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  • We have a couple puppies

  • uyingg
    05-12 02:38 PM
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  • makeup Goldendoodle Puppies

  • zico123
    06-19 09:54 AM
    thanks,, but i think the visa interview dates will be closed for aug/sept by the time i receive my I797. :mad:
    If you cannot get an appointment for interview you can schedule an Emergency Appointment at your consulate. Check consulate website for details.

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  • Goldendoodle Puppies for Sale,

  • justin150377
    06-28 10:03 PM

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  • pd052009
    10-26 11:18 AM
    I have recently renewed my passport in Washington, DC. As I stay far away from DC, I get it renewed by post. It took exactly 40 working days to get the new passport. I remember, you have to select a date while filing the application form. So, dont wait... apply asap.
    Hi all, My passport is going to expire next month (November 28th). I can drive easily upto DC consulate .. wanted to know if there is anything specific I need to do. The website (Embassy of India - Washington DC (official website) United States of America - Application for a New Passport or Reissue of Passport (10) years (http://www.indianembassy.org/index.php?option=com_content&id=167)) does not mention anything about "walk in to consulate" information.
    1. Do I need to call and book appointment ? If yes, is there a minimum waiting time to get an appointment, like how many days before ...
    2. Will I get the renewed passport the same day ?

    Any other points/instructions that you think are important please let me know.

    Thanks in advance for your help. :)


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  • Goldendoodle Puppies for Sale

  • dinakar
    04-07 01:57 PM

    Any successful H1 transfers these days, pls post your experience. All that required for a transfer was latest 3 payslips and I797. Is it still the same or have things changed these days ? Can someone pls share your experience.

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  • cute goldendoodle puppy. cute

    03-28 07:03 PM
    updated my profile.


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  • Tags: doodles, goldendoodles

  • H1bslave
    07-30 03:50 PM

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  • Rb_newsletter
    06-16 09:39 PM
    L1s don't visit these sites because most them don't apply for green card. L1s are majorly used by big companies like TCS, Infosys, etc. Those big corporates won't apply for GC. Very rarely based on relationship and long service some apply for GC.

    I see lots of L1 bashing. In reality L1s are pitier than H1s. L1 cannot transfer their visa and change job as H1s do. They have to wait till H1 quota to open up for changing jobs. They run in a rat race to keep their manager happy to get better rating in their appraisal.

    PS: I am on H1 status.

    6 to 1...... maybe L1 guys don't visit this forum since they already got thier GCs....:rolleyes:
    H1 loosers still hanging here.....


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  • For Sale. STANDARD

  • eb3retro
    09-24 08:40 AM
    first thing first update your profile.

    Hi Experts,
    On July 8th I filed my EAD. I never got any Finger Print Appointment from USCIS. I have been constantly trying to reach them about my FP appointment. But, on Sep 20TH I got a notice saying my petition has been denied because I have not appeared for my FP on Aug 3rd.

    They asked me to file a motion, my confusion is should I file a motion or should I reapply. Which one makes it easy and fast to get my EAD ASAP.


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  • hpandey
    07-15 01:47 PM
    I have a EAD valid for next 2 years and H1 is also valid till Nov 2010, my employer want to cancel my H1 and to put me on EAD. Is there any kind of risk involved in doing so, Please suggest.

    There is not much risk in moving to EAD but I don't get why your employer wants to cancel an H1 which is valid till 2010. I have seen employers not wanting to extend an H1 if the employee has an EAD but going out of way to cancel a valid H1 seems extreme.

    Tell your employer to continue your employment on H1 until it expires and then they can start you on EAD. That would give you enough time to think of the PROs and CONS.

    A lot of people move to EAD ( don't renew H1 ) since it only costs more money for the company ( although it provides a small safety net in case your I-485 is in jeopardy somehow ). In my view it is very safe to move to EAD but again in your case I would ask the company to wait till 2010 for your current H1 to expire.


