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el dia del trabajador. el dia del trabajador.
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  • pmz
    Mar 28, 11:14 AM
    This better not happen. Seriously.
    Or else what?

    Several things. Apple's stock growth will slow, and the price will take a hit. Big deal? Maybe, maybe not. But I can tell you definitively that there is a large amount of padding in the price based on Apple keeping up with it's own defined yearly cycle. The successive cycle that has stayed strict through every iPhone, iPod, iPad, and iOS launch for 5 years has created a pattern that Apple must stick to, or risk losing ground in the mind of investors.

    No one ever expected/demanded Apple to go to a yearly cycle for such advanced refreshes, but they're the ones who chose to do it. If they now begin to fall behind, the growth they've seen WILL suffer, no ifs ands or buts about it.

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  • lucabrasi
    Mar 30, 06:39 PM
    Will this work on the 2011 mbp's?

    The installer does not error out and seems to work... rebooting now

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  • notjustjay
    Mar 28, 10:23 AM
    Well, that's just great. The one year I finally decide I'm going to switch to an iPhone, and it's not coming. :eek:

    In all seriousness, I've been on the iPhone fence ever since the first day it came out here in Canada. If it weren't for the 3-year contracts here, I'd have one already. I'm just about ready to finally jump aboard, but so far what has been "saving" me was that every time I go to the local Fido kiosk, they've been sold out. I've been telling myself that since the iPhone 4's been out for quite a while now, the best thing to do is wait for the iPhone 5.

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  • toddybody
    Mar 28, 10:34 AM
    You have to consider who's making that statement.

    Poor FullOfWin...he'll never know happiness:(

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  • tekmoe
    Apr 26, 03:16 PM
    I had an iPhone 3g for about 3 months before I got rid of it and switched to Android. No regrets and that was close to 3 years ago! :)

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  • Justinf79
    Apr 21, 05:38 PM
    Hopefully it'll be cheaper as well... :D

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  • mrkramer
    Apr 16, 11:46 AM
    All this talk about income taxes is all the MORE reason why we need unprecedented tax reform here in the USA.

    In my humble opinion, we should right now go to a flat income tax using the Steve Forbes flat tax plan, and start a process that four years from now ends all income taxation in favor of a consumption tax on new-production goods and services (the FairTax proposal, H.R. 25/S. 13). I cite the following advantages of this change:

    Flat taxes are always very regressive, basically the reason why this is a bad idea, is that the people it effects are mostly the ones who can't afford it. and the rich will just sit on their money and not spend a lot and not benefit the economy.

    And for the poorer people it would create more reliance on social security and medicare, because now what little money they used to have to save has been taken in the massive tax hike they would just get.

    I'm not saying that we don't need reform of our tax system, but a flat tax isn't the way to do it.

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  • BaldiMac
    May 4, 02:49 PM
    How would one do a "complete fresh reinstall" by this method? Or will we be able to burn to a disc/USB key?

    I would hope that creating a bootable DVD/flash drive would be part of the installation process.

    How is it handled now for developers with the Lion preview?

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  • Mac'nCheese
    May 6, 05:44 PM
    We do? Not the impression I get.

    Sorry, forgot to put that part in blue.

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  • bobber205
    Apr 16, 08:55 PM
    Is there any good real evidence to support the right's theory that lowering taxes on rich actually DOES anything except create a bigger deficit from lost revenue?

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  • WildCowboy
    Jul 21, 02:42 PM
    I 3rd this.

    Why not update them too? I understand that the MBP is PRO but still. What would the MB's be getting then as far as an update at some point?

    If they continue to use Yonah, it differentiates the lines better and either allows Apple to reap a bigger profit as Yonah prices drop or they can pass that savings along to the consumer. (Or they can use the money saved on Yonah chips to up the standard RAM configuration to 1 GB...)

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  • yamabushi
    May 3, 02:35 AM
    There is a strong economic argument for completing the switch now in the U.S. as it can help promote more trade. With the current weak dollar this is a good time to make a stronger push for more exports. Having products with measurement units that already match those of most of the rest of the world reduces costs and enables more products to be exposed to the international market. This means that short term costs to switch should be a good investment for the country overall. U.S. consumers likewise can benefit from reduced prices for some products and a greater variety of products available.

    There are also benefits from reduced time spent on education of the outdated system and more natural proficiency with the newer more universal system. Students, scientists, and engineers in particular can have a more intuitive grasp of work done internationally and save time spent on performing conversions. This makes them more productive and competitive when compared to international colleagues. The cost in time and money for conversions of data and products is actually quite significant in certain industries.

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  • PBF
    Mar 30, 09:25 PM
    in Lion - in the user's home folder is the library hidden? according to some people on the photoshop forums - Apple has decided to make things simpler for new users. I hope thats not true. Can anyone confirm this?
    Yes, it is hidden. Use the "Go to Folder" menu instead.

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  • sonicboom
    Sep 11, 10:47 AM
    I haven't seen any rumors of this, but I would love to see an Apple-branded Comcast HD/DVR box. My Motorola set-top box already has the killer app that everyone wants to see from a IP-streaming device: HD movies on demand for $4 a pop. But the interface is slow and clunky, and Apple would do a much better job.

