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  • rajuseattle
    02-28 11:12 PM

    RFE is very clear, basically they are asking the documents, which has Picture ID, where your name was mentioned as Pravin, PRaveenkumar and Pravinkumar.

    I dont think u will be able to produce the picture Id for the birth certificate, but for the passport or any other state issued ID, you might be able to have some kind of picture Id dcument which bears your photo.

    Please consult a good attorney who can deal with this situation, this is very unusual circumstances where you appeared to have 3 different names in 3 different doucments and the USCIS IO is confused on how to deal with this situation and requesting the evidence just to make sure that he is issuing GC to appropriate person.

    I know in india it is possible to have these kind of mistakes, but unfortunately USCIS doesnt understand it. you have to have to good attorney to respond this RFE.

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  • samrat_bhargava_vihari
    06-19 09:05 AM

    How long does it takes to get an Advanced Parole documents after filing I485?
    Will it be safe to file I485 and AP/EAD if I am planning to go to India in next 4 or 5 months?


    Contributed $ 200
    I gues with iin 2 months for AP. but i don't know in current scenario with lot of applications. There is no harm in filing AP & EAD with 485. Even if you get them you can use it or not choice is yours. but if you use EAD h1/H4 will be invalid and you have to come back in AP. Also if you come in AP then your H1/h4 will be invalid you have to use EAD.

    I think 4-5 months is decent time to get AP. But with current volume I am not sure.

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  • gc28262
    03-09 08:47 PM

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  • dan19
    09-07 08:12 PM
    Below is the message She gets from Fedex when she tracks the package.
    Is it normal?

    Sep 6, 2006 10:52 AM Delivered WILLISTON, VT
    9:44 AM Delivery exception WILLISTON, VT
    Rerouted to revised delivery address
    9:44 AM Held at FedEx location for recipient pickup WILLISTON, VT
    Package available for pickup at: 921 MARSHALL AVE


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  • GCAmigo
    02-27 01:30 PM
    there goes another question for HH Ajmeri Baba...

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  • anandrajesh
    01-10 04:09 PM
    I mean the PD dates moving...;)
    Let the PD dates move and give us some relief;)

    I call you an ETERNAL OPTIMIST.


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  • ski_dude12
    01-20 04:08 PM
    Yeah. Mention the company's name that filed GC for you/wife. I did the same for my wife. During the interview we both were asked about whether employer had filed for our GC and we said yes. We got the visa, no issues whatsoever.

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  • sparky63
    February 2nd, 2005, 08:24 PM
    I think Anders is on to something ... his version is definitely more interesting


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  • I_need_GC
    08-27 11:42 PM
    If I was in your shoes I would not file unemployment benefits because our sole purpose for filling or evening being in the USA is because we have a job or job offer. I would get an odd job and make ends meet. Filing Unemployment might come back to bit you later.

    It is my Opinion, I can't support the argument with any facts but it makes sense not to file.

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  • pan123
    01-14 11:15 AM

    Friend of mine has got H1B1 visa stamped now. But we just found out that on his passport ECNR is not deleted. ECNR is still required there.

    Can you guys help us to understand what this is? Do we need to remove ECNR before he travel to UR? He has BE (Mech).

    When I came to US my ECNR was deleted and I am also graduate.

    Your help appreciated.



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  • sri@180
    02-19 04:59 AM
    I am Indian citizen residence in USA.
    In my appointment letter I saw State of Residence:Tamil Nadu.
    I didnt select this option.How this information came to my appointment letter.:confused:
    I selected the option before taking appointment.... Indian Citizen Residence in USA.
    Is there any chance to change that.My appointment date is with in one week.
    Do i have to call anybody regarding this.
    Pls tell to me any other options regarding this.

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  • Blog Feeds
    06-29 03:40 PM
    Canadian Immigration Minister Kenney said that Canadian citizenship is more than a legal status, more than a passport. We expect citizens to have an ongoing commitment, connection and loyalty to Canada while introducing a new changes in Canadian Immigrant norms. The main motive behind these changes to prevent citizenship fraud. As promised in the Speech from the Throne, these amendments will streamline the process to take citizenship away from those who have acquired it by fraud, including by concealment of their war crimes. And it would take decision-making away from politicians and give it to the courts.
    The proposals in the Strengthening the Value of Canadian Citizenship Act are as follows:

    - There are likely to be tough new regulations covering citizenship consultants and tougher measures taken against those who gain Canadian Citizenship fraudulently. This follows on from proposed amendments to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act relating to immigration consultants � The Cracking Down on Crooked Consultants Act.

    - The penalties for citizenship fraud are likely to be increased to a maximum of $100,000 or up to five years in prison or both.

    - The intention is to increase the residence requirements so that to gain Canadian citizenship you will have to be physically present in Canada for three of the previous four years.

