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  • Super Mario Galaxy 2 -

  • LegendKillerUK
    Mar 26, 10:43 PM
    iOS was last announced in April which was slightly later than the year before. I don't see it jumping from April to June for an announcement. It also won't be so heavily cloud based - it's simply wishful thinking.

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  • Wii 2 – die exklusiv bei

  • michaelrjohnson
    Aug 3, 11:55 AM

    Or a banner for Paris Expo? Hope not.
    They are not setting up for the Paris expo for a long time. There is no chance of this being for Paris, IMO. :)

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  • Phantom Brave on Wii!

  • mozmac
    Jul 29, 09:56 PM
    what will become of the rockr?

    Steve Jobs has stated that the ROKR was a great learning experience for Apple engineers. Apple probably licenses iTunes to Motorola for their phones, so could still exist even with an Apple competitor. Anything made by Apple will simply blow the ROKR and SLVR right out of the water. People can stick with them if they want, but they will be severely limited in comparison to what Apple makes. And if they aren't licensing iTunes to Moto right now, it's probably built into the contract that if they make their own branded phone, iTunes will become a licensed product.

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  • Red Steel 2 Review: Poetry In

  • Eidorian
    Mar 29, 02:38 PM
    Why in limbo? The "phone part" of the Iphone is widely acknowledged to be craptastic.True enough, I am still in search of a mobile internet device with a camera. The iPad 3G comes close except in price, size, and the mediocre camera.

    I am not willing to frivolously spend money on such an endeavor just to return it to the store. I already feel guilty enough about my many product returns to the point where I believe my card number is just shy of being blacklisted. Thank god for cash.

    I have a good inner circle of friends but our jobs and relationships are really killing what free time we have to game. That limits my desire to an Alienware M11x to have something portable for games.

    The internet just needs to get to the point where it really is everywhere as a public service before I really buy into it. Sadly we are not there yet.

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  • Wii 2, HD Wii, more crappy

  • miamijim
    Nov 11, 01:02 AM
    I have installed this and am running it now but I do have 1.75 TB of data on my drives to go through, I will update this when the scan is complete.

    It all looks nice and simple anyway so far.


    5 hours of scanning 2.4 million files ......

    1 virus.

    And what was it...... An old rar file back up of a piece of windows software.

    All cleaned up now......

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  • a glowing Star Wars logo,

  • MacAddict1978
    Apr 25, 10:46 AM
    And they can get that data directly from the telecos without access to your phone. I highly doubt this database exists for that purpose when there are much more seamless/invisible ways to get the information. (Waits patiently for someone to down vote this reply since I mentioned the government getting information from the telcos...ignoring the fact I never took a position on it personally. So much for staying informed.)

    No... they use a third party company to hack the phone, and have been for the past year. It's funny this just not became newsworthy as the cops have been on this since the 3GS and have convicted people with the location data. Sorry about your alibis.

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  • Wii 2 diciendo que solo

  • zivilist
    Apr 21, 05:05 PM
    Max 2 SSDs or 2 HDDs?

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  • wii 2 » MTV Multiplayer

  • killr_b
    Aug 7, 03:00 PM
    Just ordered my Mac Pro!! :D

    Quad 3Ghz, 4GB ram, 250GB HD + 500 GB HD, X1900 XT 512MB, Bluetooth+Airport, wireless keyboard and mouse, 1 Superdrive (holding out for BluRay) 30" ACD... $8264.23 :eek:
    Estimated Ship Time... 3- 5 Weeks :eek: :eek:

    This is gonna be good.

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  • Games: Wii Fit 2 in 1 Lady

  • Ommid
    Apr 25, 09:44 AM
    Scary, and seems to be US only.

    Thank god its us only!! lol

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  • Nintendo Wii Classic

  • b!temark
    May 4, 03:43 PM
    It's good to see the debate on the best delivery mechanism for large software releases such as this; there are clearly benefits for Apple to push it through the infrastructure they already have in place.

    In my opinion, this is just another nail in the coffin for Apple resellers. Not content with giving single-digit margins on hardware, Apple is now actively removing another method of generating revenue. Software has better reseller margins (~15-20%) than hardware, but Apple's progress with the App store has seen key applications (iWork, iLife) on there for a substantial discount.

