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spider bite pictures symptoms. Spider Bite Symptoms
  • Spider Bite Symptoms

  • MacFly123
    Apr 22, 02:38 PM
    Seriously? We also do full DVD high end hollywood type authoring at my facility (have been for 10+ Years) and Blu-Ray authoring and we have no need for internal optical super drives.

    You guys seriously need to unhinge yourselves from those internal :)

    Why should I just have to buy another additional piece of hardware that is ugly and not integrated just to be able to do what my clients want?

    Wait till the 2012 update then axe them forever! I don't care, but this year is a bit premature. The online delivery ecosystem still has a lot to work out! I am all for the future, but we are not quite there yet.

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  • supmango
    Apr 26, 02:12 PM
    I really hope that Apple sees trends like this and realizes it's time to change their game plan. No more once a year phones. Time to kick the innovation level up a few notches. Time for over the air OS updates, over the air app installs, wireless syncing and everything else Android has offered for some time now.

    iOS does over the air app installs. Other than that, yes I agree that Apple needs to do those things.

    Oh, and I use Android because it's the only option on my carrier (its the least repulsive option anyway). But it sucks, and doesn't seem to be getting any better. I think the only reason it is seeing growth like it is is because of cheap hardware, and, as in my case, being the only real option on certain networks.

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  • thogs_cave
    Aug 11, 09:36 PM
    well, i know there was some marginal increase in processing speed but i'm talking about actually running 64bit programs. i thought you need alot more horsepower to run 64bit programs than whats currently offered... maybe i was just tired and totally misread an article a couple of weeks ago.

    Actually, no. Remember, 64-bit is only new to the consumer stuff. I've been running 64-bit UNIX applications for over 8 years. 64-bit UNIX has been around even longer than that. It's not a matter of "horsepower" (by today's standards, a 167MHz UltraSPARC I is kinda slow...), but of the usefulness of a 64-bit address space, not only for real memory, but for virtual. As well as higher precision, etc. (Assuming the CPU is true 64-bit and not limited by a smaller external address bus.)

    Hmmm... There's actually a good entry on it in Wikipedia:

    That might help you some more.

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  • Jason Beck
    May 6, 07:03 AM
    AMD is currently a bang for buck chip maker, I doubt you'll see them CPUs in Apple products. Plus until Fusion develops some more the thermal envelope isn't too good.

    Yep. That's the truth :(

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  • spider bite pictures symptoms.

  • leekohler
    May 7, 01:49 AM
    I remember in elementary school, learning about the metric system since we were all going to switch to it. That never happened. I wonder why....

    Because the USA is full of too many dumb MFs. That is your answer. We should have been using it 20 years ago.

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  • spider bite pictures symptoms.

  • mambodancer
    Mar 27, 09:16 AM
    I didnt realize a release date was set:cool:

    It wasn't. This is just a made up story.

    In fact, I have it on good authority that there most definitely will not be an iPad 3 released until next year. It comes from the same person that makes this other stuff up.

    Actually, given the supply constraints of just display parts (which impact all manufacturers), the popularity of the existing iPad 2 and the indications that Apple may start paying its suppliers more for parts to insure it can manufacture existing product, there is no reason for Apple to come out with an iPad 3 this year. That's just made up BS.

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  • okboy
    Apr 23, 06:08 PM
    We should stop using this as proof. Remember the iPad 2 was supposed to have a Retina display because of this? To make it worse, it's a beta. Slow news day I guess, but look how worked up people get about it. Just stop.

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  • Chase R
    May 4, 10:10 PM
    My guess:

    They offer it on the Mac App Store, and on a USB stick (for about $10 more).

    I don't really see how the Mac App Store idea would work, though, since the drive needs to be (well, should be) formatted prior to installation.

    I'd opt for the physical OS.

