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  • Phil A.
    Apr 10, 01:51 PM
    / is not clear, how far does the division extend?

    That's like saying how far does the multiplication symbol extend if used in an equation: It's a mathematical symbol synonymous with � and extends to the next number (or parenthesised statement)

    You wouldn't think that 4 x 5 + 4 meant 4 x (5 + 4), so why would you think that 48 / 2 x 12 meant 48 / (2 x 12)?

    royal wedding dresses kate middleton. royal wedding dresses kate
  • royal wedding dresses kate

  • milozauckerman
    Aug 7, 03:36 PM
    1. You are going to spend thousands on a Mac PRO and you are going to pitch a fit over adding wireless for less than 80 bucks?
    Yes. I bought a work truck for $15000 and made them give me a $100 bedliner free. The amount I'm spending has nothing to do with my desire to extract the most value for myself.

    Apple ain't a charity, I want every last penny I can squeeze from our transactions.

    Guess what, these are PROFESSIONAL WORKSTATIONS, not consumer internet computers. The target demographic of these computers is a wired-network setting. Obviously home users and others may have use for wireless in a Mac Pro, so that's why Apple OFFERS IT.
    These are PROFESSIONAL WORKSTATIONS that LOOK an awful lot like DESKTOP COMPUTERS shockingly enough.

    I hear you can even buy one if you've never worked in an office.

    I hear Apple's popular among 'creative types' who might work independently, even from home.

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  • ECUpirate44
    Apr 10, 06:21 PM
    So he is the man. Does he do your taxes?:D

    Nope, but considering the level of math it takes to do taxes, he could :D. Should I ask him if he would do yours for you?

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  • Poudresteve
    Jul 22, 10:26 AM
    If we don�t see it all on Tuesday. What is the longest Apple can wait? And why would they choose to wait?

    I could see Apple waiting a while (at least through the back to school season) while the prices on the Yonah processors plummet, and Apple's laptop profit margin skyrockets to even higher levels. I'm guessing Merom's in the MBP and iMac in September (along with the new nano), just in time for the holiday shopping season.

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  • chrmjenkins
    May 4, 04:30 PM
    Also, if it isn't clear, we'll be alternating narratives. I'll finish up the heroes' second action here, and then it will be ravenvii's turn. He'll also track stat keeping. These duties may shift/change but if either of us posts a narrative, don't be surprised.

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  • kresh
    Sep 15, 05:05 PM
    According to this review, it runs measurably (not necessarily significantly) cooler with longer battery life, etc.

    I hope so :)

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  • zap2
    Mar 29, 04:34 PM
    Plus there is a plethora of unknown pollution aspects of producing tech products. Tree hugger's would freak

    Very true sir.

    Do you two have any hard data to suggest this is actually true in this case? Considering this company is planning to expand to the US and China, what evidence do you have suggest that its dangerous?

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  • Macman1993
    Apr 26, 02:07 PM
    Some will be bothered about IOS not being the most dominant. I personally don't care, I just want the best mobile OS.

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  • Rdclark
    Mar 29, 01:38 PM
    ...obviously, is the rollout of a "Kindle Tablet" running Honeycomb.

    The custom Amazon front end would have icons for:

    Kindle Reading App (and Kindle Store)
    Amazon Music Player (with cloud storage) and MP3 Store
    Amazon Prime Streaming Video (and the Amazon Video Store)
    Amazon Android App Store
    Cloud Storage Manager
    Some sort of Web Browser

    And underneath that is Honeycomb. Maybe they throw in a free Amazon Prime subscription with purchase (free 2-day shipping on Amazon purchases).

    Here would be Amazon leveraging all their strengths into a physical device that could seriously challenge the iPad in ways that no other vendor can, because it creates an Amazon "ecosystem" with the worlds biggest store for physical goods attached.

    People like to shop.

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  • peeInMyPantz
    Aug 4, 06:14 AM
    I think the very last machine to get it will be the bottom end MacBook and slowest Mac Mini. There is no reason why they could not offer both Yonah and Merom in the same systems since they are the same sockets. With the discounted Yonah or Core Solo they could hit there $499 price point on the mini and $899 for the Core Duo white MacBook. The Black MacBook will see Merom near the same time as MBP. They may wait 3 weaks or so to see if the Merom supply can meet demand.
    I don't think price for MB will ever drop, even if they're staying with yonah. It's selling quite well at this price. If they offer yonah and merom in the same system, the price diff will not be a lot, and apple will end up stocking for both yonah and merom, which is not something they will do

    I'm gonna go on record and say they will NOT intro new MBP at wwdc. Some sales of the current MBP are better than none and if they they intro a new one they will not sell any and probably just take pre orders. Not gonna happen. They will wait until late August or early September to announce them when they are actually ready.
    sales are going to drop anyway, coz ppl are going to wait. It's just like last year before intel processor come into the picture, there's a drop in sales coz ppl are waiting..

    That banner is showing Apple's existing products, not future products. The 64 bit logo is no doubt referring to the current line of G5 machines.

    maybe it's about leopard

    .. don't u just love speculation.. haha

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  • Ommid
    Apr 25, 08:08 AM
    Bit harsh, but true.