    Nope... Tivo is already in bed with comcast and cox. They will be providing the new interface for the motorola STB (probably by the end of the year).

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  • Slurpy2k8
    Apr 7, 02:10 PM
    Ehh, purposeful or not (as a sabotage)...not good news for iPad competition:( Which isnt good news for us iPad users...Apple needs constant pressure to release revolutionary products.

    Uh, no they don't. Where was the 'constant pressure' when they released the iPad? The iPhone? The iPod? Apple has released its most revolutionary products in markets with mediocre products, and have essentially created new markets with their products, which when released were not in competition with anything. Apple functions independently from 'competition'- They're not a reactive company. Your assertion has absolutely no historical evidence.

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  • McGiord
    May 2, 08:25 PM
    The main reason that it will never happen -> they never will charge the gas by the liter, they want to keep it by the gallon...and continue increasing the price, if they change to the liters...a lot of people will be confused and start to complaint and blame the price increases on the metric system...wait they may want to use it as a smoke flare....hum,....:confused:

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  • SteveW928
    Mar 26, 11:51 PM
    I think the fall iPad 3 rumors are just bunk. I suppose by then there might be some processor bumps available and such, but I'm really doubting we'll see an update for a year. The whole 'Retina' display buzz for the iPad is just silly IMO. The biggest thing would be IF (and a big if) Apple were to make some kind of new material for the body to lighten things up even more... but again, I don't see that as such a big deal. Better cameras? I suppose that could be a reason for a new model... but why in the fall? Sorry, that rumor just doesn't make sense.

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  • firestarter
    Apr 21, 02:34 PM

    It would be great if there was an even smaller one, now that Thunderbolt allows high speed expansion outside the box.

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  • oracle_ab
    Mar 29, 01:56 PM
    Wirelessly posted (iPod touch 16GB: Mozilla/5.0 (iPod; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    There is nothing wrong with companies using resources abroad. It's called specialization. Why produce something for more money and less efficiently when it can be done better and cheaper elsewhere?

    Because it's rapidly becoming the case that EVERYTHING can be produced more cheaply in places like China and India -- even things that were previously thought to be "safe" industries (medical X-Rays are read in India / China, legal documents are authored overseas and sent back to the US to be signed) because they required and educated or advanced workforce.

    So, I turn the question back to you -- how will you afford to buy an iPod when you are asked to take a substantial (50% or more) pay cut because an individual in India or China can do YOUR job more cheaply.

    Globalization is a race to the bottom, and nobody seems to understand that while the 3rd world rises up, the 1st world inevitably must slide down.

    So, so true.

    Aug 11, 11:00 AM
    My guess: it's a game of "telephone" in which someone misunderstood the meaning of "both laptops." I think it means the 15" and 17" MBP, not the MBP and MB.

    Which does the bottom-end laptop buyer need the most? A lower price (with no reduction in Apple profits) or faster CPU? The former of course, so as Yonah drops in price I expect it to be used for some time to come.

    Yonah is already a VERY fast, G5-class processor--and Apple's bottom model has two of them! It's not screaming for an upgrade when that would prevent a price drop.

    The need for 64-bit will come to low-end users, but not yet.

    Nov 24, 09:20 AM
    That's like shooting yourself in the foot! Morons!

    Hehehe...more like shooting a bit higher.

    Apr 25, 09:25 AM
    I don't think that is the point here. Apple, arguably the greatest and most customer-centric company with the world's best smart phone, the best OS and magical appliances (at least, that is what I'm being told here over and over again) collects location data without your prior knowledge or consent. If you become a member of MacRumors it is your own, deliberate, decision. But I already can see where this is going. Cue the drone-like Apple defenders, I hear them coming ;)

    The drones, any more, are the anti-Apple Zealots, who know less about what they argue than they do about their own favorite hardware or OS.

    Jul 21, 09:12 PM
    Perhaps if I mention my wishes in every related thread, someone at apple will take note?

    iMac Ultra: At least 2.4 Ghz Conroe, 512Mb ATI X1800, and a 23" Screen.

    Macbook: I don't want Merom in it. I don't want a faster processor in it. I want a price drop!

    I've said it before, I hardly think the iMac is unworthy of a WWDC appearance. In my opinion, it's close enough to a Professional machine. Albeit an inexpensive one in a compact enclosure.

    Is there really any chance that the MBP's WON'T get an upgrade to 2.16/2.33 Meroms???

    They can leave the faster Mac Minis, Macbooks and iPods for Paris Expo.

    Don't care about iPods.

    This is what Lord Erasmus wants. If he is not appeased, Steve himself will bear the brunt of my experiments into human nature!
    (For all you Legends of Dune fans out there. For all who haven't read the BEST TRILOGY OF ALL TIME, that means dissection!)

    Vantage Point
    May 7, 04:55 PM
    Well, I just bought it because I need to sync my computers. However, I do not believe Apple would do this for free :rolleyes: At $99/yr list price it is a lot but I wouldn't mind paying $25/year. Better yet, Apple should include it as a free service for those with Apple Care to leverage people into buying the extended service, For others, charge $25 - $50/year. Heck, we pay a premium for Apple products, they should throw us a bone every now and then.

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