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  • alent1234
    Mar 28, 11:28 AM
    Might like to point out that part of the problem with Android updates is not the manufactures but the Carriers.
    AT&T being by far the worse offenders. If AT&T had its way the iPhone would never get more than security updates. To upgrade your OS you would have to buy a new phone.
    This is no were more apparent that looking no farther than the GalaxyS phones. AT&T GalaxyS phone (Captivate) still is waiting on its Android 2.2 update when over seas it is already getting its Android 2.3 updated. Clearly it is not the manufacture causing problems but the carrier.
    I hope the manufactures start taking a cue from Apple and MS to say screw the carriers and start supply updates for their phones. No more blocking the updates from the carriers.

    Apple is about the only company that can get away with the delay. Most others would be fried for it. iPhone is already starting to show its age and delaying it longer will only make it worse.

    wasn't that samsung's fault with the custom UI they put on the phone and issues with 2.3?

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  • DTphonehome
    Jul 29, 09:29 PM
    Up until about a year or so ago, Cingular used to have the worst network. And the Verizon network was mint. Great signal everywhere on earth and never lost a call. Now I have to try every call 4 times before it goes through. I'd rather see Apple buy up another carrier and own them. How much does a small cellular carrier cost to buy? :-)

    They wouldn't have to do that. You know ESPN Mobile, Boost Mobile, and AMP'd mobile? They are all "virtual" networks that lease bandwidth from other providers who actually have a physical network. These "virtual" wireless companies are called MVNOs. Apple could become an MVNO (and it has been rumored in the past that would do so), so that they could offer all the features they want, and ensure a consistent experience across the entire user base.

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  • Rot'nApple
    Mar 29, 05:15 PM
    Thousands of people are dying in Japan and all you idiots care about is iPod Touch batteries? That's kind of... selfish.

    Umm, sadly, tens of thousands of people have already died from the natural disaster alone (earthquake/tsunami) and Nuclear Power or anything "man-made" had nothing to do with it... However, the secondary hit Japan is going to take from their Nuclear problem remains to be seen.

    What really is selfish is these so called environmentalists that decry oil drilling as bad for the earth and a pollutant in so many ways, that they and other activists made it EVIL to even think it and some politicians make fun of it, but yet the world's economies depend on fossil fuels in so many ways. While it may be true of oil's pollutant value, there is no mistaking that you can go in and clean up most oil spills without a geiger counter and not worry about radiation poisoning and the people would have oil to heat their homes and gas to drive their cars. Something those in the hard struck areas of Japan currently don't have. Let us not forget countless other products that have oil as a by-product in it's formation, such as ( Let alone iPod batteries.

    Wonder how the fine folks at Chernobyl are doing? Anyone here moving there soon? I'd bet you'd have better luck in Prince William Sound in Alaska.

    Thank you environmentalist!

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  • JackSYi
    Jul 21, 02:17 PM
    I really should of waited. *sigh

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  • Gruber
    Mar 30, 10:15 PM
    Has anybody tried support for resolution independence? What happens if you open the terminal, enter "defaults write NSGlobalDomain AppleDisplayScaleFactor 2.0", for instance), and log off/on again? Is it still so horribly broken as in SnowLeopard?

    Are there config options for the size of system fonts?

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  • shawnce
    Aug 4, 02:33 PM
    Doesn't the 17" use a different battery - higher capacity - than the 15.4"?

    Yes it does.

    MBP 17" - 68 watt-hour - "up to 5.5 hours of battery life"
    MBP 15" - 60 watt-hour - "up to 4.5 hours of battery life"

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  • Number 41
    Apr 26, 02:40 PM
    no, they need a free phone--

    by the way how do you buy stock in Android's success? Certainly not Google...

    A free phone or a BOGO phone would help Apple tremendously -- but, at the end of the day, they simply cannot compete with the number of providers running Android right now.

    Each Android phone tries to outdo the competition on a monthly basis, and they pump millions of dollars into advertising it as the most amazing thing ever.

    It's all about the average consumer -- the average consumer is bombarded by ads for **** like "The THUNDERBOLT!" or the new HTC Compassion/Inspire/GagInducingName. The average consumer walks into a Verizon store when his contract is up and is told he can get an Android phone for free if he signs up for 2 years, or that he can get a free Android phone for his wife/kid if he buys one for $99.

    Apple is losing this battle on many fronts.

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  • DCJ001
    May 6, 07:27 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPod; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8J2 Safari/6533.18.5)

    I was about to say, "What?! And lose the Windows compatibility they bragged on so much with the Intel transition? You're kidding me!", then I remembered that Windows 8 is also rumored (confirmed?) to run on ARM.

    Yes, Windows 8 will have ARM support (

    I don't buy this rumor, though. It's too crazy.

    And Apple would never do anything crazy?

    Think different.

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  • wclyffe
    Nov 20, 04:00 PM
    Received same response STATING THAT their eta is still 12/2 and they will shop same day they receive. Guess I will sit tight for now.

    Me, too. It seems like everyone is waiting no matter where they ordered from.

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  • bigjnyc
    May 7, 09:33 AM
    I would be shocked... but you never know. Maybe they will offer it for free if you purchase a Mac.

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  • WannaGoMac
    Mar 28, 10:06 AM
    As a 3gs owner, I will not buy likely buy a new iPhone without seeing how ioS 5 actually runs on it.

