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portal 2 ps3 cover

portal 2 ps3 cover. portal 2 ps3 case. portal 2
  • portal 2 ps3 case. portal 2

  • dontwalkhand
    Mar 30, 12:59 AM
    Hey Apple,
    I don't want my iPhone 5 to be leaking radiation...

    Too soon? :cool::rolleyes:

    I hope you know that cell phones emit radiation.

    portal 2 ps3 cover. Final: Portal 2 PS3, Xbox 360,
  • Final: Portal 2 PS3, Xbox 360,

  • GFLPraxis
    Jul 23, 11:12 AM
    If they did, it could work out quite well from a marketing point of view. However, I doubt it will all happen at WWDC. Maybe around September.

    Why not? Conroe will have availability by WWDC, IIRC, and Merom won't be far behind- they could announce a MBP with Merom, shipping in two weeks after WWDC.

    MBP with Merom, iMac with Conroe, Mac Pro's with either Conroe and a Woodcrest quad or all Woodcrest, MacBook's with Merom or Yonah w/price drop, and Mac Mini price drop back to $499.

    portal 2 ps3 cover. Portal 2 PS3, PC connectivity
  • Portal 2 PS3, PC connectivity

  • rtharper
    Sep 11, 09:19 AM
    It won't be updated tomorrow. But it will probably be updated as soon as later this week. Boo freaking hoo already, is it really that big a deal to wait a few days. And here's the big question: IS DELL EVEN SHIPPING MEROM LAPTOPS YET?

    No, but they're not playing games with my rather fragile heart =(

    portal 2 ps3 cover. portal 2 ps3 case. portal 2
  • portal 2 ps3 case. portal 2

  • infidel69
    Apr 23, 02:29 PM
    I need:
    8 Internal Bays.
    More PCIe Slots.
    Keep Dual Optical Bays.
    More Ram Slots.
    Built in Fibre Channel (This is a stretch)
    That should be a MacPro. What you guys want is that magic headless iMac. I want more, not less.
    Working in Video I need the most horsepower possible. 32 Cores would be nice.

    At home I can live with my iMac, but editing on it is a pain. A MiniMacPro might work there, but it will still cost 2k and people will bitch.
    For work I can justify spending $8,000 on a high powered PRO machine.

    Exacly, these are workstations if you want something small with limited expandability buy an imac.

    portal 2 ps3 cover. portal 2 ps3 box. portal 2 ps3
  • portal 2 ps3 box. portal 2 ps3

  • 0815
    Apr 25, 10:06 AM
    I still don't get the outrage of many people. From all the 'tracking issues' out there, this is the one to worry the least about since it is only on your device and is not send to anyone.

    If you really worry about anyone knowing where you are or have been, there are better 'targets' to go after, some where information is really send and analyzed by people 'out of your control'.

    portal 2 ps3 cover. portal 2 ps3 box art. portal 2
  • portal 2 ps3 box art. portal 2

  • emotion
    Aug 2, 11:02 AM
    I like this guy. He's being reasonable. However, I'd bet that Apple does NOT update any other Macs to Core 2. Yet. Save that for Expo Paris.

    Don't forget that apple dont just compete with themselves but other PC manufacturers now, and that release schedule would put them way behind. I expect speedbump/updated MBP and iMac at least. Probably on a random Tuesday soon.

    portal 2 ps3 cover. portal 2 ps3 vs 360. portal 2
  • portal 2 ps3 vs 360. portal 2

  • Moyank24
    May 3, 05:46 PM
    We may need a woman in charge, because Lord knows none of the men will ask for directions. ;)

    But, yeah, I'm for exploring the room we are in.

    portal 2 ps3 cover. portal 2 ps3 vs pc. portal 2
  • portal 2 ps3 vs pc. portal 2

  • trip1ex
    Apr 23, 05:28 PM
    I could take this or leave it at this stage.

    Would rather have upgradeable hard drive and even upgradeable gpu instead of twice resolution.

    Would rather have anti-glare option too.

    But if this means some sort of resolution independence then I'm all for it now.

    portal 2 ps3 cover. portal 2 ps3 vs xbox 360.
  • portal 2 ps3 vs xbox 360.

  • tuna
    Mar 29, 09:51 AM
    I still don't get how this is better than Dropbox, hopefully it can compete with Dropbox though to make the service better.

    I am up to 7GB I believe of free storage on Dropbox too.

    And what's the point of having 5GB of data in the cloud if mobile data plans only allow you to download 2GB?

    I am so tired of hearing about this.... Do you think that when somebody makes a game for the Wii, 360 or PS3, that Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony don't make any money from it?

