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  • zico123
    06-19 09:54 AM
    thanks,, but i think the visa interview dates will be closed for aug/sept by the time i receive my I797. :mad:
    If you cannot get an appointment for interview you can schedule an Emergency Appointment at your consulate. Check consulate website for details.

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  • battineni
    06-21 01:49 PM
    Thanks alot for your detailed reply.

    jus FYI...I didn't file AOS, so thats why I'm worrying to change the employer with the approved 140.

    My new employer (Company "B") ready to start the process again, but would like to keep this PD.

    Once again thats for your reply.

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  • Digitalosophy
    09-23 12:27 PM
    Hey Flash, would you be interested in a non profit Digitalosophy project?

    Basically it's a file sharing app (flash, xml, php, asp, etc). I really need a logo, and some design work.

    Of course, there isn't any payment as it's non profit, and geared toward Kirupa user's as long as your a member here, you can access the app.

    I have another guy working with me, hopefuly I can round up a few more peeps.

    Of course you will get full credit for whatever work you do on the site credits page.

    this is mainly a portfolio builder, if your interested hit me up on AIM, if not pm me and i'll delete this.

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  • VivekAhuja
    06-16 07:29 PM
    No one can guarantee you what you will be asked for. Take everything that you normally need. Legally company MUST give you pay stubs in some form (electronic or paper) if they have paid you. What is the reason for not generating pay stubs if you have worked there after I-797 approval notice or even just after filing? Visa stamp on passport is not required.


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  • vinzak
    11-10 03:47 PM
    Sorry, couldn't help but ham some more....

    yeh case hindustan(aur china) ke kamzor aur sataaye logon ka hai...aaj unke nazarein aap par hai.. aap par, ke aap unko kya dete hain...GC yaa TAREEKH? :)

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  • gopi544
    06-30 05:41 PM
    Strictly speaking, she cannot use the AP to enter the US unless she had it in her possession when leaving the US.

    Thanks for the quick replay,

    So it means that if she dose not have the AP with her while she leave US, she can not use it.
    Can she go for the visa stamping in India and enter in H4? would there be any problem if she goes to visa stamping and enter in H4 while her AP is in process/approved.

    Thanks again for the suggestion.


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  • onemaveric
    07-15 01:59 AM
    count me in.

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  • Irs
    03-03 09:34 AM
    I always feel the indirect money flow is not counted for.......


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  • bobzibub
    10-06 05:22 PM
    I guess I wasn't shocked when I saw this story, but I have to say it depressed me. The AP reports that Derby Line, Vermont and Stanstead, Quebec, really one town that happens to straddle a border, is now installing security gates to physically separate the community.

    More... (

    Maybe they could use bits of the Berlin wall?
    Berlin Wall for Sale - Buy Pieces of the Berlin Wall (

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  • gconmymind
    09-19 12:25 PM
    Anytime your place of work changes on H1, your company should file an amendment to the H1B labor certification stating your new place of work.

    Hopefully, the officer at the consulate wont ask and you wont have a problem.

    Personally, I have my client's location as well as my company's location on my H1 LCA.


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  • ak_2006
    08-11 01:10 PM
    My friend will come from India on H1B first time to Atlanta Air port this weekend. His H1B was approved for year 2008 and his stamping was done in early 2009. His H1B is from small desi consulting company. What kind of questions he may face? Any inputs will highly appreciated.

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  • gc_bulgaria
    09-26 03:03 PM


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  • gcpool
    04-18 06:49 PM

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  • dog123
    01-11 03:50 PM

    My Priority date is May 02 2007.

    I file 485 and 140 in August.

    My Grandfather is a US citizen. He filed immigration petition for my Dad in 1996 and I was part of it. Before priority date become current I was age out.

    Can I port my Earlier(Family Base) PD to new application(Employment Base) ?

    Thank you,


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  • garson
    02-18 10:17 AM
    Canada has been using this for skilled worker program, where individuals can apply for Canadian permanent residency independently if they fullfill the passmark. Other countries like Australia, UK and New Zealand also follow suit with different types of difficulties.

    How about US? Would US adopt this?


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  • gparr
    January 4th, 2005, 11:29 AM
    Not much happening in this shot. Seems like it needs a bike leaning against the wall, a bench, a red pot, something to give a focal point. Either that or a shaft of sunlight down the street. I'm bothered by the leaning wall on the right. Makes me feel like it's going to fall down on me. Two potential shots I see in the scene are the door and grillwork next to it, if you can get the right light on them, and the hanging plant. Tough to shoot narrow streets like this when there's strong sunlight above but the streets are all in shadow. Did you try other angles/perspectives when shooting this? If so, they might be worth looking at.

    Played with the image a bit in Photoshop to see what I could get out of it. Not sure I did much but I'm no expert, particularly with curves. Maybe someone else can do better. A black-and-white version also might be good.

    Keep shooting and posting.



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  • Ann Ruben
    01-28 09:49 AM
    Because you remained in the US for more than a year after USCIS denied your change of status you are barred from entering the US for 10 years. However, you are entitled to apply for a waiver of this 10 year bar pursuant to �212(d)(3)(A) of the INA which, if granted, would enable you to obtain an L-2 visa and legally enter the US.

    If you are not upfront about your prior overstay, you commit visa fraud. As a consequence, you will face a lifetime bar to enter the US with little or no possibility of a waiver.

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  • 123456mg
    08-16 08:06 PM
    I applied for my PERM Labor Certification on 06-Aug-2007. My status online shows "APPROVED"on 13-Aug-2007. My Lawyer says that the HARD COPY is needed to move forward (My priority date is Jan-2006 from a prior Labor/I-140 approval).

    1. How long does it usually take for the Hard copy to reach the attorney's office after approval.
    2. Is there any way I can apply for I-140/485 by August 17th given that my status shows "APPROVED" as of today (August 14th).

    Any suggestions?

    This is another classical case of attorney screw up. If only your attorney had filed 6 days earlier, you could have filed for your I-140 and I-485 concurrently.

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  • masterfender
    04-28 03:19 PM
    Received the RFE today. It was asking for my birth certificate copy & translation. My lawyer says this is very common. For me this is stupid, they already got my birth certificate copy and the translation.

    12-30 10:39 PM
    I read somewhere that the new memo is effective immediately. So you should consult with your immigration attorney soon. You might be able to take advantage of the new memo and get 6 years of H1b.

    07-21 10:11 AM
    In the 485 filings for me and my wife, my divorce certificate for my previous marriage was put in my files but it should have been with my wife's file per 485 intruction because she is the derivative applicant. If USCIS can't find it in my wife's file, will USCIS look for it in my file since we filed together?

    To fix the problem, could we resubmit my wife's 485 now and withdraw the one just submitted even though we don't have the receipt for it yet? or should we wait until we get receipt for the one just submitted and then resubmit her 485 application when my PD become current again? or could we just submit the missing file after we get the receipt and my PD becomes current?

    Your help is greatly appreciated.

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