high tech components than it imported. Here is the .gov source ( How did you come up with $1400, my figures are fact based. Assembly is certainly more than $1 per unit. Typically assembly is a large portion of manufacturing costs. We competed and still can today.

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