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  • Yamcha
    May 4, 03:30 PM
    What I don't understand is even if it's distributed through the Mac App Store, does Apple expect us to burn it on dvd or make a bootable usb?

    I don't know if every mac user will even be able to do that, this may work for those looking to upgrade, but a fresh install will require dvd/usb..

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  • shawnce
    Aug 4, 05:07 PM
    The only thing 64-bit gives you is more addressable memory. Oh, and some operations (like adding two doubles or longs) would only take one cycle on the integer unit, instead of more. Yeah... that's about it.

    ..and in the case of x86-64 (Intel and AMD) the 64 bit mode of operation allows the CPU to expose more registers for use at compile time (and few other improvements). This can improve optimizations that the compiler can make which can improve the performance of the application it builds.

    Also the ability to do integer math using 64 bit wide registers with 64 bit wide functional unit can be a decent performance win for several types of tasks.

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  • Porscheboy16
    Aug 11, 09:24 AM
    Crap! My MacBook should be here on Monday. Is there anyway to return an online order?

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  • Sox
    Aug 4, 09:32 AM
    What are the odds that Apple Stores will offer to upgrade the Yonah processors in the MacBooks, iMacs, and Minis to the Merom chips (for a fee, of course)?

    I'm guessing they won't do this, but I thought I'd ask.

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  • toddybody
    Apr 7, 12:44 PM
    PS enjoy your ****** 600 dollar HP laptop

    Thanks for the class act.

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  • Full of Win
    Apr 18, 03:07 PM
    If Apple cannot beat them....they sue them. Way to go Apple, you are devoid of morals and innovation.

    When can we officially say that Apple is now the New Microsoft?

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  • york2600
    Apr 26, 02:07 PM
    I really hope that Apple sees trends like this and realizes it's time to change their game plan. No more once a year phones. Time to kick the innovation level up a few notches. Time for over the air OS updates, over the air app installs, wireless syncing and everything else Android has offered for some time now.

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  • techpr
    May 7, 11:58 AM
    Beter not be free or the SPAMMERS will get a new domain name to SPAM with. If Apple is going to do something is lower the price but NOT free.

    My MobileMe experience has been great.

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  • cube
    May 6, 06:13 AM
    There are indeed dual processor laptops. SPARC.

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  • neko girl
    May 5, 11:14 PM
    I don't know what a centimeter is when I'm eyeballing something.. and I don't want to. I run in miles, I measure in inches, I weigh in pounds. I'm not doing conversions to kilos or megas all the time in real life, so um..


    I do more conversions metric to imperial than imperial to imperial. The imperial system isn't that hard to use, and I don't think it's mattered before what the rest of the world does anyway.


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  • Jape
    Dec 4, 08:30 PM
    yea i agree, both apple stores in my area have it though.

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  • Peace
    Sep 11, 12:10 PM
    The only things comin out are the Video Rental service, and a size increase for the Nano.

    Move along.

    If that were the case Jobs would have waited till Tomorrow to introduce the 24" iMac for greater RDF/PR content.

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  • tstreete
    Nov 5, 12:51 PM
    Has anyone tested the unit with Navigon? That would be the only reason I would buy it.
    Also, with Google coming up with a free turn-by-turn navigation app... what will happen with the ones we have to pay for?

    Haven't tried it with Navigon, but I have tried it with Google Maps, MotionX GPS lite, and G-Map east, and they all work fine (i.e., using the TomTom mount's gps, not the iphone's internal one), so I can't think of a reason why Navigon wouldn't work.

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  • BittenApple
    May 7, 10:13 AM
    Makes sense, all Apple needs is the cloud.

    If it is indeed free, this is a welcomed change.

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  • robotx21
    Sep 17, 01:11 AM
    I think new displays are a STRONG possibility. Digital Photos need NICE big displays :-D Just like video editing does. I think we will definately see new displays announced.

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  • guzhogi
    Jul 22, 02:27 PM
    I'd like to see Mac Minis start at $499, MacBooks & iMacs start at $999, MacBook Pro start out at $1499 and the Mac Pro at $1999. Maybe add a midtower mac at $1499. Don't know how likely this is, but just a thought

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  • marvel2
    Nov 13, 10:47 AM
    Good for you Marvel2. How about a review after you use it. Tstreete did a great one but another perspective is always welcomed.

    BTW do you use Navigon? Did you get the Live Traffic update? Love to hear how they each or both worked with the kit.


    I'm going to use it for a few days and a couple trips around town first before I give a review. But my intial impressions of the kit is that it works just as advertised. Doesn't feel cheap, BT syncing is very easy and syncs every time I plug the phone in. Speaker volume is clear but may need to be louder. I still have to give it some time and adjust to my liking first (my car is pretty loud). And yes, I am using Navigon, but I have not yet downloaded their Live Traffice update.

    The key for making this purchase for me is to have at least the option to allow the calls to come in through the car's speakers while using the built-in mic on the dock.

    Also, the youtube video shows the guy had it stuck on his dash with the adhesive? Anyone have driver's point of view, pictures with it mounted with suction on the windshield? There's no way I'm sticking this thing to my dash.

    Per the manual, calls will not come in through your car's speaker but instead the TomTom car kit's speaker.

    I currently have the kit mounted on my windshield but I also tried mounting it on my dash. If you do not want to put that adhesive on your dash, buy a Sticky Pad (http://www.overstock.com/Electronics/Hand-Stands-Jelly-Sticky-Pad-Dash-Holder/2603163/product.html) and lay it on your dash. Now mount the TomTom kit as you normally would on the sticky pad as if it were glass. It sticks and works very well. Alternatively, you can put the adhesive disk on the sticky pad if you want the suction cup of the TomTom kit to cling to a hard plastic surface. When you leave your car, just peel the Sticky Pad off of your dash and it will not leave any residue. Essentially it is a GPS friction mount. Or you can buy this (http://www.overstock.com/Electronics/HandStands-GPS-Sticky-Pad-Dash-Mount/4341949/product.html), but its just too big for my tastes.