    Its a false analogy. Game systems are developed and marketed at a loss (at least for a while) and royalties on game sales help make up for it. This is how it has been historically.

    iOS is a computing platform. It is not the status quo for the OS developer to seek royalties from the software that runs on it. And further, iOS hardware is outrageously profitable in itself.

    portal 2 ps3 cover. portal 2 ps3 case. portal 2
  • portal 2 ps3 case. portal 2

  • Small White Car
    Apr 5, 02:22 PM
    :confused: ALready has Friend Jailbreaking is already legal

    So you used the terms "I will revel in the day" and "yes it will happen" for something that's already happened?

    Uh...ok. :confused:

    Based on your future tense I assumed you meant the day when Apple will actually endorse Jailbreaking directly, not the day they'd be forced to simply allow it. Apparently you were using future tense to talk about past events, so you can see how I got confused.

    portal 2 ps3 cover. portal 2 ps3 case. portal 2
  • portal 2 ps3 case. portal 2

  • Jett0516
    Apr 26, 04:49 PM
    you guys are still in denial.

    the fact is...most people dont want an iphone. the reports says it and the sales numbers proves it. its not about the limit availability of the iphone or contract issues...its just doesn't appeal to most people.

    portal 2 ps3 cover. portal 2 ps3 vs pc. portal 2
  • portal 2 ps3 vs pc. portal 2

  • Glideslope
    Apr 5, 02:47 PM
    Leave the jailbreak community alone Apple!! What is your ****ing problem??? Can't we just coexist???:mad:


    Tim. :apple:

    portal 2 ps3 cover. portal 2 ps3. portal 2 ps3 box
  • portal 2 ps3. portal 2 ps3 box

  • MikeDTyke
    Sep 11, 07:26 AM
    I've been doing a bit of thinking about the video airport express rumor thats been doing the rounds.

    If you were to take the current AE and add a video out, you'd get a fairly poor user experience. ie. no remote, no control! Also the form factor of the current AE is such that you plug it in and hide it away.

    Some might clamour for a wireless remote, but 2 factors limit this possibility, reduced battery life (on wifi) and a poor response through walls (bluetooth). Apple's shown in the past they are quite happy with the reliable and long established infra-red remote.

    I believe therefore that the updated AE will appear as a small set top box, in order to have the IR in plain view. The other thing about the set top box. It' aint gonna be some boring grey flat component. Apple will want people to love it as much as the ipod. Therefore i suspect we'll see a distinctly visible design, different to all the other set top's and AV components we have to date. With SJ's love affair with cubes, perhaps this is an opportunity for the Aluminium Media Cube. Small llike 3" with a small hal like blue eye watching our every move. ;)

    The other aspect i'd like to touch on is that in order to make these puppies sell like hotcakes, i.e.Cheap, i suspect the aforementioned cube to be very basic dumb terminal. Dependent on a wireless mac or PC for disk and essentially only displaying a frontrow remote display. This of course would mean front row for older macs and pc's.

    The other other aspect (Gah i should think about these posts before writing). Is that no one is going to want to run upstairs to their Mac, go on itunes, click on the media store, select Scary movie #17 (more boobs than all the rest), click download. Then run downstairs to the Media cube, finger on button guessing when they can start to play. I therefore think that front row will gain an interface onto the ITMS so that media can be bought from the comfort of the sofa. This will kick off the actual download from upstairs computer and the front row interface will show when the user can start the movie.

    Apple have patents for remote displays and specifically buying a item of media on one device and downloading to another. Search if you're really interested.

    As i said, this is only a bit of out of the box thinking. I personally hope the device is more intelligent with a HardDisk so if my Mac is powered down, its not completely useless, along with the absolutely essential need to be able to record just like tivo. But here's waiting, should know in about 29 hrs. tick tock, tick tock.


    portal 2 ps3 cover. portal 2 ps3 case. portal 2
  • portal 2 ps3 case. portal 2

  • aswitcher
    Sep 11, 03:28 AM
    i present you...

    the mediamac:

    I would be happy if it was in aluminium and in black to allow better cooling. But that would be mighty fine.

    Would be nice with a usb and firewire port in front as well.

    portal 2 ps3 cover. PORTAL 2 - PS3, 360,
  • PORTAL 2 - PS3, 360,

  • Nuvi
    Nov 8, 01:03 PM
    Back OT, I've not installed Sophos on my MBP yet, still waiting for more verdicts from you lot :)

    The software is fine. You won't notice it unless you encounter malware etc. You can always uninstall it if you don't like it.

    portal 2 ps3 cover. portal 2 ps3 split screen.
  • portal 2 ps3 split screen.

  • kiljoy616
    May 6, 02:19 AM
    Very true. Listen to the man.
    There's many analysts that believe ARM will supersede Intel.

    Very well said, considering that right now the Cortex-A9 can do 4 core there is nothing to say that in a couple of years if not sooner they will double that.

    I am not sure I can see the Pro running Arm but everything else even maybe iMac running arm of 4 or more core would make some sense. Still it a rummor and we really don't know what Intel will pull out of their bag in the next 2 years which is a long time in the tech sector.

