domingo, 3 de julio de 2011

Vanessa Hudgens Beastly

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  • kirupa
    01-18 05:09 AM
    Are you using Silverlight or In Silverlight, here is how you can get a custom character to display:

    myButton.Content = "hello world: \u00FC";

    I used the Windows Character Map application to get the unicode identifier for the �.

    Kirupa :luigi:

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  • sanz
    04-05 10:50 PM
    why is the grass always green on the other side :D

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    11-11 10:18 AM
    Such hard times are good times for becoming entrepreneurs who in turn provide more jobs for those who lost their livelihood

    I know. I have a company registered, we few friends decided to have a group kinda thing what you are planning now. I tried to promote that idea but some people got it wrong initially. See our previous discussion.

    Anyways, my goal here is to make people understand that sending mails for AC21 are very important and critical at this stage irrespective or whether you used it or not.

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  • shishya
    11-16 11:43 PM
    Desperately need some help here. I do NOT have access to my PERM or I-140 applications and my current employer's lawyers refuse to give me the documents.

    I want to get H1 transfer and AC-21 to move to another company since I HAVE the EAD but cannot use it since my wife is a dependent on my H1B.

    I am desperately trying to find where to get the "job duties" and the DOT/SOC codes that the new company's lawyer says would be needed to make sure I don't have to go through the PERM/I-140 process again.

    PLEASE advise.



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  • satishku_2000
    05-27 05:02 PM
    Bumping up

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  • sriramkalyan
    05-20 10:56 AM
    Go here:


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  • manbeing
    12-27 06:48 PM
    but on my LCA, my lawyer entered 5/17 as my last day for continuous employment reason.(my first day in my current company was 5/18). Will that be a problem?

    All experience letters should indicate the last date of your employment as 5/15.

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  • lonemetro
    08-15 03:51 PM
    Thanks much for your reply, BumbleBee.

    There will be a great chance that my parent company will close down my current company after I'm transferred to them. I don't think my current employee will withdraw my I-140 case in the future. Hopefully that I-140 will go thru so I can use its PD for my future PERM/I-140 application.


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  • blake
    03-06 11:57 PM
    I currently live in Kingsland, GA... right beside Jacksonville, FL

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  • kalyan
    06-23 12:50 PM
    Those who are on h1 cannot do that as IV is not employer for H1b.

    Who are on EAD and above line can do it.

    Its my thought.


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  • summerpolice
    03-18 10:55 AM
    I think my employer is not willing to sponsor the process due to some reasons.
    Is there any other way of processing the Green card.Can i initiate it myself along with a lawyer

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  • maddipati1
    09-06 01:55 AM
    good ide ras. change the title to start with 'Request to IV Core:' and add D.C. next to Washington.

    These Telugu Assn guys can really mobilize lots of people from DC, Virginia area.

    Pl. Send PMs to IV core members: WaldenPond, Pappu, Logiclife, Paskal etc..


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  • dollyGC
    08-11 06:33 PM
    Hi All:

    Would appreciate if you could answer to my questions below

    1) If I work for a company A ,Can I get my Green card processed by Company B by future employer option

    2) If so when do I have to leave company A or is there any way I can continue with Company A and get my GC processed through company B.


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  • gcformeornot
    03-11 10:56 AM
    not counting the derivatives towards visa count. That would littlerly eliminate backlogs....


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  • dskhabra
    03-18 09:48 PM
    This looks more than enough...I only send copy of 485 receipt and 2 photos and got the renewal done at least 3 -4 times...

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  • amitk81
    03-17 02:54 PM
    This is really stupid of USCIS to assume that we would stay in the same position for 6-7 years before they can re open the case.

    I don't know the answer to your question, but I would think if you are staying at the same place with the same company shouldn't be an issue as long as you stay in the same department.

    e.g. if you start in IT as an engineer and then during the GC process you change to a managerial role this should be o.k.
    But it you shift from IT to sales with the same salary there would be an issue.

    my 2 cents


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  • qualified_trash
    01-02 07:42 PM
    does not seem to be very friendly now !!

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  • ajithkumar
    04-26 05:49 AM

    i was working with employer A (h1b tenure 2006---september 30 2009)...I applied for my extension and also transfer of h1b to company h1b extension sucessfully from 09-2009 to 08/2012...

    both the companies A and B are operated by same person..

    I went for H1B stamping in november 2009 at Canada the mean time my employer has same adress for company A and company B..My employer has provided me a letter stating that company B has merged with company A so they have same address
    The visa officer has found out that they share the same adress and questioned me what is the point of H1B transfer when they share the same adress and both the companies are merged and he refused my h1b visa..

    My employer sugessted me to attend again the interview at the newdelhi consulate ..he has provided me the business license ,office land purchase documents and companies merging document...which i have submited to newdelhi consulate..
    after 3 months the new delhi consulate sends me a visa denial letter
    stating that

    we are not able to issue you a visa because:
    your petitioner doesnot either be able to provide qualified employment in USA
    I129 petition filed on your behlaf has been submitted to USCIS...

    My original I797 was returned to me at the time of interview

    my question:

    Can I apply for a H1B transfer and attend interview again for stamping as I have original I 797???


    Please let me know

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  • Gator
    02-27 01:51 PM
    My received date is Aug 15, 2007.

    I looked at the new I485 instructions and the fee now is $985.00.
    So i think I payed under the old structure. I am going to include the fee for both of them.

    Thanks for your help!

    03-27 03:21 PM
    :D:D:D::D LOL

    On serious note, its really long wait.

    Your individual capacity to stand against frustration, worry and adaptability to strange and sudden events and conditions.:)

    05-25 08:32 AM
    The important thig is the period since yoour last admission to the US before July 2007.

    Say you entered in Apr 2007 then you would not have accumulated 180 days of unauthourized stay in US before filling 485 and you will be OK.

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