    What is the name of the store that you got it from? I'm curious to know if I could find one in my area

    Here is their website (http://www.themacstore.com/locations/portland). They are an authorized third party Mac reseller sort of like MacMall, but with a physical location. You can try calling other third party Mac resellers in your area if you don't have "The Mac Store" in your area.

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  • altecXP
    Mar 30, 10:53 PM
    That's the graphic core onboard the Core i7 die. It doesn't change to ATi graphics when you use something graphically intensive?

    He has a 13in, not a 15in.

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  • vincenz
    Mar 27, 07:04 AM
    This would be very bad if true :(

    Aug 2, 02:14 PM
    macbook pro? imac core duo? intel mini? macbook? :confused:

    mac pro, xserve intel, leopard previews, maybe cinema displays, maybe something like a tablet that we haven't heard about.

    no updates to imacs, macbooks, macbook pros, or minis. Those are minor speed bumps that will be done quietly over the coming weeks and months, not something to trumpet in a keynote.

    But minor speed bumps is all they have to talk about. Some say that going from shipping a 2.16m2.0,1.83 GHz to shipping just a 2.16 & 2.0 GHz models is a speed bump. How can that be a speed bump when the max speed is still 2.16 GHz.

    Other than a OS 10.5 demo I have no expectations for WWDC. I believe that Steve Jobs is too smart to bring out a new Intel PowerMac & have people see if he will promise that they will be up to the 3 GHz speed in a year. Or did he say 2 or 3 years or was that 2 or 3 processor changes before that happens.

    With Photoshop, Quark, MS Office & other Mac productive software not yet able to run natively on an Intel Mac much of the excitement for the developer & Pro user is not there.

    Apple has gone too long with waiting a year for updates that anything sooner than hat will take them awhile to do again.

    The only thing I'd like to see is an easy to shange hard drive & optical drive in the Intel MacBook Pro 15" & 17" models. My PowerBook will last a long time, so I can wait. I may have to do all of my operations with an external drive. I always changed my hard drive for a newer drive once or twice a year. Sometimes I just wanted a different set of programs. My 15" TI PowerBook was easy to open & change hard drives. The new Intel MacBook seems to have a good answer for this problem. Let's see if Apple can do this in the Intel MacBook Pro line as well.

    Bill the TaxMan

    Aug 11, 11:11 AM
    apple needs to introduce a computer which is between the mac mini and the mac pro tower.

    I want a mini tower, with 2 pci slots. you know something in the price range of $899-999 usd.

    where i can upgrade the graphics card or order it with a better graphics card.

    Some of us do not want to be tied to the imac screen/body. I love to be able to upgrade my own computer's graphics card.

    Cmon apple. give us a mid tier system we can upgrade ourselves. The Macmini just doesnt cut it. virtually the only thing in that we can chance is the CPU, Memory or hard drive.

    Apr 25, 11:12 AM
    Go to any Apple website and check the published specs for iPhone 4/3Gs or iPad with 3Gs. Here's a link to help with that:


    You will see that Apple does not just offer GPS, it offers "Assisted" GPS. Here we once again see Apple's zeal to optimize. The location cache that's causing all the fuss is what provides the "Assist". Some secret.

    When you are moving about, your device notes and identifies cell towers that come in range. It gathers their identification, which initially does not include location. It then further queries a database to get the location info. The location is associated with that tower ID, and the two together are stored in the "notorious" cache.

    When a device owner seeks to use GPS the program assists by instantly getting a preliminary location fix by accessing cell ID and location info in the cache. Without the cache, it would have to seek the cell tower location info first, so the existence of the cache speeds the finding of preliminary location info. That info is used to speed up the tracking and locking-on of the device to the GPS satellite.

    So, the cache exists to enable a faster GPS lock.


    No, but maybe a bit sloppy, I don't know enough to be able to say for sure. Maybe Apple should only log and locate a tower once, which would limit the adding of current data. Maybe the file should always be encrypted.

    I suspect we will find out, because legislators in the US and Europe have become involved and this trivial-seeming issue won't go away.

    But, with regard to the Steve Jobs email, it does seem clear that Apple is collecting no information. Apple may once again be the victim of it's zeal to optimize features.

    Mar 29, 03:02 PM
    Not everyone has decent internet at home, you know. And those that do might not keep a computer on 24/7. I know that I'm in that situation. Leaving my MacPro on and not asleep 24/7 adds about 400-500 dollars a year to my electrical costs.

    I could get the 500GB paid amazon cloud storage account for that much!

    What do you stream? ok, if it was everything and plus you don't have great internet at home, it might make sense.

    If you only stream music, I can see getting NAS and just stream from home. But ok, it could make sense for someone like you.(weak internet and only mbp which i wouldn't use my precious mbp to be served as server either no matter how good my internet is)

    May 4, 07:08 PM
    Since I have been using the app store more and more, I do not miss the cd method. However for an OS to do a clean install, you must have a disk/physical media. Linux distributions give you an ISO that you must mount or burn to disk.

    I think Apple is doing it this way to cut down on the ability to make hackintoshes.

    Here is what I think. Since the new IMacs have the ability for a SSD plus hard drive - I think in the future all macs will have it build into the bootup the option to hit the app store and download the OS without the need to have an OS already loaded. Would be nice if upgrades would backup and fresh install everything for you automatically since 90% of apps will be bought through the app store. Just click, wait an hour or more and come back to a fully usable system.

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