    There are no reseller/affiliate arrangements for the App store, and resellers can't compete with their discount offerings (as Apple set both wholesale and retail pricing). As a result, resellers business will be affected, and continue to be affected if they continue down this path.


    *Disclaimer: I'm an Apple reseller

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  • Since Wii Sports Resort needs

  • fastlane1588
    Aug 7, 02:01 PM
    Now we enter the era of "Merom MacBook Pros next Tuesday!" rumors :p

    Anything that wasn't mentioned today can still come at any time :)

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  • Dragon Quest X Wii logo.

  • 3N16MA
    Mar 28, 12:20 PM
    I don't get how people can view the iPhone design as dated (assuming externals here). I've been playing around with several Android phones lately, and they are all horrible cheap, plastic toys in comparison. I was surprised to find that even Android, the OS, is still slow, jerky and unpolished versus the good old iOS.

    The only devices that can even compete on sheer quality and solid design are the Nokia n8s and e7s. In particular the n8. Just a pity about the software there.

    By all means update the iPhone �*development is good. But I don't see any need to forcefully change the design of it. It's actually pretty damn good.

    I also think the iPhone 4 design is still fresh after two years of the same look with the 3G/3Gs. Increasing the screen to 4" would not hurt.

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  • Wii 2 Announcement

  • Anonymous Freak
    Apr 21, 05:40 PM
    You mean depth. 1U's are DEEP.

    Image (

    They don't have to be deep:

    There is nothing about rack-mounting that REQUIRES a deep computer, it's just a common compromise to make up for the lack of height.

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  • Rock Band 2 PS3, PS2 on Mar 27

  • Lumi
    Nov 3, 07:01 AM
    There's a very good reason why an AV company would want to give away a personal use version of software in order to sell more corporate licenses. The reason is that it increases your footprint for detecting virii and malware earlier and it helps you improve your detection and cleaning technology more quickly helping you to better protect your paying corporate customers, this can only improve your reputation with the coirporates and allow you to charge a premium for your product.

    At present the Mac has few threats, those that are in the wild at the moment generally rely on social engineering as opposed to vulnerabilities in the software, however, what we have to remember is that there have been a number of vulernabilities in iOS that have been exploited in order to jailbreak iOS devices (these vulnerabilities in many cases are also common to OSX as they spring from the same codebase), these exploits do provide the ability to gain root access to OSX and hence provide an avenue to install software (without the users knowledge) that could be used to cause the theft or destruction of data.

    The Mac has previously enjoyed a certain amount of security through obscurity, but the number of exploited vulnerabilities in iOS and OSX is increasing as the installed base of those devices is continuing to grow. The iOS and OSX platforms are becoming more attractive to attackers, particularly as many Mac users do not install AV software and do not understand the threats that exist, this makes the Mac platform easy pickings.

    If you think the virii and malware have been and will always be problems that only windows users will face, then you are mistaken.

    wii 2 logo. The Wii, which will be
  • The Wii, which will be

  • iliketyla
    Mar 29, 02:06 PM
    Up to another 50% on what they already cost?

    Well even though my argument was already refuted by the citizens of other continents on here, in a perfect world the products would cost more yes, but we'd also be making more money with employment here in the U.S.

    Unfortunately we don't live in a perfect world, and the U.S. makes products that other countries have no interest in buying due to poor quality.

    wii 2 logo. Active 2″ for Wii/PS3/XBox
  • Active 2″ for Wii/PS3/XBox

  • Object-X
    Nov 22, 01:32 AM
    The problem with Palm is they are on their way out. They got what? Treo? How long can that last? PDAs are over. So it's all about the phones now.

    They have to be worried. Apple has the midas touch. Whatever Apple get's into they change. Apple has a way of innovation that changes all of the dynamics. They weren't the first with the iPod, but their entrance into digital music has changed the whole music industry, not just digital music players.

    Apple could very well do the same thing with an Apple branded phone. Integrating it into the whole computer experiance in ways we can't even predict. To claim it takes years to make a phone "right" is just proof that Palm has very little to offer.