    But still possible to see Apple move completely into something not only they have control over but will make their machines so thin we will think it was magic:p

    portal 2 ps3 cover. Brand New Portal 2 Sony PS3
  • Brand New Portal 2 Sony PS3

  • MacBuck
    May 8, 08:03 AM
    I'm one of the people that find the price tag to be a bit hefty. But, I'd rather not use it than have a free watered-down service.

    portal 2 ps3 cover. portal 2 ps3 steam.
  • portal 2 ps3 steam.

  • Prof.
    May 7, 02:21 PM
    It's probably already been said but, free with iAd support. ;)

    portal 2 ps3 cover. portal 2 ps3 box art. portal 2
  • portal 2 ps3 box art. portal 2

  • aswitcher
    Sep 11, 03:28 AM
    i present you...

    the mediamac:

    I would be happy if it was in aluminium and in black to allow better cooling. But that would be mighty fine.

    Would be nice with a usb and firewire port in front as well.

    Apr 10, 12:05 PM
    Agreed again.

    I like this! Can I pay you to follow my posts constantly agreeing with me?! :D

    Half Glass
    Jul 24, 07:54 AM
    Yeah something just doesnt feel right. OS X recognises a 2.93GHz chip as 4GHz? and since when does Apple put in CPU features in system profiler?

    Ok, so I hate to admit it, but I can confirm from my experimental days that OSX 86 reports at least P4 CPUs innaccurately as mentioned above. The system profiler in OSX86 does attempt to describe the chip. My HT P4 2.4 GHz was reported as a 3.something. Don't know if it was the hyperthreading or the HT coupled with the OSX86 hacked version itself was the problem in the reporting.

    I can say that I never got anywhere in terms of stability with the experiment. Video card was the biggest problem. Hey, I was curious.

    I still have an eMac (wife's) and just like Multimedia mentioned above, I sold my PowerMac dual 2.0 last week for top $$ before the new ones are released. Have you ever met anyone who made a profit on a computer 9 months later? Bought the dual processor from the apple store *right* after the dual cores were announced. They took $500 off. I can't believe what people are paying on eBay knowing that the change is days away. But, they still got a great machine below current market value.

    Since I don't make a living on my Mac and I have my wife's for email/internet I can go without one for a few weeks (but it's hard!). I am anxiously awaiting the announcements with Conroe/Merom. I bought my P-Mac only because of the original deal I got. With the $$ from it's sale, I don't know if I'll be getting a P-Mac or an iMac.

    Add my name to the list of people wanting a midrange tower.

    --Half Glass

    Nov 26, 05:22 PM
    Listen my children. Take a Sony PSP. Chop off the two ends with the game controls, leaving just the screen. This is the form factor. Remove the Sony drive put in a hard disk and infrared port and touch sensitivity. Leave the WiFi, removable rechargable battery, USB 2, headphone.

    This is pocketable. It runs OSX. It is 'the' video iPod. It is a smart remote. It is an Apple Remote Desktop device that can control ANY Mac over WiFi or the Internet from anywhere.

    Now add quad GSM and you have the Apple iPhone. I'm tellin' ya. $500.

    And, Apple becomes a cellular carrier using that huge enormous data center they just bought. The phone works on any carrier but with Apple yoiu get all you can eat high speed Internet, perfect iSync, music/video downloads/purchase, ARD and so on.

    Sep 15, 09:16 PM
    I don't really care about the C2D processor, since most reviews are it is a bland chip without the Santa Rosa chip set. Better, sure enough, but not enough to care about.

    Santa Rosa isn't a chipset, it's the name of the platform.

    It consists of Merom (eventually Penryn?), Crestline (i965 express chipset) and Kedron (802.11n).

    Santa Rosa won't affect performance a great deal.

    The faster FSB will make a difference of maybe 3-5%. Maybe a little more in bandwidth-sensitive applications (say, some forms of decompression).

    Less than than the difference between Yonah and Merom.

    The other big differences are the new graphics core -- which the MBP won't use, the 802.11n - for which the spec hasn't yet been ratified, and is something easily added by changing/adding a wifi card, and the Robson flash caching technology, which is probably the biggest difference.

    Note that Crestline is currently specced at consuming ~50% more power than the i945 chipset in Napa. Robson, however, should reduce some of that.

    It's quite ironic that after years of Powerbooks getting new G4's with tiny clockspeed boosts, something like Merom is considered "bland"(?)

    Apr 25, 11:18 AM
    Jobs is spinning his BS again as usual. Even when there is overwheming evidence to the contrary...he still insults the intelligence of his customers who he clearly regards as beneath him.

    Apple is:
    Image (

    LOL! Funny! Good one! :rolleyes:

    Can you share the "evidence" thats sooooo overwhelming?

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