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  • ChrisTX
    Apr 20, 05:34 AM
    I dont agree. A 4" screen would be larger real estate, but that would mean developers would have to rewrite their apps to fit the new size. For example, the iPad has an obviously larger screen space, which means that developers had to scale their software up to match, because lets face it, the 2x button just makes things look like pixels and thats just awful, this is not SNES system.
    But the iPad has similar dimensions and screen ratio. But a 4" display would makes things look stretched, so developers would have to code each app to fit the new stretched screen. This would also be quite annoying on the app store, looking for apps which work on 3g, 3gs, i4 and i5 and iPad and iPad 2. It would just become a nuisance to download an app to see its stretched on older phones. this wouldn't be a good move by apple just yet. Apple like to care for older tech users, the 3g and 3gs users, and this larger screen would make apps not run as smoothly.

    Have you ever tried to run any iPhone apps on the iPad? Have you not noticed that what they scale down to is a size larger than the iPhone's current 3.5" size? Not sure why Apple chose a size slightly larger than 3.5" but none the less they scale just fine.

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  • iliketyla
    Mar 29, 06:07 PM
    The cost of living in Japan is very comparable to that of the United States. VERY. And I speak from experience, having lived both in rural and metro America as well as rural and metro Japan.

    And you are the one who brought up "happy" employees. How do you objectively measure "happiness"?

    I would ask the same question of you when you say that most Japanese are by in large happy with their jobs. Have you gone around and surveyed thousands of Japanese people who gave that response?

    Saying happy employees are good employees is an idiom, like a penny saved is a penny earned.

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  • milozauckerman
    Sep 11, 03:55 PM
    I would expect us to get 480p movies - who wants to stare at an iPod for 115 minutes? And if Apple didn't offer them at DVD quality (with HD in the future), then they'd look mighty stupid going up against Amazon.

    Personally, I don't care. I've got Netflix - and I don't think Apple's going to beat (roughly) $2/rental.

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  • balamw
    May 2, 08:07 PM
    Don't you guys in the great white north buy milk in bundles of 4 1 liter bags anyway. :p


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  • Pressure
    Sep 16, 10:01 AM
    Thanks for the condescending tone in response to an off-the-cuff "would be nice" comment -- it makes you look such a man.

    Of course, given the Go 7700 is effectively an 80nm 7600 -- and therefore should use less power -- I'd say it was realistic to suggest it be used.

    Well done.

    I meant Geforce GO7800, a mistake on my part.

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  • digitalbiker
    Aug 4, 05:26 PM
    1 - This is nothing new, and Apple is just being honest...the PB 12 and 15 were famous leg toasters as well...the times of the cool G3 are over long ago.

    2 - it's at least 3 similar PC notebook does that...and the G4 wasnt better either.

    3 - more space, perhaps?

    Well this depends upon which G4 PB you compare it to.

    I have the last PB G4 revision 17 inch. It runs comforably cool and I easily get 5+ hours of battery life under normal use. I don't even use the power saving functions. I usually run my display brightness about 3/4 of the way up.

    I play DVD movies quite often and I can play two back to back 2 hour movies before my batteries need recharging.

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  • ChickenSwartz
    Aug 12, 08:54 AM
    I wouldn't hold my breath, the Back to School iPod promo has always been a bait to help clear out old inventory. They won't make it available to buy, online or off, until after the promo ends.

    This promo isn't to clear out Mac inventory, if anything it is to clear out iPod stock. If they hold back the Merom MBP just so I can't the free iPod I would be pissed and they would hear about it.

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  • lilo777
    Apr 18, 04:22 PM
    NO It's not, are you crazy. That looks horrid. iOS icons have unique look to them, placement is not patented. The look is.

    The lawsuit goes after Samsung trying to replicate and confuse customers into thinking that it's an iPhone.

    The "look" of icons clearly can not be patented.

