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ipod touch 5g release

ipod touch 5g release. ipod touch 5g release date.
  • ipod touch 5g release date.

  • koruki
    Apr 18, 03:42 PM
    You are funny. Do you know that Samsung spends 10 times more than Apple on R&D?

    Well isn't that just embarassing? lol 10 times the money and they can't find SHI*T :mad:

    ipod touch 5g release. iPod Touch 5G Release Date 2
  • iPod Touch 5G Release Date 2

  • bedifferent
    Apr 24, 10:24 AM
    Ah... But notice they sell one type of these displays and not the other ;)

    Currently, roughly how much would a display that meets retina specs cost?

    ipod touch 5g release. ipod touch 5g release date
  • ipod touch 5g release date

  • toddybody
    Apr 7, 12:19 PM
    it's a lower cost model? Customers that want to pay less buy it, it's not that hard to understand and is done in all industries. You have no point.

    Wow. I think you missed the point. At 1199, the MacbookPRO should have a discrete option...hell, POS HP's at 600.00 do.

    Oh, and please spare me the snarky "well then enjoy your HP! Har har har" comment.

    ipod touch 5g release. ipod touch 5g release date.
  • ipod touch 5g release date.

  • nuckinfutz
    May 7, 12:29 PM
    Prefrences > mobile me > iDisk ...Set iDisk syncing on and a local cache of your iDisk is created and synced automatically. Just like dropbox.

    Dude you are ********ing great. I've only been a member since Feb and this is the first i've heard about it. Thank you kindly.

    ipod touch 5g release. ipod touch 5g leaked. ipod touch 5g. ipod touch 5g
  • ipod touch 5g leaked. ipod touch 5g. ipod touch 5g

  • iGary
    Sep 11, 08:02 AM
    I told Rob about the event yesterday...

    "Great, all we need is another iPod." :rolleyes:

    ipod touch 5g release. house ipod touch 5g release
  • house ipod touch 5g release

  • Pixel35
    Sep 16, 10:34 AM
    Give us back the 12". It�s all I'm asking.

    ipod touch 5g release. wecitevex: ipod touch 5g
  • wecitevex: ipod touch 5g

  • Stella
    Nov 23, 10:49 AM
    Did the cat also happen to take any photos of unreleased products in elevators?

    Wow. How did you guess? :p

    The pictures were taken using the camera on the actual Apple device.

    ipod touch 5g release. hot ipod touch 5g release date
  • hot ipod touch 5g release date

  • mcrain
    Apr 19, 12:10 PM
    Everyone does pay taxes. The statement that 40+% of the population paid no taxes is a lie. They may have paid no Federal Income Taxes, but that does NOT mean they paid no taxes.

    ipod touch 5g release. ipod touch 5th generation
  • ipod touch 5th generation

  • Arcus
    Apr 25, 08:50 AM
    The info circulating around is false.

    So Steve is saying there is no database of locations? Thats just an outright lie.

    ipod touch 5g release. apple ipod touch 5g release
  • apple ipod touch 5g release

  • batchtaster
    Mar 29, 09:29 AM
    It's funny - every time I type the name of the service, it comes out "Clud Drive".

    ipod touch 5g release. ipod touch 5g release.
  • ipod touch 5g release.

  • wizard
    Mar 29, 04:11 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Always looking at the negative side of things. Maybe a little radiation will lead to higher power densities.

    These jokes just aren't funny.

    It's too early for this. Maybe it will never not be too early for this, but please have some sensitivity for people who have friends/family/are themselves in affected areas.

    Actually, Japanese companies manufacturing products in Japan is extremely inefficient due to the high cost, and due primarily to protectionism and racial pride. The Japanese domestic market is known for being highly inefficient.

    Do you have any evidence for this?

    Who is joking here?

    A better battery is highly improbable. However if you only look at the dark side of an event you pass up any chance of benefitting from it. Certainly it isn't good to have your nukes melt down but this is also a learning opportunity. That is if people can look at what is happening objectively. If all you see is people getting irradiated then you aren't looking at the bigger picture.

    ipod touch 5g release. ipod touch 5g rumors. ipod
  • ipod touch 5g rumors. ipod

  • kiljoy616
    Mar 26, 11:05 PM
    What crack-addled mind seriously thinks it'd be sensible or probable that Apple would come out with a new iPad 5 months after... coming out with a new iPad?

    I mean, I suppose, if they just wanted to take the biggest splashiest attention grabber product they have and not bother capitalizing on all the time & money they spent on iPad2, and just completely hamfist the frickin thing up it's own arse for the sheer bloody hell of it, then yea, sure it makes total sense.

