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  • roseball
    02-28 12:37 AM
    Please provide any suggestion. I am waiting on this.

    Complete your profile first. How come your GC is not approved if your PD is Nov'02 with EB-2 India....Is your I-140 approved and I-485 pending for more than 180 days? If so, it doesn't matter if your employer revokes I-140, you will be covered under AC21, provided you have another job offer in a same/similar position.

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  • ashugumgol
    11-30 11:08 PM
    My AP was approved Nov 16. Email from USCIS said approval notice sent. I had to travel Dec 4th. When my lawyer contacted USCIS on Nov 25th, USCIS said they were in the process of printing the form. My lawyer suggested trying for the emergency AP. The Baltimore office says walk-ins not allowed. My travel was postponed for other reasons. Double check that USCIS actually mailed the notices to you.

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  • Alfio
    06-29 02:34 AM
    Thank you , that is perfect!

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  • fishjelly
    09-08 03:53 AM
    I am not using Silverlight, just using Visual Studio 2005....
    I use Response.Redirect("previous_page.aspx");
    this make the page load again so cannot display back the previous view...
    There is really no other methods in C# without javacript?


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  • manderson
    11-11 02:58 PM
    that's pretty funny.

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  • sounakc
    03-22 09:41 AM
    thanks guys...


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  • sodh
    07-24 06:47 PM
    so far i've been the ones to pay everything...i know govt got stricter this year and now it HAS to be employer who i'm in bad place as I know how my employer is...
    You can alway's pay cash.

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  • yestogc
    05-07 05:12 PM
    No issues while entering at POE, but I-94 will be given only till H4 validity period.


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  • viz
    02-01 10:29 PM
    I am wondering about exact same thing. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  • TwinkleM
    09-05 12:34 PM
    I have been approved for a new H1 visa for 2 years - Consulate Case. My previous visa extension was denied & so applied for a new one with a different company in a different state. I m trying to book an appointment online for the interview in which I have to fill up DS 156 form. There is one question # 24, where it is asking me write the address where I will stay. At present, I have not decided on address as I don't know stamping would be approved or not. So what do I need to write there. I presently stay in a different stay where I own a house.

    Lawyers & experienced people pls. help out as soon as possible... I am running out of time...

    Thanx In advance


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  • i just put Funny Games US on.

  • gcdreamer05
    02-03 05:01 PM
    or if you know some website which has reviews of companies plz let me know that site...

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  • jediknight
    08-06 06:59 PM
    Here are my case details
    EB3 - 485 filed in Sept 2007 for me and spouse

    My spouse now has a approved I140 in EB2.

    Can we "interfile" and use my I485 app and interchange the dependents. I understand that we will have to use the 2010 priority date.

    Or should we file new I485s that make the spouse primary and me dependent.

    If "interfiling" is possible, how long does it generally take?



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  • a2k2
    06-15 08:01 PM
    Yes I did send a copy of her I-485.

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  • suny_saini
    08-05 12:18 AM
    My case cannot be processed under CSPA, because the form I-824 was not filed within one year of the visa becoming available.

    REF: (A) 02 STATE 163054 (B) 02 STATE 123775


    If the principal applicant adjusted status in the U.S. and a derivative is applying for a visa abroad to follow-to-join, then the date on which the derivative will be considered to have sought LPR status for purposes of satisfying CSPA Section 3 will generally be the date on which the principal (acting as the derivative beneficiary's agent) filed the Form I-824 that is used to process the derivative's following to join application. Therefore, in cases involving a derivative seeking to follow to join a principal who adjusted in the U.S., the derivative can benefit from the CSPA if the principal filed a Form I-824 for the beneficiary within one year of a visa becoming available (i.e., within one year of the case becoming current or petition approval, whichever is later). The instructions to Form I-485 (the adjustment application) advise aliens adjusting status in the U.S. who have derivatives abroad to file a Form I-824 for such derivatives, and the I-485 Form indicates that that Form I-824 can be filed simultaneously with the Form I-485


    WHAT IS the way out?


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  • james_bond_007
    03-25 08:18 PM
    Your case is with TSC or NSC ? . TSC online system has been down for over 2 months now ( no updates after 2/10/09 ).

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  • vin13
    03-08 10:25 AM
    Hi Everyone,
    I did not get back any responses. So I am posting it again. Can someone please advice?
    My PD is EB2March 2005.
    My position titles are not same though the job is similar.
    My salary is 35% more
    Please advice if it is too risky to file for AC21

    There has been many discussions about AC21. Please search for them and read.

    If you have a job in same/similar you should be OK.

    There is no form or application to fill. Some prefer to inform USCIS but not a requirement.

    With your priority date, why don't you wait for end of this fiscal year to see if your GC gets approved.


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  • lsbk
    09-19 07:35 AM
    Hello everyone,
    Please help me with your valuable suggestions. My H4 extension was applied with my husband's H1 extension through premium processing. Both were approved within 6 days. I got my courtesy copy of H4 extension but my lawyer never got the original approval notice with the new I-94. So my lawyer applied the form I-824 for a duplicate copy of my approval. But will I get a new I-94 with the duplicate copy? I was planning to travel to India next month. I do have the white I-94 that I got when I entered the country and the green I-94 that I got with last year's extension. Only the I-94 from this year's extension is missing. Can I travel with that? Will I have problems at port of entry when I return back? Will I have any problems stamping my H4 with courtesy copy?
    I asked my lawyer to file I-102 for replacing the lost I-94 but he said that form is for replacing the original I-94 I got at port of entry(which I already have). So there is no need of it. Sorry the post is too long. Thanks a lot in advance.

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  • jonty_11
    06-14 03:23 PM
    As my attorney informed us of the dates being current - they are asking for this:

    Please advise on the status of removing the residency requirement
    since you can't proceed with until this is done.

    what does this mean?

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  • Voetsjoeba
    05-20 12:53 PM
    Ooh, I like them. They look real nice imo :)

    05-07 12:37 AM

    03-18 02:44 PM
    If that is the case, why don't you opt for 1 and not go for stamping? Indeed you don't need to if you are planning to use AP.

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