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  • Jape
    Nov 17, 02:11 PM
    I keep on looking at their real time up dates on there website, hoping to see a change.... Lol. I wonder when shipments usually come in. You would think big shipments like that come in the early morning or late at night, but who knows.

    spider bite pictures symptoms. spider bite pictures symptoms. Hobo Spider Bites Symptoms; Hobo Spider Bites Symptoms. bcharna. Aug 5, 10:17 PM. EVERYONE is missing something that MUST
  • spider bite pictures symptoms. Hobo Spider Bites Symptoms; Hobo Spider Bites Symptoms. bcharna. Aug 5, 10:17 PM. EVERYONE is missing something that MUST

  • dj2mc
    Nov 28, 12:51 AM
    awful program
    locked up my mac multiple times and possibly was the cause of my bootcamp partition getting completely ruined
    was working fine until i ran this

    TBH, probably wasn't the AV.. when you dual boot there are so many bugs that go on w/ OSX. I never dual boot anymore because it would always lock my Mac up..
    I saw a lady today at the Apple Store, and goes to the Genius Bar.. and the first thing she says "Hi, I am having troubles with my iMac, I dual booted through Boot Camp w/ Windows 7, and it crashed my Mac." I LOL'd and the genius's confirmed it was the cause of dual boot. I don't trust it... not one bit.

    spider bite pictures symptoms. spider bite pictures symptoms. Other spider bite symptoms; Other spider bite symptoms. Tones2. Apr 19, 01:37 PM. You failed to read the blog.
  • spider bite pictures symptoms. Other spider bite symptoms; Other spider bite symptoms. Tones2. Apr 19, 01:37 PM. You failed to read the blog.

  • AZREOSpecialist
    Apr 18, 03:21 PM
    Ooop. Apple already so afraid? No wonder when a phone OS (Galaxy tab with Android 2.2) takes almost 20% marketshare in less than 3 months in the tablet market...

    What is your source for this information?

    Aug 5, 12:58 AM
    Just a few thoughts.

    I think if there's any product that deserves to have a Merom in it this monday, it has to be the iMac. It's been virtually the same since the day it rolled out earlier this year. Because of the way it's designed I don't think they will put a conroe in it although it is a 'desktop' in it's own way.

    Merom is gonna be great, esp for the ones still waiting to jump onto the intel-mac bandwagon, but doesn't offer much for those already with an intel-mac. I think the intel-macs have enough performance to go about for quite a while. What we really need is more UNIVERSAL BINARY SOFTWARES! I still use windows for heavy CS2 usage at the moment. How sad is that. I know this is not going to happen any time soon as adobe has announced no CS3 until but I think a considerable amount of people here would be more excited to hear about CS3 or at least a target shipment date for it on monday. How about a UB Maya and Sketchbook Pro?

    Heck i'd trade off a full year of intel-mac upgrades if someone created UB's for everything right now.

    Apr 23, 06:20 PM

    Apr 18, 04:14 PM
    Don't bite the hand that screws you. :eek:

    That's what she said?

    Aug 4, 08:03 AM
    Do you guys think we'll be able to buy merom replacement motherboards for MBP?

    Apple has never done this for notebooks. Apple used to do it for desktops - I remember when they had PPC upgrade boards for the Quadras. They weren't really upgrade boards - they were refurb machines without hard drives or memory - just swapped them over.

    Yes - I'm getting old - actually used to work at an Apple Service Centre at that point.

    Nov 22, 11:23 PM
    You took the words right out of my mouth.

    I remember when Napster and Rio laughed at the iPod and iTunes, and 5 years later.:rolleyes:

    The difference? For all intents and purposes the iPhone is a toy. phone + music. there is nothing wrong with catering to the average consumer. But the simple fact is businesses will not give it even a half second thought before they move on. Yes admittedly we have yet to see the final specs and features but without a touch screen and without a thumb keyboard the business world will pat Apple on the head, tell them that "awww isn't that cute", and walk away. Its not a business tool its a consumer product. A product that will sell like mad in traditional phone vs. iPhone markets but Blackberrry/Treo vs. iPhone? Not a chance in [bleep].

    PS- That being said I WANT to be proven wrong. I want Apple to provide an expierence that covers music\contacts\calendar\todo\e-mail all in one sexy device but watching Apple over the years I've lost faith they they will try anything daring. Anything that really does take on the big guys. I'm willing to bet that whatever is released will be music\phone and if you are REALLY lucky limited calendar\contacts with no way to imput info. Prove me wrong Apple. Please.

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