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  • Soltan
    11-24 10:49 PM
    Thanks for your reply.
    In the scenario #2, do I need to go out of the country and get a valid I94? (cunsular processing) before I can start work?

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  • uimv
    02-11 06:07 AM
    Please reply/share experience.

    What is minimum duration at which one must get paid at I-140 rate after GC? (after which rate can safely be lesser)

    Thank you.

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  • santosh19
    04-22 07:25 PM
    First how do you know which I-140 has been used for AOS application . you need to make sure of that.

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  • eb3_nepa
    12-11 10:23 AM
    A thought about meeting the Senators/Congressmen.

    Should we not meet the new senators and congressmen now, BEFORE they actually join office? I have a feeling that once they take office, they will become too busy with day to day stuff and immigration will DEFINITELY become a back-burner issue.

    Is it possible to meet the new people moving in after January, now instead of after they take office?


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  • Ramba
    10-29 06:19 PM
    Hi ,
    One of my friends applied for his GC thru a consulting company which he does not work for...He used to work for the company but left that company before he decided to file with them...Since he has good relations with the company, they decided to file for him.
    The company recently filed his I140 but they got a RFE on I140. INS wants to know why does the company want to hire him and why he left the company in the first place..does anyone in the forum has a similar experience to share...The RFE is actually for the conmpany but the owner wants my friend to write a letter and mail it to the lawyer. Any help is appreciated.

    First, employer or his agent only reply to RFE, not your friend.

    Second, it is a simple stright forward RFE, unless INS found some fishy thing (or doubting as it is a bonafide sponsership) as employee not working for sponser. May be they are trying to control future employee loop hole. Employer can write the reason why he left and why they want to hire him back. It is a strightforward easy question to answer.

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  • eb2waiter
    04-07 06:41 PM
    the best and brightest...
    I think he sings better than I code...


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  • tnite
    10-08 07:15 PM
    Is it July 10th OR 20th - I am assuming July 10th :)


    july 10th

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  • theOne
    05-11 09:33 PM
    I have a green card, I plan on getting married. What would be the approximate time to get a green card processed for my future wife ? I am originally from India.

    Thank you.


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  • kevinkris
    10-07 12:48 AM

    Myself and my wife applied for 485, 765 and 131 on Aug 13th and we got receipt notices on Oct 5th.

    But we got only 485 & 131 for my wife and i got 765 and 131.
    485 Receipt is missing for me and 765 is missing for my wife.

    We haven't got any mail today also i.e. Oct 6th. Any thing similar happened to anyone?

    When we will get other receipts. If at all they are missing can we contact USCIS to send them again?

    Thanks for your feedback.


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  • mzafar125
    08-15 11:34 AM

    You cannot file for EAD or AP unless your get your I-485 receipt (A copy of the receipt notice needs to be included in the EAD and AP application). The EAD and AP should go to the same service center as your I-485 application. The address will be listed on your I-485 receipt notice. Pretty straight forward, you can do it yourself, do not pay a lawyer for preparing these documents. Good luck.


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  • raysaikat
    05-17 03:27 PM
    Can someone employed on a H1B visa do small private/independent consulting on the side in the same field of work? Or can he/she get paid as a private consultant in his/her home country while on H1B visa in the US?

    As long as you are fulfilling your obligation to work full-time with your H1-B employer, there should be no problem to do additional work in your home country in your spare time (I am assuming that you will do that remotely) from an immigration point of view. However, it is a complex situation tax-wise. In general you do have to report that overseas income in your tax return and pay tax on it. Things get even more complicated if you do not bring the income back to US but keep it in your home country ...

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  • mandes
    12-14 01:39 AM

    I was laid off from GC sponsoring employer and my previous attorneys may have withdrawn their G-28. Now I have started working for new employer but have not filed for AC21 yet. The new attorneys have sent G-28 forms (so they claim).

    Now I really want to move from the place where I am living so that my commute is shorter for my new employer and am also having lot of problems in the apartment condo where I live. But my concerns for moving are:

    1) Does submitting Ar-11 online , update the address for your pending I-485 also? I have read few stories on the net that people who moved during I-485 and also updated their address still got an RFE at old address OR even worst the USPS returned the notice saying the person does not live there anymore

    2) I have also heard that sometimes the new G-28 forms does not reach your file and RFE/ NOID may goto old attorneys .

    I have these two concerns because my previous employer is going to revoke my I-140 which is going to result in straight denial of I-485 and even if I need to file MTR I may not get the notice in the mail because I may have moved.

    Is there anyone who has been in this situation or moved after filing I-485 and successfully updates their addresses so that they get any RFE/NOID/Denial at new address.


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  • GC_ki_daud
    07-11 04:03 PM
    I have

    EB3 140 approved for June 2004
    EB2 140 approved for May 2006

    My lawyer said that they will file a petiton to apply my EB2 status to my EB3 dates as soon as dates for EB2 cross June 2004

    But now, In this August VB , My EB2 became current .
    What I did not anticipate was the huge 2 year+ jump in EB2 dates

    My 485 was filed in July 2007 and shows the status pending since then.

    I asked my lawyer which 140 did he use to apply my 485 and he says "Both"

    I am confused with a couple of things

    1. Is it possible to file 485 by sending in both 140s. I asked the lawyer and he said that NOW since the date has jumped more than 2 years it is not advisable to file petiton to move dates .:confused:

    2. If I call USCIS , will they be able to tell me which 140 was used to file my 485:confused:

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  • vrbest
    11-21 08:19 AM
    Thanks for the clarification. This helps!

    The text is printed on your SSN card based on your visa status at the time of application. EAD is also a temporary status, this also requires a renewal. Hence, you would not be able to "remove" the text from your SSN card until your receive the GC.


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  • thebullspeaks
    03-06 11:06 PM

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  • Ann Ruben
    01-08 09:57 PM
    you can file for a change of status to H-1, but you cannot begin working until the change of status is approved. Alternatively, you can travel to a US Consul, obtain an H-1 visa, re-enter the US using the H-1 visa and then begin work.


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  • STAmisha
    06-25 09:08 AM
    any body has similar experience?

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  • jeffsmith
    03-24 12:48 AM
    Yes you can do this...just call the embassy....Indian ambassy is pretty help on this...

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  • kondur_007
    08-11 09:49 PM

    I am going to Chennai for my visa stamping and the consulate website says that I need to present the " complete I-129 petition submitted by your prospective employer including the Labor Condition Application " during the interview. Can any one tell me if the photocopy of those documents will do or do I really need to carry the originals (which I don't have)?



    You will not have originals as they are with USCIS :D:D

    Just carry copies; they rarely if ever ask for those any way.

    Good Luck.

    11-08 01:30 PM
    1. Can my wife apply for a visa after she starts using EAD? and later can she extend her H4 along with my H1 extension which I'm going to apply mid next year?

    2.Is it ok to travel just on AP for her if she doesnt want to apply visa?


    Michael chertoff
    02-10 08:26 PM
    Does anyone know the Job Portals (besides dice, monster, careerbuilder etc) / News Papers where I can find jobs in NY/NJ locations?

    Appreciate the support!

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