    - In future criminals including violent foreign criminals will be prevented from becoming Canadian citizens.

    - The process for revoking citizenship and the removal process will be speeded up. In future decisions on revocations will be made by the Federal Court instead of the Governor in Council.

    - Making sure that Canadian law fully implements the first generation limit to passing on citizenship. Generally, Canadians living abroad will only be able to pass on citizenship to one generation. If living abroad the second generation will not normally be able to pass on citizenship to their children. The exception to this will be children of parents who are working for the Canadian Government or a Canadian Province or in the Canadian armed forces.

    More... (


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  • Ennada
    09-16 02:49 PM
    My wife is working on EAD and her EAD is expiring begining of next month. New EAD has been applied. Can she work with the EAD renewal receipt if the EAD expires ? What are the possible options ? Pleas help

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  • morchu
    05-15 04:40 PM
    No issues, as long as the job/position is still available (waiting) for the primary applicant.
    if the primary applicant my spouse can take the extended leave on child care that is sanctioned by the employer


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  • GCHope2011
    11-04 11:16 PM
    Hi All,

    I sent h1b extension application to california center on june 22nd and my application is still not approved. My current visa was valid until July 30th. I need to travel to India on Dec 10th due to urgent reasons . Please suggest what should I do

    1. Can I travel while my extension is pending?
    2. Can I raise a service request to speed up the processing?
    2. or Upgrading to PP is the only option?

    I do have EAD and advance parole through my husband's GC application. If I use parole for travel what happens to my H1b visa and GC application filed through my employer. My visa will still be valid or not?

    Please help...

    Thanks in advance
    1. There is nothing/ no one who can stop you from travelling if you want. The question to worry about is can you come back ;) (I know it is a smart alec answer, but couldn't resist it - and that is indeed the bottom line).

    2. SR to speed up processing might not be of much help

    3. PP will certainly make it time bound - however, even in case of PP, they can send the application for administrative process, which can still take more than the time you have

    Now, what happens in case you travel while the application is still pending? Your application for extension will be considered abandoned, and for re-entry, you will necessarily need to use AP. And since your extension is considered abandoned, you will necessarily need to use EAD to work, even for your current employer (that had filed the extension).

    Hope it helps.

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  • jackhardy
    02-03 10:37 AM
    After seeing the State of The Union Speech I wrote to the President about green card processing delays and immigration reform.

    I would recommend you all do the same.
    Hoping he reads at-least one of our letters and show some mercy + change!

    The address to mail is:
    The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
    Washington, DC 20500



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  • gxr
    10-03 06:56 PM
    Sorry folks, the question may have been asked before.

    Does I-140 have to be approved before using AC21? In my case, I140 has been pending for 1 year now, but got EAD recently.

    If I use AC21 to move to a new job in 6 months, can employer pull out the I-140 ?

    Any workarounds?

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  • seahawks
    03-02 09:17 AM
    only if termination is initiated by the employer, not employee. If you resign, the company is not required to provide you the one way ticket to your home country.

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  • Antonio Trivelin
    October 3rd, 2006, 04:15 PM
    Hi Kevin !!!

    Tks for the comments !!!

    Nice that you come here again !!! I would like to know you too personally but this cities are far from here, but i have a lot of photographers friends in Rio de Janeiro and just one in Belo Horizonte.

    If you need something there, just ask me ok.

    They are always here in this photo forum:

    They always make photo-tour in Rio, they are great friends !



    Blog Feeds
    07-28 12:50 PM
    USCIS has recently published a new fact sheet of common questions and answers for members of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families. ( he%20U.S.%20Armed%20Forces%20and%20their%20Familie s.pdf) The fact sheet contains the most frequently asked questions that USCIS receives.

    The fact sheet is worth reading if you are in the Armed Forces because the answers to some of the questions are different (and usually more advantageous) to members and/or dependents of those in the Armed Forces. For instance, if you are a civilian, obtained your green card through a marriage to a U.S. Citizen and you have been married for less than two years, you must file Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence ( D&vgnextchannel=db029c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD) to remove the conditional residence and obtain your permanent green card. You must file this form even if you intend on applying for citizenship a year later. (Persons who are married to U.S. citizens may apply for citizenship in three years.)

    Members of the armed forces do not have to file Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence to remove conditional residence obtained through a marriage to a U.S. Citizen, if the foreign born spouse was inducted or enlisted in the military and is applying for naturalization based on qualifying military service. Thus, military personnel are permitted to "skip a step" and do not need to file form I-751.

    Additional questions and answers and helpful email addresses to USCIS liaisons are included on the fact sheet.

    More... (

    05-23 06:41 PM
    Please also webfax to your PA Senators.

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