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  • bboucher790
    Apr 20, 01:49 AM
    I'm on the 3GS > iPhone 5 > iPhone 7 upgrade sequence. I'm glad to be on it. I don't like to be a Beta tester. If there is an unseen design flaw (antennagate), it will give Apple a full year to "hopefully" fix the issue. I plan on using this phone without a case, so I don't want any antenna issues. I'm doubtful the iPhone 5 will have a better antenna. The Verizon iPhone has the same issues as the ATT iPhone. If Apple was going to fix it, they would have fixed it then....

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  • toddybody
    Mar 31, 08:55 AM
    I'm so glad I hung onto my 2010 MBP.

    Hey Dude, how does your 2010 MBP benefit you over the 2011 refresh...its not like they axed important HW and made things more of an iOS experience. Just curious. :D

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  • Apple OC
    May 2, 09:06 PM
    The main reason that it will never happen -> they never will charge the gas by the liter, they want to keep it by the gallon...and continue increasing the price, if they change to the liters...a lot of people will be confused and start to complaint and blame the price increases on the metric system...wait they may want to use it as a smoke flare....hum,....:confused:

    $1.38 per litre for gas sounds cheaper ... Gas pricing may be the reason the US adopts the metric system

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  • LBmacman
    Aug 7, 03:29 PM
    Damn thats a lot of power. The 2.66 model seems to be the best deal. :)

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  • bigandy
    Nov 26, 11:11 AM
    i don't think it would appeal to that many people, to have an apple tablet.

    i mean, the PC/Win versions aren't great sellers...

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  • pmz
    Mar 28, 11:14 AM
    This better not happen. Seriously.
    Or else what?

    Several things. Apple's stock growth will slow, and the price will take a hit. Big deal? Maybe, maybe not. But I can tell you definitively that there is a large amount of padding in the price based on Apple keeping up with it's own defined yearly cycle. The successive cycle that has stayed strict through every iPhone, iPod, iPad, and iOS launch for 5 years has created a pattern that Apple must stick to, or risk losing ground in the mind of investors.

    No one ever expected/demanded Apple to go to a yearly cycle for such advanced refreshes, but they're the ones who chose to do it. If they now begin to fall behind, the growth they've seen WILL suffer, no ifs ands or buts about it.

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  • Mac Fly (film)
    Nov 22, 09:28 AM
    HEY! who's he calling a "PC guy"??! :mad:
    Exactly, Mac guys are though. Actually nobody is walking anywhere, very bad analogy. Apple isn't going to walk in, they're are going to use their thought processes, thier leadership, thier skills, thier talents, thier expirence, and their knowhow, to proove there's a reason why Apple makes things better then the other, and they will once again be proven right, I hope.

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  • Avatar74
    May 4, 03:21 PM
    two things:

    a) Does nobody read?

    From TFA:

    Apple is said to presumably be planning to also release Mac OS X Lion on physical media to support users who are running older Mac OS X versions incompatible with the Mac App Store or who have slow Internet connections that would make downloading the large update unwieldy.

    Granted, I think that the article is a little bit of intentional flamebait because they use wishywashy words like "preferred" to start up a discussion to ratchet up page views.... But come on, people. We all know that every time Macrumors tries to start controversy on a perceived "change" in functionality or standards, nine times out of ten there's more than one option available... '

    I swear, this is like explaining nested hierarchies to a creationist...

    b) to PMZ, regarding Time Machine... It's not a "single snapshot"... Since you can go back to any point in time, just go back to a point on the Time Machine timeline BEFORE everything went berserk with a given file or directory. For a full system restore, though, it's always most sensible to do a clean install from the system disc. Again, see above, as app store download clearly is not the only method.

    Hammer God
    Mar 28, 09:59 AM
    My thought exactly. They would also avoid pissing off 11 million Verizon iPhone customers.

    Hadn't thought of that. Also a good point.

    Having said all this, Apple often points out that they don't worry about their competition, they just do their own thing and let the market sort it out.

    But the decision as to when you release the LTE iPhone will be one of the bigger ones they make in the next few years. Too soon, not enough infrastructure/buyers; too late, you may lose ground to rivals.

    The one thing you can say about Steve Jobs, however, is that he has a very good sense of timing. He generally seems to know when the technology is ready to meet the expectations of consumers. I'm guessing he'll make the right call here again.

    Jul 31, 04:28 AM
    Let me rephrase that: I think we're all getting way too ahead of ourselves. The source of this all is some "tech-unsavvy photographer that Apple hires" according to another crappy tech website. I don't know if it's true or not, but we're all just way too ahead of ourselves with free phone calls through AirPort or whatever.

    I'll be VERY surprised if the Apple phone doesn't support Wifi.

    I'll be very surprised if iChat doesn't start supporting phone calls.

    I be somewhat surprised if the Apple phone doesn't support Skype, though they may develop an iChat to compete with Skype (a mistake in my opinion).

    May 4, 04:20 PM
    I would want it on a disk or at least a usb key. :cool:

    Mar 26, 10:25 PM
    I highly doubt this is the case. The iPhone still leads the forefront for iOS devices and will receive iOS 5 when it is released. The only way this works is if the release of iPhone 5 is in September and I don't see that happening any time soon.

    Jul 23, 02:33 PM
    I'll get a MBP once Apple or someone else figures out how to make them work on an air flight. There is no Empower solution and the draw of 85w exceeds the juice (75w) that the seatside powerports provide. It's amazing this is even an issue in a "pro" line of portables - let alone from Apple. No 3rd party solutions solve this isssue.

    This is a big issue for me also. I can't believe they havent released a air/auto power adapter yet for the magsafe power design.

    APPLE WAKE UP!!! i want to upgrade from my powerbook, but need this!

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