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  • ticman
    Jan 25, 08:37 AM
    I am using the Barely There case mate. I got the case that is slightly rubberized as the smooth ones I thought would get very fingerprinted and be slippery.

    Happy with my red case.

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  • Hildron101010
    Mar 30, 08:10 PM
    Still downloading (10 more hours to go)...

    Those who experienced non-quitting iCal in DP1, can you quit it in DP2?
    Also, can the Launchpad icon be dragged out of the dock?

    Please, say 'yes' to the above 2 questions. :o

    iCal keeps opening up on me until I log out and log in again. And no, you can't drag Launchpad out of the Dock, but you can edit a file to remove it. I know I saw it in some other thread.

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  • Coolerking
    Sep 11, 12:33 PM
    I bet ya a Core 2 Duo processor in my new macbook that Apple will be showcasing some more (of the cooler) applications in Leopard. I wouldn't be suprised if they sync up to a new Ipod or Iphone.

    You heard it here first.

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  • snberk103
    May 5, 09:23 PM
    Fine, but prove to me it's because of the metric system.

    I don't know that it does.... I was merely rebutting the point that learning the Imperial measures gave US kids a competitive edge.

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  • LordTyroxx
    Apr 5, 02:47 PM
    I agree 100%. Apple disagrees. If you buy a car and decide to put a decal on the back window of a lady in a swimsuit, that's your right. If you buy a phone and decide to do the same in the background\wallpaper, that's your right too. What's next, Apple forcing you to only buy their cases? Apple forcing you to use their charging accessories (oops, they already do), lol.

    Apple's not stopping or forcing anything. Go ahead and do it instead of complaining about a nonexistant thread to "yer freedum". You can put anything on your background you desire. You can buy belkin cases. You can buy a griffin charger.

    Over the top responses to non-issues bother me.

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  • apolloa
    Apr 21, 07:24 PM
    Agreed. The Mac Pro case has been perfected over years and doesn't look at all dated. The more Apple has to pour R&D into a small new case with almost certain version 1 cooling issues, the more likely prices will continue to rise.

    IMO the Mac Pro looks like an old granny these day's. It's in dire need of a refresh and looks totally out of line when compared to the rest of Apples range. And it's interesting to think that Apple is incapable of properly re-designing the computer because that's what you are saying effectively.

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  • Snowy_River
    Nov 26, 11:06 AM
    To me, Tablets are worthless. I've had to deal with them at work because some people continue to order them for all their tasks, but they're less mobile than some laptops. They're usually the same thickness or size as a portable, so why carry something that's going to be crippled in some manner?

    Are they not getting the latest generation of tablet / laptop? These are functional as both, by allowing the screen to flip over, concealing the keyboard to act as a tablet, or simply opening up as a standard laptop. For example:


    Now, while I'm sure there are issues that come up with a joint like that, I'm also sure that Apple could come up with a way to make it quite rugged. They could have a MacBook Pro Tablet Edition. I have been desiring such a thing for quite some time. (I even considered custom building my own out of an older PB G3. Too much cost for too little reward in processing power. I want it as a new, relatively top-of-the-line computer... :D )

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  • elgrecomac
    Apr 5, 04:43 PM
    Look who is acting like Big Brother...

    Jail breaking, as an act, is not illegal. Apple is flexing its influence as a it has a right to do. they are worried/scared that the jail breaking phenomenon is spreading to far and this seems like a desperate act.

    AND they are worried about a secondary app market place. Hmmm, I'm no lawyer but is there may be an anti-trust case building against Apple.

    And as for the warranty...it is a non-issue. Your fallback is to restore to standard iOS. o big deal.

    It too more than 30 years but Apple is acting like Microsoft!

    IP4 4.3.1 jailbroken, of course. iPad 2, MBP 17"

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  • batchtaster
    Apr 21, 03:51 PM
    This would be an excellent move for enterprise. I've already been told I'm not getting Mac Pros into our data center. At best I can hope for a couple of Mac minis, but that's a pretty big compromise on both my end and our data center manager's.

    It would also be a great move for desktop users, especially if it eliminates the laser-cut, hand-slicing "carry" handles. Ever tried to move one of those things between rooms, floors or buildings? I can't help wondering what TV forensics would make of the resulting lacerations.

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  • CellarDoor
    Aug 4, 11:39 AM
    Does anyone think that if these upcoming merom MBPs do get a new case design with with MB-like keyboard, magnetic latch, etc, there will also be an updated gpu? level 2 cache? front side bus? I'm not sure what ram speeds the merom can deal with.

    EDIT: answered my own question, thanks to eidorians sig.

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  • dexthageek
    Apr 18, 02:48 PM
    Here we go again! Stupid Lawyers :(

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  • Cougarcat
    May 4, 07:07 PM
    That doesn't mean the App Store version is. Only that the "pirated" versions are. They could have been made bootable after the fact.

    Quite true, I'm pretty sure it was. But at least it's possible somehow.

    I don't see how Apple could get away with not having a way to make an install backup. The recovery partition is not good enough. It's a fact of life that hard drives die.

    Come on Apple, that's just being cheap. Great, so let the user download the image and then what? Now they have to burn it to a DVD (probably a double-layer DVD too, which are a lot more expensive than a regular single-layer DVD). I love the App Store concept, but not for OS releases like this. And no way in hell am I using some "upgrade" option instead of a clean install.

    1. You don't need to burn it to DVD to install it.
    2. You can still wipe the disk via Disk Utility in the installer if you want to do a clean install. For separate disks/partitions at the moment, I think.