    The future of phone technology is going to change rapidly and dramically over the next few years. Apple can make billions of dollars in this market. They are going to go for it, and they will leverage their existing products to make it happen and to offer something new. Everyone is fixated on the iPod, but it's the integration with OS X that has the most interesting potential.

    Video iChat on your phone? Internet services? Email? Address? Calendar? Have you used a Palm or Blackberry? They are OK for what they do, but they could be so much better...a lot better. What they are missing is exactly what Apple has to offer -- and it isn't music.

    wii 2 logo. Gameplay: Dead Rising 2#39;s
  • Gameplay: Dead Rising 2#39;s

  • DotComName
    Apr 18, 04:50 PM
    The Samsung UI skin for their Android smartphones copies iOS's UI design to the T! I don't think the tablet claim holds as much water, but they surely deserve to win on the grounds for the smartphone.. Samsung STRAIGHT UP copied there.

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  • High Voltage Software logo

  • twoodcc
    Jul 29, 08:40 PM
    well 2 months after i buy a new Razr, i don't doubt that this phone will be released :(

    wii 2 logo. Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii)
  • Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii)

  • Ger Teunis
    Mar 31, 03:50 AM
    Inverted scroll and no lights on appications running can be turned on in system settings.

    Sure, I know. It's just plain stupid default-settings if you ask me.
    I can't imagine this is a better default setting for new users.

    May 4, 06:32 PM
    ... plain, brown rapper.

    Don't be racist... what is wrong with other color rappers?

    Sorry, couldn't resist.

    I for one will opt for the hard media unless I can download the image and burn it. I'd want to start with a completely fresh install.

    Super Dave
    Jul 30, 05:16 AM
    This sounds cool. Initially, though; I was kind of turned off by the idea of Apple doing a cellphone.

    Unfortunately, I'm pulled back into thinking, "What could Apple do with phones that hasn't already been done." Small, light, photos, video, internet, music, games, personal organization? Most of this is pretty well covered with the current offerings. So what is going to be the selling point here? Is it going to be expensive or affordable? Is it going to be full-featured or bare bones?

    Without even getting into new things, they could just do it well. Cell phones have interfaces like goats. Every single one of them.


    Aug 2, 11:13 AM
    finally someone reasonable! so many of you flippin fools don't realize what WWDC stands for...

    World wide DEVELOPER'S conference!

    this is about professional stuff. in they launched the powermac g5, because developers could then write 64-bit apps. in they discussed tiger (and i think launched new pro displays) so that users could write stuff using core image and all the cool new tiger features. in they announced the transition to intel, because devs could now write stuff for the intel platform (and i don't think they really announced anything else AFAICR...). so in they are going to talk about leopard and how it relates to developers, and maybe release PROFESSIONAL products, like a mac pro or xserve.

    you have got to be CRAZY to think that he's going to intro an ipod at WWDC, when MW Paris is right around the corner! MW Paris in september is pretty much ALWAYS when they intro ipods and consumer products this time of year.

    edit: last year, they had a special media event around october to intro the imac g5 with isight and video ipod and did not have anything at MW Paris. this will probably be the same this year.

    Aug 2, 11:12 AM
    I'm excepting the new OS X preview, new Mac Pros and maybe updated MacBook Pros.

    That's it...after all, it is just a Developers Conference, not a Mac World Expo...I think the focus will stay on the software and the tools pros are most likely to use.

    Apr 25, 11:31 AM
    People claim the iPhone saves cell location data on the phone, and also saves this file during iTunes backups. This is TRUE, and can be verified by reading your OWN iPhone database, which shows where YOUR phone has been. That would be impossible if it didn't save that data.

    SOME people (not most!) also claim that the data is sent to Apple, rather than just kept on the device. THIS, however, is unproven and may well be false.

    As it stands, though, I don't see how "The info circulating around is false." is not a lie. It's very easy to verify that "the info" that this data is indeed saved is true.

    While the data is being saved may be true, the info that Apple is tracking its users is false, and this is what is being spread so widely in the news. As such, the statement that "The info circulating around is false" is subsequently true.

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