    Probably because there is no need for it in that range? Plus most Mac Pro users won't use Apple displays IMO

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  • chrmjenkins
    Apr 18, 02:51 PM
    Pretty textbook case of biting the hand that feeds you here, even if Samsung business units are separated.

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  • Kate Middleton#39;s Royal Wedding

  • FFTT
    Aug 4, 08:21 AM
    As always, I'm quite conservative about any new releases.

    I'm sure those that MUST buy a new computer this year will soon find themselves with empty pockets or maxed out limits on their credit cards.

    I might consider a Merom based MacBook, but otherwise I'm waiting quite
    a while for a new desktop.

    Rev "B" quad core or octacore will be my next desktop upgrade.

    Rev "A" of any release has consistantly proven to be an unwise purchase unless you can afford a new machine every 2 years.

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  • DudeDad
    Apr 25, 11:29 AM
    (have not read all the posts, so forgive me if already pointed out)

    Uh....the phone companies track you and know where you are....they have to so that you can get a signal from a cell why is this a big deal?

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  • Soothsayr
    Apr 25, 09:06 AM
    I bet the people crying "foul" the loudest are also the ones who have FourSquare installed and update it every 5 seconds.

    Jobs is right - big difference with your phone remembering locations, as opposed to Apple actively gathering it.

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  • Tyrion
    Apr 20, 09:06 AM
    So many has bought an iPhone 4. At&t and Verzion.

    We all are on a 2 year contract.

    Yes, the US is literally the entire world. There are no other countries, let alone other countries with 12-month contracts. Why, Sir, that would be inconceivable!

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  • gnasher729
    Aug 7, 02:24 PM
    Powerful system for sure but looking at this thing it seems the base unit is a workstation to me. The 7300 GPU is a $99 Gpu so I was surprised they went so low with the base graphics.

    I think there are many people who need all the CPU power they can get, and don't need that much graphics power at all.

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  • appleguy123
    May 3, 06:36 PM
    There's a few mis-stated rules in Don't panic's rules that I will address shortly.

    But one is that a trap activates as soon as you attempt to leave the room. The only way to avoid a trap is to explore the room, which will discover, and disarm, the trap.

    With that said, there are currently nothing placed on the map by the villain. He will make his first move after you slow-pokes are done ;)

    I'm confused. Are you saying that the villain gets to listen to our conversations and then place the traps? Can he place a trap in the room we're in right now? If so, should this planning be done via PM?

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  • iJohnHenry
    Apr 10, 06:15 PM
    Multiplication is always what you do, when there is a term directly adjacent to the ().

    "Oh, I did not know that!!" - Johnny Carson, The Tonight Show

    I get 61,835, but I'm beginning to think someone has mucked around with the keys on my calculator.

    Finally, humour.

    Check your IMOS battery. I think it's failing. :p

    May 7, 05:08 PM
    I say that they make it free to Mac users and like $29 a year for Windows users.

    Aug 11, 10:35 AM
    so once these are released, what are the chances if my MBP was broken Apple Care would replace it with a new Core 2 Duo one?It's possible. I've heard of iBooks replaced with MacBooks and iMac G5's with Intel ones.

    Mar 27, 12:36 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPod; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    I don't believe the iPad 3 is coming out this year. However, I'm curious what Apple would do if they wanted to change the release date to a later month, say September. Theoretically, they could release a slightly improved model at a higher price point later this year, calling it a "Pro" model, while still selling the current model. Then early next year, discontinue the iPad 2 and continue to sell the Pro models at a reduced price until September 2012 when the iPad 3 is released. I'm not saying this will happen, but I just wanted to point out a possible senario if Apple wants a later release date for the iPad.

    Glen Quagmire
    Aug 7, 02:09 PM
    Anyone drop one of these in their cart and press order yet?

    Someone on Ars has.

    I am thinking about it.

    May 5, 10:34 AM
    About as meaningful as the need to figure out one third of 13/16.

    How about a quarter of 3" 13/16? Which I regularly need to do when cutting photo matts? Yes - I would round the 13/16 down to 12/16, no wait that's really 3/4. Except that for my equipment it's better to round up. And rounding it to 14/16 is not really better. And 16/16 introduces too big an error. Now I suggest to photographers they buy European made matt cutters - for the measurement scale.

    Keystroke for keystroke, just the way you did it, except substitute the fraction symbol for the apostrophe and quote symbols you used for feet and inches. I own several calculators, and they'll all do this.

    So you'd enter " 3/ 7 13/16// " Seriously, I'm not trying to be funny here.

    We own a couple of basic calculators, and of course there's Google's search bar calculator. Google is actually pretty good, but I think I would need to decimalize the fraction first....

    Now I am trying to be funny. When I typed "(3ft 7in)/3" into Google to see what happens, I got "(3 ft 7 in) / 3 = 36.4066667 centimeters". Even Google is metric! I tried it with the fractional inch too, but Google wouldn't calculate that. Apparently Google also doesn't like fractions of an inch.

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