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  • LegalIndianInUSA
    09-11 10:29 PM

    Yes, Im aware of the Cronin memo, and also the clarification on murthy.com below

    But, If you read the memo correctly, the language is vague at best, with references to a final rule that I couldnt find. Even the interim memo(Cronin) isnt available from the USCIS website.

    My goal was not to restart the discussion on this. I simply wanted suggestions on how to approach USCIS to get clarity on this situation. Some options would be

    1. Call USCIS : but do the people answering the call know the rules, and is their "interpretation" valid ?

    2. Get an Infopass appt: Again, an IO may not be the right person responding to this

    3. Contact the USCIS director : possible? how?

    4. Contact AILA

    5. Contact the Ombudsman

    If anyone has thoughts and suggestions about how to get this clarified, please advise. My goal is to get a document from USCIS authoritatively stating their stance on this situation.

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  • visapower
    11-12 01:05 AM

    My employer had given me an approved labour and filed for my I140 in May for which I have received the receipt notice. I subscribed myself for email alerts in USCIS website with my I140 receipt notice number. Few days before I received an email from USCIS that a request for withdrawal of my I140 was accepted and I will have to file a new application if I want to apply again. I questioned my employer regarding the same but they said they didnt withdraw my I140 application and that it must be a screw up from USCIS side.

    Question 1: Is it possible that it can be a mistake from USCIS side?

    I have been approached by a different employer who is ready to file my GC.

    Question 2: If my existing employer has really not withdrawn my I140 application, can there be problems for me if I change my employer and my new employer files my GC..(since there can be two I140s from two different employers) ?

    Thanks in advance..


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  • GoldenBoy
    10-13 07:09 AM
    so its possible to edit swfs from swift in to flash mx or something

    if so thats how?what id like to now


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  • goldendoodle puppies michigan.

  • newh1user
    01-22 05:27 PM
    thanks for your response, I think i have given all the information which lawyer required and hopefully everything will be through but just having fear with us rules


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  • Goldendoodle Puppies FOR SALE

  • meridiani.planum
    07-23 05:34 AM
    Now that Aug is coming up, please post all the 485 LUDs that you have been seeing after 07/18/2008. This will help us getting the pattern, in case USCIS shall auto order the Card production.

    no one is auto-ordering card production (whatever that means).

    lets stick with vdlrao's thread to track Augusts approvals please. no need for another thread for teh same topic.

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  • mhtanim
    02-19 06:37 PM
    Now that the economy is in the toilet, it looks like people in H-1B will have to pay for it.

    An ignorant group of people don't understand that the world has now changed. They can kick out all the H-1Bs or shut-down the whole H-1B category, but it won't make the U.S. any better. The companies will just start opening offices offshore and more jobs will be lost.

    I am just awfully frustrated to see the fact that whenever something goes wrong in this country, the legal immigrant community will have to pay the price.


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  • hemya
    08-04 08:26 AM
    My I-140 was approved July 14th. Online status shows "pending". I was informed about the approval by my manager and lawyer!!

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  • same_old_guy
    10-27 05:32 PM
    That's not completely true. There are improvements in UCIS processing. If you check H1 or I-140 processing time 2 years back , it was much worse then. I dont think USCIS processing time is a problem for us right now. Of course it would be nice to have faster service for H1 and I-140 or 485.

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  • lelica32
    07-30 03:20 AM
    If she overstay, her Visa will be canceled. She must apply for a new Visa. I overstayed 4 month, no ban, just my Visa was canceled.

    06-05 07:02 PM
    Overtime is paid only if you are a non-exempt employee - usually means you get paid hourly. If you are an exempt employee, then you are not eligible for overtime. Not sure if this is different in different states, but that is how it works in Ohio.

    Same is true here in CA (Only non-exempt employees get overtime).
    Again, check with your state agency regards to overtime pay..... or consult a employment attorney...

    08-21 06:14 PM

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