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  • mdntcallr
    Aug 11, 11:11 AM
    apple needs to introduce a computer which is between the mac mini and the mac pro tower.

    I want a mini tower, with 2 pci slots. you know something in the price range of $899-999 usd.

    where i can upgrade the graphics card or order it with a better graphics card.

    Some of us do not want to be tied to the imac screen/body. I love to be able to upgrade my own computer's graphics card.

    Cmon apple. give us a mid tier system we can upgrade ourselves. The Macmini just doesnt cut it. virtually the only thing in that we can chance is the CPU, Memory or hard drive.

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  • danielbriggs
    Sep 15, 04:54 PM

    The more people that are reporting rumors, them more "true" they can become!

    I too like the keyboard and like the backlight. Am I correct in thinking that the MacBook DOES NOT have a backlight keyboard? I'm not that fuss on those style keys!

    Dan :-)

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  • McGiord
    Apr 9, 07:42 PM
    I did parenthesis, then multiplication or division from left to right. That's how I was taught it.

    I'm pretty sure doing PEMDAS left to right is the proper way to do it


    PEMDAS... First time ever that I hear of it.
    I did no go to school in the US.

    So.. if the priorities are Parenthesis, then Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition and lastly Substraction, using your rule:

    First whatever is inside the Parenthesis: 9+3=12


    Then Exponent: none

    Then Multiplication: 2(12) = 24
    Then Division: 48/24 = 2

    There you go...PEMDAS fans.

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  • Mattstkc
    Apr 25, 08:57 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

    I don't get the big deal about it. If you want to be anonymous, get off fb, twitter, macrumors, etc. Then cancel all Internet plans you have and your cellular plan. Then no one will ever know where you are unless you tell them.

    +1. My IP is being logged right now most likely. No matter where you go, using any communication device, you can be tracked. If you're that paranoid, get off the grid. Every phone company tracks your location. This for iPhone users is just a log of it on your phone.

    I do agree, however, that the consolidated.db file should at least be encrypted if it is to remain on the device. Now any good crook knows all they need is your iphone to find out when best to rob you.

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  • CheesePuff
    Apr 20, 08:49 AM
    I just upgraded to a (2011) 13" MBP and I'm still trying to get a 32 GB iPad 2 (Wi-Fi only) as my first iOS device. I'm giving my old (2010) 13" MBP to a friend.

    But later this year, when my mortgage is paid off, I might spring for my first iPhone (although i'm still concerned the small screen may be unmanageable for me... due to vision issues which may, or may not, be resolved later this year).

    Also, when my mortgage is paid off, I'll consider getting a MobileMe account and next year perhaps a 128 GB iPad 3 (Wi-Fi + LTE/G3 GSM). If I get that iPad 3, I'll give my old iPad 2 to a friend.

    But all this is a matter of treating myself to toys that I do not really need. First I need to focus on financial fundamentals like paying off my mortgage.

    Sounds like you need to pay off your mortgage.

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  • wclyffe
    Jan 28, 07:28 PM
    I purchased the TOMTOM app early on and paid $99 for it. One week later, I found it posted in the App Store for $49.99 and today, a couple of weeks after that, the price is $59.99. I have searched the App Store site, iTunes Store AND the Apple site and do not understand how to find a Customer Service Link to ask about a refund for the difference in price. Does anyone know how to reach Customer Service for the APP Store? Thanks in advance...

    Yeah, they don't make it easy.

    Go to the iTunes store and click on your account name in the upper right, put in your password and log into your account (View Account). Then half way down the page is a button called Purchase History, hit that and find the TomTom app you bought. You'll see a little arrow to the left of it. Click that and report a problem to start the process.

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  • CommodityFetish
    Apr 5, 08:30 PM
    Hmmm... I think I'll go jailbreak my iPod touch now.

    Maybe then I can get a toggle switch for wifi on my home screen. :rolleyes:

    May 3, 04:41 PM
    This is going to be very, very interesting. Especially since apparently I'm married to Eldiablojoe. Now I understand why he killed me in the last game.

    Apr 18, 05:18 PM
    Good, so let LG sue Apple. Just one problem: the iPhone doesn't actually look like the Prada. At all.

    SInce you obviously don't want to leave macrumors screen to see the image of LG Prada, please look at post #242. Pic is embedded.

    Mar 29, 02:18 PM
    Can I just say I am amazed at some of the responses on this thread. Typical American and often I must admit British protectionism coming straight out like a bad smell. Without these so called "3rd world" workers Apple would be a lowly player. Firstly Japan is not "3rd world". It is one of the most developed countries in the world, and has some of the most adept and intelligent people on this planet. Secondly, the term "3rd world" and "1st world" is offensive. The proper term is developing and developed world. Thirdly, I am sure that we will all be fine if we dont get a few iPod batteries or glue. People have died over there and continue to die because of this tragedy. This is surely more important than a load of old microchips. Sorry. Rant over.


    Mar 26, 10:06 PM
    A new ios update is like getiting a new device so i hope itis amazing and is a major revamp

    Sep 15, 04:58 PM
    MacShrine? Who?

    What's their record?

    they're alright. they had exclusive pictures of mac os x 10.3 and 10.4 before wwdc, and got lots of iPod things right (like dropping the gold mini, size bumps...) as well as as Mac updates such as Xserves, iMacs and iBooks. the only real fiasco they've had was that whole ipod video thing in march, but to be fair everyone fell for that, even thinksecret and appleinsider, macshrine were just the first to publish them.

    i'm psyched about the updates, i want a magnetic latch!

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