    Or you could look at it this way, considering that the new ipad 2 is a capable graphic gpu its possible that the big difference to the ipad will be some retina like upgrade only. :)

    I was feeling( I know :p ) the ipad 2 and its so thin that it actually felt nice in my hand :) more so than the ipad 1 :o so making the ipad 3 even more thinner to me would not really be a sell considering how thing it is now and rather see an upgrade in resolution with maybe more memory. I can see apple making the ipad 3 more of a finishing touch to the ipad 2 than a whole new revamp. :D

    ipod touch 5g release. ipod touch 5g 2011. ipod touch
  • ipod touch 5g 2011. ipod touch

  • Erasmus
    Aug 4, 07:38 PM
    Looking closer, I can immediately see how they squeeze it into both of these computers...the trackpad isn't in the center of the laptop. How freaking messed up is that? They slid it over the to the left so that the optical drive could fit. That would bug the heck out of me.

    And obviously the guy who decided to design it that way was a leftie...
    It would be OK, if you could choose what side ou put the track pad and CD drive on. It would be OK if it was off centre to the right, as I'm right handed, but moving my right hand to the left side would no doubt feel wierd and awkward.

    ipod touch 5g release. touch g release date ipod
  • touch g release date ipod

  • Chundles
    Sep 10, 11:14 PM
    Wow! What kind of slow-ass lines do you people in Australia have to suffer with?

    Thats ridiculously slow. :(

    Dial-up. I can't get any form of high-speed internet because my building is so old the phone lines are dodgy, I'm renting so any sort of drilling to get cable is out and wireless broadband is either not here or too expensive.

    And I'm in the 10th largest city in the country. My parents, who live in a little country town a long way from anywhere get quite decent broadband speeds. Go figure...:confused:

    ipod touch 5g release. ipod touch 5g release date.
  • ipod touch 5g release date.

  • ampd
    Aug 7, 05:51 PM
    Well after using a Powerbook G4 for the longest time which was given to me for work, i decided that today I would make my first mac purchase and bought the new mac pro... I finally made the complete leap and soon I will be fully rid of Windows as I will be running only Gentoo and OS X. I'm overjoyed that I will be getting my first mac however I know I won't be so happy seeing the credit card bill...heres what I got:

    Two 3GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon
    Apple Wireless Keyboard and Apple wireless Mighty Mouse
    Both Bluetooth 2.0+EDR and AirPort Extreme
    250GB 7200-rpm Serial ATA 3Gb/s (Ill be adding in my 2 750gb hds)
    NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT 256MB (single-link DVI/dual-link DVI)
    1GB (2 x 512MB)
    1 x SuperDrive

    ipod touch 5g release. Ipod+touch+5g+release+date+2011
  • Ipod+touch+5g+release+date+2011

  • -aggie-
    May 4, 12:35 PM
    What happens when mscriv and a hooker spend the night together? In the morning each of them says: "120 dollars, please."

    ipod touch 5g release. iPod Touch 5G: Specs W/ 3D
  • iPod Touch 5G: Specs W/ 3D

  • OdduWon
    Nov 28, 10:06 PM
    So for you a tablet pretty well means a Laptop, without a keyboard?

    i belive that the tablet edition macbook will have a full virtual interfacing touch slab where the keyboard is, or it will be a flip back cover that becomes the stand for the tablet. if they go with a more notebook tablet i dont think they will go for the swivel screen like hp has. in stead i belive they will hav the touch pad be the lower half and the top the screen. though this nay tie in with the 17 inch flat screen rumor and ipod docking keyboard.

    ipod touch 5g release. ipod touch 5g leaked. ipod touch 5g. ipod touch 3d
  • ipod touch 5g leaked. ipod touch 5g. ipod touch 3d

  • lilo777
    Apr 18, 03:07 PM
    That took awhile.

    Samsung, that's what you get from trying to kill the golden egg goose. Hopefully apple follows through by moving to TSMC.

    I did not know that TSMC produces LCD panels, RAM, SSD drives or flash memory. If Samsung stops supplying those to Apple, Apple is dead.

    ipod touch 5g release. apple ipod touch 5g release
  • apple ipod touch 5g release

  • roadbloc
    May 6, 02:39 AM
    Fake. Yet another chipset change would lead to many unnecessary problems.

    Mar 29, 04:12 PM
    gynecologist?? :D

    Ummmmm... haha, possibly? :D

    May 5, 10:41 PM
    i would settle for a level treasure ;)


    OP�s please put our HP/AP in the latest post.

    May 7, 10:36 AM
    I would welcome this. I enjoyed the features during the free trial period, but couldn't justify $99 per year for it. Since then they've added Back to My Mac, the Find my iPhone feature, and improved its reliability, so I would love to have access to it again, minus the cost. On top of what I pay for cellular service, another 9 bucks a month just seemed inconvenient.

    Apr 10, 08:33 AM

    May 4, 05:44 PM
    Wow, what a great job to completely and unfairly judge people.

    I consider myself OCD level organized. One of the reasons why I am so organized (more so than ever now) is because much of my media and software have transitioned to digital.

    You have a very negative spin on Apple's approach. Instead of "dumbing down", I'll call it "simplifying", and I absolutely welcome the change.

    I to have OCD, but I also realize that's its not hard providing an option for people to burn a copy of their digital download to a cd or disk. So far, as we know, they wont be allowing that.

    It doesn't make things harder, complicated or confusing providing such an option.

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